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Ten Good Reasons

Date post:23-Jan-2017
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    8 Good Reasons

  • Quality of staff We provide workers who support the development of your pupils. We link our interviewing and assessment of teachers to the priorities outlined in the Ofsted Inspection Framework to ensure we only recruit high quality classroom practitioners.

    In addition, we have our own training department that delivers accredited CPD on a range of subjects, with a particular focus on helping TAs increase their skills in supporting SEND, literacy and numeracy.

    Ten Good Reasons

  • Range of staff

    We provide a full range of classroom practitioners to support the needs of

    your school. This includes qualified teachers for both

    daily cover and longer term assignments, TAs, LSAs and HLTAs, special needs

    specialists for all settings and needs, cover supervisors and exam invigilators.

    Ten Good Reasons

  • Ten Good Reasons

    Specialist intervention services Pupil Support Programmes are flexible staffing solutions that provides short-term, high impact literacy, numeracy , behaviour, EAL, SEND, exam and Sats support programmes for pupils in both primary and secondary schools, helping you make the best possible use of Pupil Premium funding.

    The service supplements existing classroom teaching and deliver real progress for those pupils who need additional help in narrowing the attainment gap, targeted at those children where the class teacher has identified a need for specific catch-up support.

  • Ten Good Reasons

    Rigorous safeguarding checks We are fully committed to the DfE statutory guidance for schools Keeping Children Safe in Education .

    All of our workers have a face-to-face interview with a consultant and undergo a comprehensive checking and vetting service to ensure safeguarding standards are met and to minimise risk to your pupils. Full documentary evidence of these checks is provided to schools.

  • Online account management

    Protocol Educations Client Lounge gives you complete online control over the

    administration of your supply process, including vacancy management,

    timesheets, safeguarding information and invoicing.

    Ten Good Reasons

  • International recruitment specialists We are the market leader in recruiting the best teachers from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Ireland to work in the UK.

    Overseas trained teachers bring a different voice, energy and perspective to your classroom, and can make a significant contribution to pupil engagement and development.

    Ten Good Reasons

  • Access to Online Checks


    We undertake over 5,000 DBS checks every year through our dedicated online portal using the DBS e-Bulk service. This allows us to submit multiple electronic applications and receive the results back electronically, usually within a few days. As a DBS Umbrella Body and e-RB, we are able to offer this online DBS service to schools helping to reduce risk, reduce cost and save time in managing a complex administrative process.

    Ten Good Reasons

  • Offers, promotions & donations

    Protocol Educations Loyalty Reward Programme gives you

    rewards your school can really use including training, access to

    online reports and DBS checking.

    We also donate to a range of school projects. From providing

    sports kits to sponsoring an Attendance Challenge, we like

    to get involved and support our clients!

    Ten Good Reasons

  • Local consultants Day-to-day, you will deal with a local consultant who understands your school. Our consultants are expected to visit schools regularly and even volunteer in class to gain a full understanding of your specific context and needs. With this knowledge we can be honest about the workers we have available, and if we cant find someone suitable, well say so.

    Ten Good Reasons

  • Permanent recruitment

    Our Permanent Recruitment Service provides a flexible alternative to

    established channels, providing schools with low cost recruitment advertising across a range of channels and a high

    quality search and match capability to help you fill your permanent positions.

    Ten Good Reasons

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