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St. Pius X, TIGER TALES St. Pius X, TIGER TALES Thank you to Ginger Farrell, our awesome Athletic...

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  • St. Pius X, TIGER TALES


    VOLUNTEER COACHES!!! Although school just began, our volunteer coaches have been hard at work for several weeks already – please take the time to thank these volunteers that give so much of their time and talent to our sports programs! Varsity Football Mark Gates, Michael Rochester, Marcellus

    Breedlove, Lee Herrera, Sam Carter, Alex Fierro, & Mitch Gates

    JV 6th Football: Paul DiBiase, Mike Mendoza, and Julian Rodriguez , Chris Kleinmeier, Mr. Delaney

    JV 5th Football Kevin Morel, Mike Rangel, Eddie Lara, Ralph Fierro

    5th Grade Volleyball Cynthia Cameron, Elizabeth Rochester, Lettie Flores, & Kat Cameron

    6th D2 Volleyball-Blue Terri Colley & Marsha Maldonado 6th D2 Volleyball-White Kevin Pham & Sony SolCruz 7th Grade D2 Volleyball Tina Nunez, Rafael Hernandez, & Brianna

    Nunez 8th D2 Volleyball Denise Pauletti & Stephanie Rosen 8th D3 Volleyball Adrian McCann, Jackie Fowler, & Lisa Villa

    Hawkins Pep Squad 3rd -6th Girls Nellie Savala & Kristi Soto Morones Varsity Cheer/Mascot Denise Pauletti & Blanca Gonzalez

    Swimming Darren Ponewash, Hosea Baker, & Velvet and

    Jessi Jordan

    Cross Country Mike Mendoza & Tony Maceda

    Pastor, Fr . Michael Guadagnol i

    Parochia l V icar , Fr . Paolo Capra

    Pr iest in Res idence, Fr . Rudy Garcia

    Fr . Loyd Morr is

    Pr incipa l , C indy Elwood


    Thank you 1

    Upcoming Events 1

    Boys Scout Night 2

    Shout outs 2

    2012-2013 Calendar 3

    Music News 3

    Safe Environment 4

    Vocation Walk 5

    Sports Corner 6

    Upcoming Events

    Sept 6 Altar Serving

    Training @


    Sept 7 1st Friday Mass


    Sept 7 Pep Rally @2:15

    Sept 9 Pool Party

    @ KC 799

    from 1-6pm

    Sept 10-14 Virtus Lessons

    Sept 11 PTO meeting @

    7pm in Gym

    Sept 13 All School Mass

    @ 8am

    6 Sept 2012

    Volume 3, I s sue 3

    Our 1st early dismissal is Sept 28th at NOON

    for Fair Day.

    St. Pius X, TIGER TALES

    Thank you to Ginger Farrell, our awesome Athletic Director. We

    appreciate your hard work.

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    Page 3 of 5 School Newsletter

    “The TIGER

    WAY is to be

    gracious and

    respectful to

    God, ourselves,

    and each


    Growing Hearts and Minds the

    Tiger Way.

    School Newsletter

    Dear Wonderful

    SPX Parents,

    Thank you for the

    great start this

    school year.

    Thanks for all you

    do in advance.

    Cindy Elwood

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    Shout outs! …to all of our football coaches and players -- your hard work will pay off. Good luck this weekend.


    Corner by Sister-Know-It-All

    Are we required to

    abstain from meat on all

    Friday's of the year?

    Boy Scout Recruitment Night All boys in grades 1 through 8 are invited to Join Scouting on Thursday, September 6th at 7 PM in the Scout Room. Boy Scouts is a tried and true program that builds character in our young boys, while having fun at the same time. Don’t miss the opportunity. For more information call Gerry Kennedy 972 740 7252 or email at gerardkennedy@verizon.net

    Prayer Warriors --Please pray for Judy Hall’s


    --Please keep Jake Jaresh’s

    grandmother in your prayers.

    --Please pray for Michelle Crist’s

    dad who is in the hospital.

    --Please pray for the repose of the

    soul of Deacon Schell’s mom .

    --Please pray for the intentions of

    Darlene Tobin.

    Jensen family Celebrates! By Jerry Jensen

    The results are in and after a long

    wait; the urn which I made for a St.

    Pius parishioner was awarded First

    Place in wood turning/carving at the

    2012 Texas State Fair. It will be on

    display in the Creative Arts Building

    (behind the Cotton Bowl) throughout

    the duration of the fair. Many

    thanks to all of the parishioners that

    have helped support me in this


    Ryan Jensen’s aunt Gina, my sister

    Gina Jensen Paschall, won first

    place and a Best of Show for this

    hand quilted rug at this year's fair.


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    Calendar 2012-2013 Sept. 28 Early dismissal Oct. 12 Early dismissal Oct. 26 Holiday Nov. 21 Early dismissal Nov. 22-23 Thanksgiving holiday Dec. 21 Early dismissal Dec. 24-Jan 4 Christmas holidays Jan. 18 Early dismissal Jan. 21 Holiday Feb. 15 Early dismissal Feb. 18 Holiday Mar 11-15 Spring Break Mar 28 Early dismissal Mar 29 Holiday April 1 Bad weather day April 19 Early dismissal May 3 Bad weather day May 27 Holiday May 31 Last day of

    school/Early dismissal



    St. Pius X

    3030 Gus Thomasson Rd

    Dallas, TX 75228







    Administrative Assistant /

    Admissions Coordinator





    Development Director

    Catholic Corner – Answer The US bishops encourage all American Catholics to abstain from meat on Fridays — but if we can find a more effective type of penance to perform on Fridays, we are invited to do so. Our bishops have given each of us the green light to decide for ourselves how best to make our Fridays penitential. Some Catholics have wrongly interpreted this as meaning simply that “we don’t need to abstain from meat on Fridays anymore,” without replacing that abstinence with another form of penance! We are actually required to perform some kind of penance every Friday. Sincere, practicing Catholics who honestly do not know of this obligation are of course not culpable for failing to follow it.

    Leeway was given because changing circumstances, including economic, dietary, and social elements, have made some of our people feel that the renunciation of the eating of meat is not always and for everyone the most effective means of practicing penance. Meat was once an exceptional form of food; now it is commonplace. Accordingly, since the spirit of penance primarily suggests that we discipline ourselves in that which we enjoy most, to many in our day abstinence from meat no longer implies penance, while renunciation of other things would be more penitential.

    Choir News

    BOYS’ CHOIR – Parent Volunteers are needed for the St. Pius Boys’ Choir. A

    minimum of 3-4 parents are necessary in

    order to assist with “crowd control,”

    discipline, set up and

    dismissal. (Approximately 40 boys are

    expected to be in this year’s choir.) The

    Boys’ Choir meets on Mondays from 2:50 pm

    – 3:30 pm in the music room. This choir will

    meet through December. Please contact

    Ms. Crist directly at mcrist@spxdallas.org if

    you are interested in volunteering or need

    additional information.

    CHRISTMAS PROGRAM – is scheduled for Thursday, December 20 at 7 pm in the

    church. If your child is in 2nd-8th grade and

    in music class this semester, he/she is

    REQUIRED to attend. The St. Pius Boys’ Choir

    and The Angelics are also required to



    to sign up



    m- this will

    allow you to

    see all the

    events for

    the year.

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    Yearbook Sales!

    If you missed out on the 2011-2012 yearbook, they are still available for purchase! Checks may be made payable to St. Pius School for $30. If you have any

    questions, please contact Perla Cruz in the school office or

    email her at pcruz@spxdallas.org.

    mailto:celwood@spxdallas.org mailto:mwhite@spxdallas.org mailto:pcruz@spxdallas.org mailto:amendoza@spxdallas.org mailto:mcrist@spxdallas.org mailto:pcruz@spxdallas.org

  • Safe Environment Training

    St Pius X will be offering NEW volunteer Safe Environment trainings for ALL Volunteers in the parish (including

    School parents, CCD teachers, Early Care Parents and Eucharistic Ministers, etc. in both English & Spanish). See

    dates and times on the website. NOTE: if you’ve NEVER completed paperwork for Safe Environment please

    complete the screening form at http://dallas.setanet.org prior to attending training.

    Additionally, for those previously cleared volunteers who prefer to update their annual training on-line may do so

    by following the steps below. Contact Ginger Farrell with any questions, at 972.279.61

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