Dead star walking

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My Game Design Project
  • 1. By: Jimmy Sessions

2. Basic/ ControlsMovement- Jump/Interact- Reload/ Switch ( Hold)- Bash( With Weapon)/ Sprint ( On foot) L2- - Take Cover Against ObjectR1- Shack Off Zombie( Hold to Burst Dash)R2- Display MapL1- Locate partner( Hold for multi partners) 3. The Story so farA family of five are lost in abandoned house south of Texas, little planationand no gas for the car. This undead started off an planation experiment paidfor by the U.S President. After the planation experiment went horrible. AIncurable Plague Spread throughout the US and the eventually the wholeworld. 4. Michael- Michael is the main character of the story who was caughtin an accident not to far from his family. Michael is 26years just graduated out of college. Happily married toDoctor is Isabella. He also has 3 kids ( one of them isadopted) 5. Isabella -Isabella Isabella is 25 years old, two years younger than Michael. She is a doctor at a hospital twenty away from their house. Proud of 2 boys and Foster Mother of a 16 year old which I will intoduced later on. 6. Rebecca-RebeccaRebecca is Senior at Ramona High School and she is 17 years old. Hertemper usually gets the best of her in tough situation. Sometimeinsensitive when the time comes. She is also the Foster child of Isabellaand Michael. 7. Daniel -Daniel Daniel is a Sophomore at Ramona High School. Is the middle of his siblings, He is also 15 years old. Daniel has a strong conflict between his older Sister Rebecca. They dont usually get along very consider Daniel is blood related and Rebecca isnt. 8. Storyline 9. The Weapon Vault Ak-74 Shotgun ThundergunThis is great for medduim-long range shot This gun is very powerful at close rangeGreat for Huge Crowds of Zombies Scar-LTMP M60Lightweight Version of SCAR-HShort compressed gun made easily move around corners Mass Destruction is enough said 10. The FutureWell for Dead Star Walking there is no future due to the fact that everyonealive is at risk. With the Dead Walking among for the world. There cant be aplace to hide for more than 6 days. Best tip in this game is to keep yourselfattractable by zombies. 11. ObjectivesObjectives are simple stay alive live another day- This is 4 player game( not including the baby though)- You will be provided with air support( Once a day only)- Players can go online for more additional supporter ( 24 players allowedonline in multiple rooms)- Armor and Weapons can upgraded and enhanced for better performance- Vehicles will also be allowed in case the situation gets tough or out ofhand.

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