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Contents Vol. 76, No.4, April 1979



Physical Sciences


Model nebulae and determination of the chemical composition of the L. H. Aller, C. D. Keyes, and S. J. 1525-1528 Magellanic Clouds (gaseous nebulae/galaxies) Czyzak


Self-avoiding random walks on lattice strips (macromolecular dimensions/ Frederick T. Wall and Douglas J. 1529-1531 excluded volume) Klein

Conformation of uncomplexed natural antamanide crystallized from CH3CN/ Isabella L. Karle, T. Wieland, D. 1532-1536 H20 (bound water/solvent channels/hydrogen bonds/x-ray analysis) Schermer, and H. C. J. Ottenheym

Specificity of memory cells raised against trinitrophenyl-conjugated syngeneic Toyozo Maeda and Harden M. 1537-1541 cells (lipid hapten/H-2 restriction/secondary proliferative response/altered McConnell self model)

Protein-lipid interactions in bilayer membranes: A lattice model (intrinsic David A. Pink and Dennis Chapman 1542-1546 molecules/phase transitions/boundary layers)


Secular change in the variability of temperature (climate) Paul E. Waggoner 1547-1549


Stability and gap phenomena for Yang-Mills fields (differential geometry of Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, H. Blaine 1550-1553 Yang-Mills fields) Lawson, and James Simons

On integral representations for the Neumann operator (complex Laplacian/ D. H. Phong 1554-1558 Hilbert integrals of mixed homogeneity/subelliptic estimates)

Blow-up of solutions of nonlinear wave equations in three space dimensions Fritz John 1559-1560 (asymptotic behavior of solutions/nonlinear equations and systems/higher order/wave equation)

Biological Sciences


Evolution of olfactory receptor in oriential fruit fly Dacus dorsalis (olfaction/ Robert L. Metcalf, Esther R. Metcalf, 1561-1565 receptor/kairomone/secondary plant substances/coevolution) W. C. Mitchell, and Lena W. Y. Lee


Detection and accumulation of tetrahedral intermediates in elastase catalysis Anthony L. Fink and Patrick Meehan 1566-1569 (cryoenzymology/serine proteases/enzyme mechanisms)

Hormonally specific expression of cardiac protein kinase activity (cardiac cyclic J. Scott Hayes, Laurence L. Brunton, 1570-1574 AMP-dependent protein kinase/hormonal specificity/glycogenolytic Joan Heller Brown, James B. Reese, cascade/prostaglandin El/l-adrenergic stimulation) and Steven E. Mayer

Regulation of protein synthesis in reticulocyte lysates: Immune serum inhibits Ray Petryshyn, Hans Trachsel, and 1575-1579 heme-regulated protein kinase activity and differentiates heme-regulated Irving M. London protein kinase from double-stranded RNA-induced protein kinase (phosphorylation of Met-tRNAf binding factor/95,000-dalton polypeptide)

Regulation of protein synthesis in rat ventral prostate: Cell-free translation of Malcolm G. Parker and Geoffrey I'. 1580-1584 mRNA (androgen action/in vitro protein synthesis/microsomal Scrace membranes/rat ventral prostate mRNA)

Isolation of maxicircle component of kinetoplast I)NA from hemoflagellate Larry Simpson 1fi85-1688 protozoa (Hoechst 33258 dye/CsCl equilibrium centrifugation/Leishmania tarentolae)

Amino acid sequence of ATP phosphoribosyltransferase of Salmonella Dennis Piszkiewicz, Bill E. Tilley, 1589-1592 typhimurium (histidine operon/autogenous regulalion/sequence Tsafrira Rand-Meir, and Stanley homologies) M. Parsons

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Contents (Continued from outside back cover)

Chemical crosslinking of a solubilized enkephalin macromolecular complex R. Suzanne Zukin and Richard M. 1593-1597 (opioid peptides/protein solubilization/receptor characterization! Kream diimidate crosslinking)

Protection and reactivation of oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria by B. David Polis, Edith Polis, and Sara 1598-1602 a stable free-radical prostaglandin polymer (PGBX) (prostaglandin Kwong derivative/ATP synthesis/prevention of (a2+ inhibition/myocardial infarction)

I:'C NMR studies of gluconeogenesis in rat liver cells: Utilization of labeled S. M. Cohen, S. Ogawa, and R. G. 1603-1607 glycerol by cells from euthyroid and hyperthyroid rats (pentose cycle! Shulman triiodothyronine/glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase/alanine)

The X repressor contains two domains (scanning calorimetry/papain digestion! Carl 0. Pabo, Robert T. Sauer, Julian 1608-1612 oligomerizationiDNA binding) M. Sturtevant, and Mark Ptashne

Termination of transcription by Escherichia coli RNA polymerase: Influence Samit Adhya, Probir Sarkar, David 1613-1617 of secondary structure of RNA transcripts on p-independent and Valenzuela, and Umadas Maitra p-dependent termination (rNTP base analog/rho ts151ATP hydrolysis)

Transfer of 5'-terminal cap of globin mRNA to influenza viral complementary Stephen J. Plotch, Michele Bouloy, 1618-1622 RNA during transcription in vitro (priming by mRNAs/influenza virion and Robert M. Krug transcriptase/gel electrophoresis)

Hyperdegradation of proteins in Escherichia coli rho mutants (T4 host- Lee D. Simon, Max Gottesman, 1623-1627 defective mutations/lon) Kathleen Tomczak, and Susan


Nucleosome periodicity in HeLa cell chromatin as probed by micrococcal I'auseef R. Butt, Donald B. Jump, 1628-1632 nuclease Ichromatin structure/polynucleosomes/poly(ADP-ribose) and Mark E. Smulson polymerase/nuclear proteins]

Avian acute leukemia viruses MC29 and MH2 share specific RNA sequences: Peter H. Duesberg and Peter K. Vogt 1633-1637 Evidence for a second class of transforming genes (gel electrophoresis of RNA/RNA.cDNA hybridization/fingerprinting of oligonucleotides/group- specific and specific sequences of defective viral RNA)

Purified Escherichia coli recA protein catalyzes homologous pairing of Takehiko Shibata, Chanchal 1638-1642 superhelical DNA and single-stranded fragments (genetic recombination! DasGupta, Richard P. Cunningham, strand uptake/D-loops/enzymic formation of D-loops/ATPase) and Charles M. Rtadding

Regulation of DNA replication in S phase nuclei by ATI' and ADP pools Eliezer Rapaport, Mariano A. Garcia- 1643-1647 (control of growth/adenine nucleotides/cell cycle) Blanco, and Paul C. Zamecnik

Replication of an origin-containing derivative of plasmid RK2 dependent on a l)avid H. Figurski and Donald R. 1648-1652 plasmid function provided in trans (plasmid replication/replication origin! Helinski trans-complementation/broad host range/gene cloning)

Human platelet myosin light chain kinase requires the calcium-binding protein David R. Hathaway and Robert S. 1653-1657 calmodulin for activity (calcium-dependent regulator/phosphorylation of Adelstein nonmuscle contractile protein/affinity chromatography)

Enzyme-catalyzed DNA unwinding: Studies on Escherichia coli rep protein Geoffrey Tl. Yarranton and Malcolm 1658-1662 (cistron A protein/lNA-binding protein) L. Gefter

Nucleotide sequence of the mitochondrial structural gene for subunit 9 of yeast Lambertus A. M. Hensgens, Leslie A. 1663-1667 ATPase complex (petite mutant DNA/dideoxy sequence method/A+T-rich Grivell, Piet Borst, and Johannes sequences/codon usage/mtDNA) L. Bos

Complete amino acid sequence of a histidine-rich proteolytic fragment of 1. Barry Kingston, Briony L. 1668-1672 human ceruloplasmin (protein structure/ferroxidase/copper binding! Kingston, and Frank W. Plutnam genetic polymorphism/evolution)

Choleragen (cholera toxin): A bacterial lectin (ganglioside GMIl/agglutination/ Roberta L. Richards, Joel Moss, Carl 1673-1676 liposomes) R. Alving, Peter H. Fishman, and

Roscoe 0. Brady

Restriction enzyme analysis of mouse cellular type C viral DNA: Emergence of Eli Canaani and Stuart A. Aaronson 1677-1681 new viral sequences in spontaneous AKR/J lymphomas (Southern gel blotting/inbred mouse strains/monoclonal tumors)

Limited action of micrococcal nuclease on trout testis nuclei generates two Beatriz Levy-Wilson and Gordon H. 1682-1686 mononucleosome subsets enriched in transcribed DNA sequences D)ixon (chromatin subunits/histones/high-mobility-group proteins/active gene(s/ hybridization)

E.vidence for covalent attachment of fatty acids to Sindbis virus glycoproteins Michael F. (X. Schmidt, Moshe 1687-1691 (membrane.s/.sodium dodecyl sulfate Ipolyacrylamide gel/palmitate) Bracha, and Milton J. Schlesinger

Biochemical studies of taste sensation: Bsinding to taste tissue of 3H-labeled Rtobert H. Cagan and Robert W. 16952-1696 monellin, a sweet-tasting protein (binding.site.s/taste receptor.s/sweeteners! Morris ta.ste specificity)

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