Dead man walking

Date post:23-Jun-2015
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  • 1. Film Presentation By David Allotey

2. My Film Ideas These are the three film ideas I created. There are three ideas and I choose my second idea. Dead Man Walking. 3. My Proposal This is my proposal. This consists of five methods of reaching my correct audience for my production. 4. My Script This is my script. I have written four pages for my final movie idea. 5. My Storyboard This is my detailed storyboard. This is all my shots for the first five minutes of my films. 6. Character Assignments Husband/Father David Allotey (me) Army official not yet assigned Vice army official not yet assigned Mum my sister/any other woman offering Child No.1 not yet assigned Child No.2 not yet assigned Scientist not yet assigned 7. Crew Member Assignments Camera, sound effects and editing Ozgur Mehmet/any other person. Lighting to be assigned 8. Budget My budget will be low because the camera I am using is free and my crew and cast is bringing their own packed lunch. Along with that, I do not need to spend money on renting or hiring any product as well. 9. Thank You For Your Time I hope you found this good.

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