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Anchorline Spring 2011

Date post: 20-Mar-2016
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Anchorline Spring 2011
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  • SPRING 2011Anthony Simpson Achieves Marine Engine Journeyman Status Lew Grimm, owner of Del- taville Yacht- ing Center and CYS, is proud to present Anthony Simpson his Virginia Appren-ticeship Council Marine Diesel Engine Mechanic Journeyman Certificate.AnthonySimpsonhas been employed at DYC since 2007 as a marine techni-cian.DYCparticipatesintheVirginia Apprenticeship Program for employees who want to earn journeymanstatus.Mr.SimpsonisthefirstatDYCtocompletejourneyman requirements, which include on the job experience andclassroomtechnicaltraining.Three other DYC technicians are working toward completion of theirapprenticeships.

    Looking For Boating Classes?Visitwww.dycboat.comandlookundertheLINKStab.Youwillseemanyopportunities.ToSee 2011 Spring & Summer Classes offered by Richmond Sail & Power Squadron, open their EducationTab.

    DYC Events & Education OpportunitiesVisitwww.dycboat.comunderABOUT US tab, you will see a choice called EVENTS & EDUCATION.

    Save the Date!March 19 DYC Service Seminar 1 PM to 4 PM at DYC Ships StoreFree! Limited seating. Register Now! Call or email Onna Grimm 804-776-9898 or [email protected]

    Onnas Homemade Chili, Cornbread and Cookies! Doorprizes & Fantastic Captains Bags full of boating product samples! Plenty of time for Questions & Answers - so come with your boating service questions!

    April 16 Coast Guard Vessel Inspections at DYC ([email protected] to sign up)

    April 24 Easter Sunday

    May 7 Art on the Half Shell Urbanna

    May 7 & 8 Deltaville Dealer Days Boatshow New and used boats on display! CYS will have great Island Brisket, Boaters Punch and a gift bag for each family! Be sure to register at each new boat dealer-ship for the Grand Prize Drawing!

    May 8 Mothers Day - CYS has a special gift for each MOM

    May 14 Virginia Safe Boating Class at DYC ([email protected] to sign up)

    May 21-27 National Safe Boating Week

    May 28 DYC Boaters Party ([email protected] to sign up)

    May 30 DYC Free Ice Cream

    May 29-June 5 National Fishing Week

    DYCs 10th Anniversary Boaters PartySaturday, May 28th! Singer/ songwriter Wayne Ruotolo! Come and help Lew and Onna Grimm celebrate the 10th An-niversary of DYC ownership! Wonderful boaters have made it a great 10 years! Bring your family and friends! Spread the word and lets have a great 2011 DYC Boat-ers Party to kick off Summer! Bring a casserole, salad, dessert or appetizer to the DYC Club-house and we will have a great buffetat7PM.DYCwillprovidesoda, water, paper plates and live music by guitarist/singer/song-writer,WayneRuotolo.Wayneisfrom the West End of Richmond and was guitar soloist at Tides Innforseveralyears.Bringabot-tle of wine and relax by the pool at DYC! We might even get in the mood to dance! (Onna invited the band members from Jumbo Lump Daddy to come and enjoy thepartyforachange!).Pleaselet Onna know how many will be in your group 804-776-9898 or [email protected]


  • Reminder: DYC Storm Haul Out ListEach January the annual Storm HaulOutListbeginsanew.Itiseasy to forget, until the Fall Hur-ricaneseasondrawsnear.Calloremail DYCs Service Department now to have your name placed on the2011StormHaulOutList. Laura Martin, Service Writer and Parts Manager, [email protected] is happy to answer your questions about how DYCs Storm Haul Out Policy works, or you can visitwww.dycboat.comandunderthe Service tab, and read through theStormHaulPolicy.

    Boatel Forklift TLC

    DYCs 18,000 lb capacity Wiggins forklift is having its annual mainte-nance to better serve our boatel and boatyardcustomers.DYCtechni-cians use the Boatel downtime to insure the forklift operates reliably and safely during the busy boatel seasonofApril1-December31.

    Other Boatel improvements and work done this winter have included pressurewashingtheboatelfloor,repairingconcretefloor,completelyoverhauling the Wiggins and LiftAll forklifts, repairing the boatel racks and continuing with installation of the bird netting.ThenettingDYChasinstalledover the last 2 years has really made adifferencewiththelargerbirds.Thepigeons have not come back!

    In addition to the boatel mainte-nance, DYC is redoing the bush-ings and tires and doing extensive maintenance on the DYC 50 Ton TravelLift.


    Rappahannock Sail & Power Squadron will conduct the Virginia Safe Boating Class at DYC on May 14th, 9 AM to 5 PM. What a great way to launch National Safe Boating Week! Register now by emailing [email protected] or by calling 804-776-9898.

    In 2007, the Va. General Assembly enacted a law to estab-lish a boating safety education compliance requirement. The requirement for boating safety education is phased in over several years according to the following schedule:

    PERSONAL WATERCRAFT (PWC) Age 20 or younger , July 1 2009 Age 35 or younger, July 1 2010 Age 50 or younger, July 1 2011 ALL AGES BY JULY 1 2012

    DYC Watercolor Prints AvailableIn 2010 Deltaville artist, Pamela Waldron, was commissioned to do a watercolor

    painting of Deltaville Yachting Center. Pamela Waldron is well known on the East Coast, with art in many galleries. The painting she has done of C Dock and DYCs picnic area is a beautiful watercolor, available in limited edition prints and notecard format in DYC Ships Store. Thank you, Pam for sharing your talent!

    Notecards: Set of 3/$5 Limited Edition Prints: 8x11 $30 | 13x19 $60


    Like Deltaville Yachting Center FacebookOkay, get in the groove...or is that word old?!? Anyway, we want you to like Deltaville Yachting Center Facebook, so we can send you updates and fun stuff each week as one of our fans. Even Onna has a Facebook Page...thats scary! Whatever...



    C SYD



    RD CY

    MOTORBOAT 10HP & GREATERAge 20 or younger, July 1 2011 Age 30 or younger, July 1 2012 Age 40 or younger, July 1 2013 Age 45 or younger, July 1 2014 Age 50 or younger July 1 2015

    ALL AGES BY JULY 1 2016

    THIS YEAR IS DYCS 10TH ANNIVERSARY, AND WERE CELEBRATING! As a special Thank You to our customers, every month we will have a new contest and special prize giveaways through our Facebook page AND our email list. This month, one lucky Fan of ours on Facebook and one lucky winner from our email list will receive a Shurhold 1 PC Boat Handle with Shurhold Adaptor. So make sure to become our Fan on Facebook by liking our page, and join our email list by signing up on our website! Dont miss your chance to win some great prizes!

  • Chesapeake Bay Magazine- The Boaters Sourcebook!To subscribe to Chesapeake Bay Magazine or to see the latest Bay News, Boat Maintenance Tips, Boating Classes and even Chesapeake Bay Notice To Mariners visit:[email protected]

    DYC Boatyard Busy and Full! Schedule Your Launch Date Now!Email [email protected]@com to schedule your launch date!

    New Boat Commissioning DYC technicians use spring like weather to make progress on the commissioning of a new 2011 Catalina 309:


    Voice of the Rivers

    to Visit DYCs Shoreline ProjectDr. John Buford, Assistant Professor of Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education, from North Carolinas Brevard College will be concluding a 20 day river expedition at Deltaville Yachting Center. The group is coming to see the Living Shoreline Project between C & D Docks. Voice of the Rivers VOR is an interdisciplinary program in which students conduct a river expedition from its source to its end while studying a variety of topics for college credit. Past VOR have traveled through various watersheds from North Carolina to the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. More information about VOR can be found at:


    The 2011 VOR will travel the Rappahannock River from Front Royal arriving at Deltaville Yachting Center where the mouth of the Rappahannock meets the Chesapeake Bay on June 1st. John Tippett, Exec. Director of Friends of the Rappahannock, will speak to the group about the conservation easement along the Rappahannock River and the Embry Dam story. Onna Grimm will speak to VOR about the environmental policies and efforts made by Deltaville Yachting Center in the last 10 years.

    If you happen to be at DYC on June 1st, come over to the clubhouse and meet these interesting expedition travelers.


    CLICK HERE FOR DETAILShttp://www.dycboat.com/news/springseminar.html

    Chesapeake Yacht Sales Carol Arnett to Retire We will miss her! But, it is time for Carol to spend more time with her grandchildren on the weekends.SoccergamesneedGrandmotherscheeringvoices.You will see Carols smiling face throughmidMay.PleasestopbytheCYSofficeandletherknowhowmuchyoullmissher.

    Service Seminar Filling Up Fast! Reserve Your Seat Now!Deltaville Yachting Centers Spring Service Seminar will take place on March 19th from 1 PM to 4 PM in the DYC Ships Store.Formoredetailsand/ortoregister, click the button below:

    4th Annual Deltaville Dealer Days Boatshow! Make Great Deals During This Sales Event!

    Chesapeake Yacht Sales is looking forward to the 4th Annual Deltaville Dealer Days on Mothers Day Weekend, Saturday May 7th and Sunday

    May 8th from 10 AM to 4 PM each day.

    New and used boats will be on display at 4 dealerships in Deltaville, representing 12 new boat lines. As you visit Chesapeake Yacht Sales,

    Annapolis Yacht Sales, Norton Yacht Sales and Gratitude Yachting Center, you can register for the GRAND PRIZE DRAWING, which will be A Two Night Midweek Getaway at Irvingtons Hope & Glory Inn.

    Each family has 4 chances to win, if you visit all 4 dealerships!

    Chesapeake Yacht Sales, Virginias dealer for Catalina Yachts, Mainship Trawlers and Carolina Classic Sportfishing Boats, will have an Island

    Theme to help you cruise into the Summer Boating Season! Island Brisket BBQ, Fruit Cooler Punch, Chesapeake Chunk Cookies along

    with chips and sodas should fuel your engines for boat shopping.

    Call Bob Arnett [email protected] 804-339-1537 or Carl Hawkins [email protected] 804-387-5786 to get specifics about any

    of Chesapeake Yacht Sales new boats or used brokerage listings that youd like to check out during Deltaville Dealer Days!


    Military Appreciation Discount In honor of Memorial Day, Deltaville Yachting Center would like to offer those in US military service or retired from military service, a 10% discount on marine parts or marine supplies duringthemonthofMay.Thankyou for serving our country and helpingtokeepussafe.MayGodcontinuetoblessyou.

    Coast Guard Vessel InspectionsDYC has scheduled on-site Coast Guard Vessel Inspections for April 16th and July 16th, from 9 AM to Nooneachday.Theseeduca-tional inspections are convenient and provide a non-threatening way to receive your annual Coast GuardInspectionsticker.Safeboating is the only way to boat! Contact Onna Grimm to schedule yourvesselinspection. [email protected] or 804-776-9898.

    National Fishing Week- Kiss A Fisher(man) or (woman)!May 29th to June 5th is National [email protected] a picture of you kissingafishermanorfisher-woman and we will post them on www.dycboat.comandDeltavilleYachtingCenterFacebook. BETTER THAN KISSING A FISH!Visitwww.recycledfish.comtolearn about anglers living a life-styleofstewardship....becauseour lifestyle runs downstream!

    Fishing Line Collection Continues DYC continues to send in all collected fishinglinetoa recyclingprogram. You will see the white recycling tubes near B Dock, the Boatel gas pump area and also attheentranceofC&DDocks.Thisrecycling project is part of the Clean Water Program sponsored by Boat U.S.Themonofilamenttubesarebeing used all over the United States,byindividuals,marina,Dept.of Environmental Protection and U.S.CorpsofEngineers.IfyoulikeBoatUS on Facebook, you can entertowinanewfishingrodandreel by guessing how much recy-clablefishinglinewillbecollectedthis year! Do your share, please put alldiscardedfishinglineintoDYCswhitetubes.

    A total of 2,700 miles of fishing line was collected in 2010 by the Boat U.S. Monofilament Program!

    Through Rain, Sleet & Snow...DYC Service Work Goes On!

    Happy Memorial Day - Free Ice Cream!Come into the DYC Ships Store on Monday, May 30th MEMORIAL DAY and have a FREE ice cream compliments of the ice cream lover, Lew Grimm! We lovetheU.S.A.!

    THINKING OF SELLING OR TRADING UP? Chesapeake Yacht Sales is happy to help you think through the pricing, timing and logistics ofsellingyourboat.CYSexperiencedbrokers are a great source of information - dont be shy about using them! CYS has three helpful tools you can take home to start the transition fromoneboattoanother.ThefollowingbookletsareavailableintheCYSbrokeragelobby area: Prepare Your Boat For Sale, The Big Decision-To Buy a New or Pre-owned Yacht and Buy A Boat! Sell A Boat! Contact a broker at [email protected]



    C SY



  • BOATERS FIRST AID CLASSWhat a great class thanks to Katherine Beamer, Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with Direct Access Internal Medicine of Gloucester and Stacey & Randy Williams, Gloucester EMTs & Firefighters/ Walter Reed Hospital nurses! Twenty-two boaters received their American Heart Assoc. First Aid Certification on Saturday, Feb. 19th at DYC.

    The class made a $420 donation to Middlesex County Volunteer Rescue Squad in appreciation for their quick response to emergencies.

    The course covered all First Aid responses(bleeding, broken bones, burns, heart attack, stroke, poisons) and also addressed questions specific to boaters- hypothermia, heat exhaustion, fish hook injuries, seafood allergies. Additional items suggested for your current First Aid Kit: rubber gloves, hand sanitizer, liquid Benedryl, paper towels, reflective space blanket, ziploc bags, allergy meds specific to those travelling onboard your boat.

    BOATERS CALLING 911 FROM A CELL PHONE: When calling for 911 from your cell phone out on the water, you may get a dispatcher on Vas Eastern Shore, Northern Neck or elsewhere! To be sure Middlesex County emergency personel meet you at DYC, you must call Middlesex Sheriffs Dispatch 804-758-2779 and give them specific address of Deltaville Yachting Center 18355 Puller Highway, Deltaville, Va. 23043. (804-776-9898) It was strongly advised that you make a laminated card containing this information and keep it with your First Aid Kit or readily visable on your boat.


  • Fishing with B.T.The fishing season is upon us again. I am sure that everyone has had enough of this frigid winter weather. The time has come to prepair our boats for the water. The first thing is to be sure your boat is mechanically sound. Check your lower unit oil and change it if you didnt when you put your boat away last fall. Also change the fuel filters and spark plugs to be sure you have a smoothe and efficient running engine. These few thing could make the first trip a more pleasant voyage. Now on to the fishing! Togs are a good species to target early. There are a number of good places to fish for these tasty fighters. The Cell ia a popular spot but can be fished out rather quickly if you dont go early in the season. There are some spots closer to home port such as the Iron Ore bottom ( N37-31.084 W076-15.135 ) and the Artificial Reef ( N37-28.885 W076-14.236 ). Both of these places are just off Gwynns Island. Baits of choice are pieces of blue crab, clam and fiddler crabs. Fish in the structure cause this is where the Togs live. Spadefish should become active around late May depending on the water temps. Wolftrap Light and the Cell are the most popular spots Tiny bits of fresh clam on a strong #1 or #2 hook the best set up. Use just enough weight to get the offering below the surface in the feeding zone. There is also an early striper season in our area. Please be sure to check the regulations before you go because they could change after this goes to press. Croaker and flounder will be availiable in all their favorite hiding spots so be sure to try for them also. We are more than blessed with the abundance of species within the close proximity of our marina. Get that boat ship shape and go enjoy a day on the water with family and friends. Hopefully we will harvest some of the tasty fish for a nice dinner. Please be safe on the water and hope to see yall soon at DYC.