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  • 1.Social networks

2. What is a social network? A social network is a social structure where the people are linked each other. People can share photos, videos and also can be used as a chat. 3. Which was the first social network? The first social network was Classmates.com, created by Randy Conrads in 1995. The goal of that social network was to find the old school, highschool or university mates. 4. Twitter: Twitter is like a microblog site, where you can send text entries to other users with a limit of 140 characters.Facebook: Facebook, myspace, tuenti Are social networks where you make your own profile to find friends and link it with other users profile. 5. Youtube: Youtube is a website where you can upload and share videos, and people can make comments about it.Flickr: Is a platform where you can upload their photos and share it with other people and comment other users photos. 6. Wikipedia: Wikipedia is a free, open content online encyclopedia created by a community of users, and you can also be part of it. 7. GOOD and BAD things of thesocial networks Good: Makes you able to organizate your social life. Gives freedom to express ourselves. Helps us to meet new people from everywhere. Bad: Spoofing identity. Spam, virus. Lack of intimacy and privacy

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