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L1 networking basics

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  • 1. Networking Basics

2. Learning Outcomes Be able to compare local area networkingwith standalone operation. Describe the operations of bus, ring andstar networks and compare theadvantages and disadvantages Be able to compare local area networkingwith standalone operation. 3. Network Basics What is a stand alonecomputer? What is a network? Why would someonewant to create anetwork instead ofhaving a group ofstand alonecomputers? 4. Network TopologyWhat are the names of the three main typesof network? 5. Your TaskYou will need to create a 4 slidepresentation, one for each type of networkand one summary. One each slide youshould have Advantages, Disadvantages Hardware required Diagram of each 6. Task 2 You will need to describe these terms; Each of the items of hardware included in anetwork Network segment (why are local-area networksbased on a bus topology are segmented?) Peer-to-peer networking Server-based networking The differences between an networked computerand stand alone computer (including advantagesand disadvantages of each)

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