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Date post:08-May-2015
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  • 1.10+ reasons why cosmetic and toiletry brands should use Outdoor

2. Outdoor is the most visual medium: best for leaving a lasting branding impression
Outdoor gives you the largest canvass for your message
Outdoor can anchor a strong visual brand memory in the brain
This image can often be triggered again at point of purchase, aiding packshot recall
3. Outdoor has a well established track record for building brands
Outdoor advertising messages get noticed, and all the more by the young and affluent
Outdoor generates high awareness to boost growing and established brands
Mindshare research 2010 found that outdoor builds brand fame and positive associations, drives web search, and is favoured by successful brands*
*Source: Mindshare The Brand Building Power of Outdoor 2010
4. Outdoor is a high impact medium with very high levels of attention
Outdoor gets noticed. It cant be switched on, or turned over
According to TGI 2010, 86% of UK adults have seen outdoor ads in the past week
5. Outdoor influences where it counts: right at the point of sale
Outdoor is where 90% of toiletries and cosmetics are purchased
Outdoor media can place an advertising message nearer a retail outlet than any other medium
More than any other medium, it accompanies the shopper on their path to purchase
6. Classy audience
The typical outdoor audience is
In full time employment
Better paid than average
Open to ideas and activities
Willing to try new brands
the people you most reach with outdoor advertising
are the people you most want to reach
7. Outdoor complements TV, online and print in multi-media campaigns

  • Outdoor always delivers net reach and frequency to TV, print and online campaigns

8. Typically the unique attribution to outdoor in mixed media campaign research is between 10% and 40% 9. Brand Science recommends 16%+of budget goes to outdoor in a mixed media FMCG campaign**Source: Brand Science Econometrics study 2009
10. Outdoor delivers high discretionary spenders in all the best locations

  • The outdoor audience enjoys high disposable income and loves nothing more than shopping

11. Outdoor media accompany the shoppers journey to all the classiest outlets 12. You can influence a purchase at department stores, at duty free, or in the High St nationwide

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