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International PGME Trainees: Work Permits, Letters of … · MCCEE results (residents only) ...

Date post: 27-Aug-2018
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International PGME Trainees: Work Permits, Letters of Eligibility, Credentials and More Hira Mirza - Nicole Parchment - Samantha Chin Visa Trainee Processing Jessica Filion, Coordinator John Kerr, Manager, International Programs May 12, 2015
  • International PGME Trainees: Work Permits, Letters of Eligibility,

    Credentials and More

    Hira Mirza - Nicole Parchment - Samantha Chin Visa Trainee Processing

    Jessica Filion, Coordinator John Kerr, Manager, International Programs

    May 12, 2015

  • University of Toronto PGME Trainees

    2/ 25


    Training leads to RCPSC or CFPC certification

    Clinical Fellows

    Highly tailored topping off training for medical specialists or family physicians

    Observers No UofT status Arranged through


    Research Fellows

    No patient contact whatsoever

    PGME registration optional Electives Short term training (6

    months max) for residents or fellows registered at other medical schools

    Post-Doctoral Fellows Post-PhD period of

    mentored research No patient contact No PGME registration

  • Visa Trainees

    All residency trainees and fellows who are not Canadian citizens or Canadian permanent residents require a work permit for the duration of their PGME program

    Many nationalities require a temporary resident visa to enter Canada in addition to a work permit for training

    Over 900 visa trainees from over 70 countries register annually with PGME

    Over 400 visa trainees are new registrants each year

    Extensions of training ordinarily require an extension of the work permit

    3/ 25

  • Application Process for Internationally Sponsored Doctors

    4/ 25

    PEAP must be 4 to12 weeks in duration

    Internationally sponsored applications for training are submitted to PGME Office via the Sponsored Trainee Application Registry (STAR) by the sponsoring agencies

    Contracts between Faculty of Medicine and international sponsoring agencies

    Eligibility requirements (e.g. MCCEE)

    Competitive process

    Departmental programs and their respective Program Directors make admissions decisions

    Those accepted for training require a work permit

  • Work Permit Process

    5/ 25

    PEAP must be 4 to12 weeks in duration

    Appointees must satisfy all requirements of the CIC Visa Office, including the CIC medical examination that can take more than 6 weeks for CIC to review and approve

    Process can take 6 months to complete, from departmental letter of appointment to arrival of visa trainee in Canada

    Program sends

    training appointment

    and supporting

    documents to PGME

    PGME requests Letter of Eligibility

    (LOE) from CPSO

    PGME Office sends CIC Offer of

    Employment form, CIC

    receipt, and LOE to


    Appointee applies for

    work permit from

    Citizenship and

    Immigration Canada (CIC)

    Appointee presents

    CICs approval letter at Canadian

    port of entry and receives work permit

  • Required Documents: A Checklist

    Departmental letter or signed form confirming the residency or fellowship appointment (with remuneration information)

    Up-to-date curriculum vitae

    Passport identity page

    Medical degree

    Specialty certification (clinical fellows only)

    Statement of educational objectives (clinical fellows only)

    MCCEE results (residents only)

    UofT Visa Processing Fee

    6/ 25

  • Contacting the New Appointee We contact the new appointee immediately to confirm we

    have received the required documents and to share information PGME registration requirements, including:

    Work permit

    College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) registration (including physiciansapply.ca requirement)

    Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) membership

    UofT Letter of Appointment

    Immunization data

    7/ 25

  • We request a Letter of Eligibility (LOE) from the CPSO

    Once we receive the LOE, we issue it to the doctor with a CIC Confirmation of Employment form and a CIC receipt for our payment of the Employer Compliance Fee

    The doctor can then apply online for the Work Permit

    Processing the Work Permit Paperwork

    8/ 25

  • Additional Advice for the New Appointee We also inform new appointees about what they should do

    before and immediately after their arrival in Toronto, including:

    Health care coverage (UHIP and OHIP) Social Insurance Number (SIN) Finalizing Canadian Medical Protective

    Association (CMPA) membership Criminal record check using the Canadian

    Police Information Centre (CPIC) database for the CPSO

    On-line Security Attestation (via POWER) A reminder about source verification of

    their medical degree by physiciansapply.ca

    9/ 25

  • 10/ 25

    Arriving in Toronto

  • Work Permit Issued to the visa trainee at the

    Canadian port of entry

    Visa trainee must present the original to PGME for review

    PGME may sign off on a copy of the work permit for the CPSO if there are inaccurate entries in employer, employment location, and occupation fields that CIC will not revise

    Work permit conditions are not subject to sign off but require CIC change

    11/ 25

  • An Open Work Permit An open work permit is a work

    permit that is not job-specific

    An open work permit is not acceptable for employment in a clinical setting unless there is evidence that the applicant has undergone a CIC-approved medical examination

    12/ 25

  • Potential Sources of Delay Department-related delay in starting the process:

    Appointment package is submitted to PGME incomplete and/or with insufficient lead time

    CPSO-related delay in issuing LOE for the work permit: Unexplained gaps in the applicants c.v. Evidence of specialty certification is absent or

    unacceptable to the CPSO (clinical fellows only)

    CIC-related delay in issuing work permit approval: CIC regulation changes, labour relations issues,

    local political unrest Transactions between the applicant and CIC after

    the doctor has received documentation from PGME

    13/ 25

  • Source Verification of the Medical Degree

    Source verification of the medical degree by physiciansapply.ca is mandatory for all international medical graduates, for CPSO registration

    Once the medical degree has been source verified, the MCC stores the result in the Physician Credentials Repository, where it will always be valid and available

    International medical graduates can request source verification of their medical degree at any time, so its never too early

    14/ 25

  • Orientation Resources for New Trainees

    15/ 25

    Orientation handbook hard copy or can be downloaded from PGME Office website:


    Facebook Forum - for the exclusive use of clinical fellows, now with 1,000 fellows participating

    You can find it on Facebook by searching: University of Toronto PGME Fellowship Forum


  • PGME Registration

    Register on POWER:

    PGME Letter of Appointment (LOA) Work permit CPSO Certificate of Registration CMPA membership Health care coverage (UHIP / OHIP) Immunization data Security Attestation / Vulnerable Sector Screen Hospital Health and Safety Policy e-Learning Modules Registration Fee (pro-rated)

    Confirmation of Registration

    UTorID and Library Card

    16/ 25

  • Pre-Entry Assessment Program (PEAP) PEAP is mandatory for international

    medical graduates entering clinical fellowship or residency training

    Must be 4 to 12 weeks in duration, but it can be extended to a total of 16 weeks in special circumstances (e.g. illness or a leave of absence)

    Is an assessment, not a period of remedial training

    17/ 25

    Must end with the submission to the CPSO of a completed Final Assessment Form or notice of the trainees withdrawal from the PEAP

    Should include a detailed interim PEAP assessment after the first 2 weeks for internal departmental reference

  • PEAP Process

    18/ 25

    CPSO issues PEAP certificate to trainee

    Trainee registers with PGME Office and begins PEAP

    Department assesses trainee, completes PEAP final assessment form and sends to PGME Office

    Vice Dean, PGME, signs final assessment form and PGME Office submits form to CPSO

    CPSO receives signed final assessment form and processes full educational licensure of trainee

    PEAP must be 4 to12 weeks in duration

  • International Electives

    19/ 25

    Foreign nationals with an elective appointment at UofT require a work permit for the duration of the elective

    If the elective trainees home residency program is outside Canada and the U.S.:

    CPSO Registration Committee approval is required Elective must include a 2-week PEAP

    Maximum duration is 6 months (including the PEAP)

    Must have funding commensurate with a Canadian

    Same registration requirements as all PGME trainees

  • Reappointments: A Checklist Departmental Letter of Appointment

    Visa Processing Fee (UofT Administrative Fee)

    Statement of Objectives Fellowship name on Statement of Objectives determines how it will appear on Completion of Training Certificate

    20/ 25

  • CPSO Registration Committee Clinical fellows reappointed beyond 36 months:

    The CPSO allows 36 months of fellowship training

    The CPSO begins counting the 36 months immediately after the PEAP has been completed

    Additional documentation required: Support letter from the supervisor and Program Director Letter from the clinical fellow explaining why the

    extension is necessary

    Registration Committee at

    the CPSO

    21/ 25

  • Extending the Work Permit

    22/ 25

    CIC Case Processing Centre in Vegreville, Alberta

    Current processing times: - 100 days for paper application - 68 days for online application

    Always note the work permits expiry date

    Implied status a last resort measure that may be possible with CIC and CPSO cooperation

  • PGME cannot submit an application to the CPSO, CIC, or CMPA on the trainees behalf

    PGME cannot conduct business (or intervene) on behalf of a trainee throughout the process of their applying for a work permit

    What cant we do?

    Bill C-35 came into force in 2011. The Act prohibits employees at educational institutions from:

    Providing advice with regard to immigration applications

    Explaining or advising on immigration options

    Communicate with CIC on behalf of an applicant

    23/ 25

  • Completion of Training Certificate

    24/ 25

    With departmental approval, the PGME Office produces the certificate for clinical fellows who have successfully completed the goals and objectives of their fellowship and for residents who have completed their residency training program

    Name of the fellowship on educational goals submitted to CPSO determines name on certificate

    For further information, check Current Trainees section of PGME Office website

  • Questions about International Trainees?

    25/ 25

    You have only to ask

    Samantha Chin

    Hira Mirza

    Nicole Parchment

    Jessica Filion

    John Kerr

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    Medical Imaging, Family Medicine, Lab Medicine, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, Surgery [email protected] / 416-946-3079

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