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Expert Training Presentation September 2013 Rev 3 Instant Queue Manager Enterprise Click to Chat

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  • Expert Training Presentation

    September 2013

    Rev 3Instant Queue ManagerEnterprise Click to Chat

  • Overview and AgendaOverview of Queue Manager Basic expert usage and features Installation steps Extra and advanced features Training videos available at: http://www.instant-tech.com/Queue_Manager_Experts.cfm

  • Overview - Key Business DriversYou need to connect customers to sales staff and customer support in real time over a web site, mobile device, or IM gateway

    You need rich metrics and reporting on inbound chat requests and the ability for managers to monitor in real time

    Leverages IBM Sametime to route IM chat requests (people looking for help) to an expert

  • Solution: Instant Queue ManagerEnterprise click to chat for immediate access to helpful expertsQueue Manager enables our global help desk to immediately resolve more than 500 requests per day

    By 2013, we anticipate that 75% of our help desk requests will be handled using Queue Manager and IM

  • A Few Core ConceptsSeeker: A person who is seeking help from a web page, mobile device, or enterprise IM client

    Expert: A person or group who can provide expert assistance anywhere in world on IM/presence system Queue: The mechanism that will receive seekers and connect them with experts. Interview: Optional input (questions or forms) that may be applied to a seeker before or during the routing process.

  • Basic Expert OperationsAccept a chat using Sametime clientUse standard replies if you want send use standard text replies for each queueTransfer to another expertInvite anyone from Sametime to chatTransfer to another queue

  • Expert OverviewAfter installing the plugin, will notice a bunch of new icons on chat windowWhen you login you will be active in the QueueJust keep using Sametime and chats will be routed to you

  • Expert OverviewExpert icons and features

  • Queue Manager Accept a ChatShould have the plugin installed Press y to accept the chat Panel is added to the bottom of the chat window after the chat is accepted (optional)

    Manager dashboard will indicate the status of the chat and that it has been accepted

  • Queue Manager Standard RepliesProvides experts with canned messages and standard text

    Server based replies are centrally managed and applied to a queue Experts within each queue have access to the same list of standard replies managed per queue on the server

    Experts may maintain their own list of replies

  • Queue Manager Transfer to ExpertMust have the plugin installed icons to transfer are added to chat window icon toolbar Can transfer to another expert in the queue Typically a warm transfer so the customer is transferred and accepted without closing the chat

  • Queue Manager Transfer to AnyoneMust have the plugin installed icons to transfer are added to chat window icon toolbar Ability to invite anyone (who is logged into Sametime) into the chat Front line experts can now include additional subject matter experts and entire organization can be leveraged

  • Queue Manager Transfer to QueueExpert must have plugin installed may need to refresh settings in preferences Icon available on chat window

    List of queues will be displayed and seeker will be transferred

  • Embedded PanelOptional service that provides the expert with information on the customer when they get connectedCan be customized as part of the deployment and information may be attached, updated, and modified:

  • Why Use the Plugin?Will allow each expert (person) to accept and handle more than one chat request at a time. Access to server based standard replies can also add your own standard repliesAbility to transfer request to:Another expert in the queueAnother queueAny other person within your Sametime deploymentEmbedded panel may display customer informationOption to display a mini dashboard of queue activity

  • Installing Queue Manager Plugin Small pause here while waiting

    After adding the plugin you will wait for Sametime to start loading the plugin .jar file from either the install site or your local drive

    You may wait up to one minute

    After the plugin is loaded, you will configure the settings

  • Thanks for WatchingPlease contact us with questions


    Email: sales@instant-tech.com

    Phone: 800.884.0443

    Twitter: @teaminstant


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