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9 social networking

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2. Introduction to Social Network History Use of Social Networking sites in Marketing & Management How to "do" Social Networking? Marketing For Business Profits Why Social Networking ? 3. Networked Economy Immigrant Networks National Innovation Networks Networking Entrepreneurial Networks Ego Networks Regional Networks Infrastructure Networks Social Networks 4. How do you explain to say somebody what Social Network is? 5. node node node node node node node node node node node node node node node node node Web Definition : A set of nodes, points, or locations connected by means of data, voice, and video communications for the purpose of exchange. Link 6. A social network is a description of the social structure between actors, mostly individuals or organizations. It indicates the ways in which they are connected through various social familiarities ranging from casual acquaintance to close familiar bonds. 7. History:- 1969:-dial-up 1971:-The first email was delivered. 1998:-Google opens as a major Internet search engine 2001:-Wikipedia, 2003MySpace. LinkedIn was started as a business-oriented social networking site for professionals. 2004:- Facebook, another social networking website, was started 2006:-MySpace 8. Use of Social Networking sites in Marketing & Management One of todays hottest trends. How social networking can help their careers or businesses ? Exactly how to get started with this online marketing technique? Social networking sites have become so popular because of following characteristics :- Evolving in nature, Change from day to day . Approach to using this medium! 9. First decide what your marketing goals are with respect to social networking. marketing goals need to be more specific After youve decided on your purpose choose social networking Website(s). 10. Facebook(Facebook.com) Google+ Twitter(twitter.com) You tube 11. Customers and Consumers: People who will benefit from what you do, consume or buy your products or services, and rave about you to their friends. Others Within Your Industry: People with whom you can network, share resources and cross-promote with. Media and Publishers: People who work for, or can influence, publications you would like to be mentioned in (e-zines, newspapers, Websites, etc). Consultants: People who may want to hire or purchase products from you. Event, Company or Organization representatives: People who operate businesses and associations that support your industry. 12. Social Media Marketing create opportunities to: Engage with customers It is fun and simple to do once you know how Get traffic Create buzz Create inbound links Creates loyalty and trust 13. How to "do" Social Networking?How to "do" Social Networking? Marketing For Business ProfitsMarketing For Business Profits define your audience locate your potential customers build a social relationship promote your brand and website 14. Social media has become a relatively inexpensive platform Easily accessible to anyone with internet access Opening doors of success for organizations Implement marketing campaigns. Receive direct feedback from their customers and targeted market 15. Popularity Advertising Customers Awareness And many more. 16. Among the goals for which social media can be used are: Customer service, e.g. direct response to customer complaints Broadcasting updates, announcements, news, e.g. additional PR resource Promotions Behind the scenes look at the organization Advertising 17. You can connect directly with your customers and get their feedback/suggestions for improving your products or services. Reaching your targeted market for little or no cash investment is substantial, and the audience wanting your information voluntarily joins or follows you. You can make your customers feel valued as human beings, not just dollars and cents, and improve their experiences with your business. You can use social media (such as Twitter and Facebook) to advertise upcoming events or special offers that you think your customers would enjoy. Social media has a wide reach, so your customers may even spread your message for you if they like it. You can send out your message at times when you think your customers are most likely to see it, and measure the effectiveness of your message with other tools. 18. Updating your social media accounts takes time and effort. The information is only visible for a short time before newer posts replace it If one of your customers (someone who isn't a chronic complainer, but a good customer who you want to keep) complains about you online, that complaint may be seen worldwide. Best thing to do: Acknowledge that customer immediately and act fast to fix the problem. If you ever make an error (such as an accidental misspelling or mouthing off to a customer online -- I've seen both happen), it's seen worldwide and may even be picked up by news channels. Fix it fast.

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