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9GAG, Please Hire Me

Date post:06-Dec-2014
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Hello 9GAG Team! Please take me seriously. I want to intern at 9GAG. This slideshare serves as a job application for an internship at 9GAG HQ! Visit www.9gagpleasehire.me for more information.
  • 1. Please take me seriously.
  • 2. My name is Raggy Lau. I love reading, fitness and hiking. Im passionate about Entrepreneurship, Online Marketing & Analytics. And. I think you should hire me as an intern. This website/slideshare is my way of getting your attention and ultimately serve as an application as an intern position.
  • 3. I can babble here about my strengths and what I can do and what I cannot. Id rather put the work in where my mouth is. The offer: I want to intern at 9GAG HQ in Hong Kong. What I want in return: Experience in either Business Development or Analytics and A/B testing . And of course an unforgettable experience at 9GAG!
  • 4. Digital Marketing & Strategy Entrepreneurship Analytics MSc Business Economics (major Marketing) Founded a digital distribution company Google Analytics Individual Qualified Online Marketing Grew the company from zero to five-figure (hkd) sales per month A/B testing Digital Strategy certified (skillshare) Familiar with Optimizely/Google Analytics
  • 5. Who doesnt want to work at a company that makes the world a happier place? I really like Ray Chans vision on 9GAG Superlarge database equals a lot of analytics / A/B testing 9GAG is based in Hong Kong! Joining a creative motivated entrepreneurial team in a startup (just look at all the leverage-use of the userbase)
  • 6. Its not called work. Its called building stuff and being recognized for your work. Its a career held with fun. A lot of responsibility and freedom to come up with your own ideas and execute them A great company culture with a flat hierachy A great motivated team, thats not afraid to work 10+ hours a day. Because they love building stuff.
  • 7. 9GAG Related 9GAGs infinite scroll: Speaks for itself. A quick visit on the website will turn into hours of fun on 9GAG. Ads that doesnt interrupt the user experience on the website Social component is perfectly integrated The consistency of the overall website is amazing, very great UXD no negative points
  • 8. Non-related Mashable.com (New Design): The social component is (much) more noticable Basecamp.com: When you enter the website it is immediately clear of what Basecamp does (even without scrolling). Apple.com: Very clean design and easy to navigate (especially when you have that many products). Also please note about the text, which triggers an visitor emotion.
  • 9. With the goal to increase the user engagement/ARPU/LTV per user, I can see 9GAG doing this in the future: A point-system for the users (across all 9GAGs platform) Build a marketplace for funny stuff (like thinkgeek.com), points can be exchanged here Have a login with 9GAG-account API ready for more userbase- leverage use A (seperate) social games platform, which can be logged in with your 9GAG account like the Facebook Games Platform
  • 10. The only thing worse than starting something and failing is not starting something Seth Godin

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