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Solutions to Employees Resentment

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Human resource management


SOLUTIONS TO EMPLOYEE RESENTMENTEfforts by : Divyanshu Sagar Sagar SehrawatThe Reasons Behind:Salary Offered to the Employees.Workload Problems.Boss Issues.Infrastructure and Working environment.Performance and Promotions.Job security and extra Allowances.Lack of Fairness Or Unequal Treatment.Issues related to Transfers. (mainly geographical locations)

Dealing with Salary Related IssuesTelecommuting -Employees will benefit by reducing commuting expenses such as train fares, bus fares, gas, replacement tires and other automobile maintenance costs.When Forced to Cut Wages the HRs may Practice Job Sharing to balance the minimised salary with the workload offered to the candidates.

Workload Problems

Job Sharing - It's better to have a partial job then no job at all. Having employees share jobs will allow you to keep more of your employees on the payroll at a lower overall cost. Cross training - Increasing the knowledge of employees when times are slow will pay off when things turn around. You will also have the benefit of keeping your employees busy yet still available when you need them.The modern concept of human resource management encourages team-building and self-managed teams.

Solutions to Boss Issues

Listening - Make time to be a sounding board. The fear of losing one's job inspires creative cost cutting conversations. In Such cases , during normal times employees often Practice inefficiencies and waste.Encouraging open communication - Be honest and sincere in all interactions. This will increase the level of trust.Express interest in the employee as a person and not as just a tool used to complete company tasks and further Praise him upon seeing progress. Do not wait for perfection.

Solutions to Infrastructure and Working environment Problems

Casual clothing - In addition to comfort employees can save on dry cleaning costs.

Monthly parties - A monthly pizza or hero party will boost morale and not break the bank.

Safety and Health The HRs should involve themselves actively into the issue and work for the best interest of the employees.

Solutions to Performance and Promotion related Resentments.

Organizations are meritocracies, not socialistic states. Employees should know that good performers will be treated differently than poor performers, those with higher levels of responsibility will be treated differently than those will less responsibility, and those who have special needs will be treated differently than those who do not. No apologies are necessary.There is not any particular solution to such an issue because every Organisation is very sensitive towards hardworking employees and they always try to increase their output by giving incentives or promotions.Job security and Extra Allowances

Paid HolidaysHealth Insurance and Monthly Check-up.Travel allowances.Job Security : to ensure Job security the Organisations may offer a contract or an agreement for a particular period of time only after the training period of an employee , so that the job satisfaction is guaranteed up to some extent.Solutions to Lack of Fairness Or Unequal Treatment Issues.

Employees may be unhappy about what they perceive is a lack of fairness but this is because they confuse fairness with unequal treatment. All employees should be treated fairly but not exactly the same. This should be carefully explained to employees.Distribution work amongst the employees must be same.Benefits or Profits should be equally shared amongst all the employees , self managed teams and further at different levels of the organisations. (such that the profit is not only shared with the managers but also with the employees)Hence A Happy Employee Is A Productive Employee.


A Resent less Employee Is a Productive Employee


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