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  • OAMPS Petrochemical is the leading provider of specialist insurance to the fuel, chemical and environmental industries in the UK and Ireland

    In the competitive world of insurance one name stands apart as the specialist in the petrochemical sector: OAMPS.

    OAMPS Petrochemical is part of the OAMPS (UK) Group, which itself is a subsidiary of Wesfarmers, an Australian conglomerate employing over 200,000 staff worldwide with assets in excess of AUD39 billion*

    Our expertise within the petrochemical sector spans over 25 years, which gives us a reputation and brand to be proud of. This experience allows us to carefully identify sectors where the general perception of the risk is high, but through experience we can identify the true hazard and the risk can actually be lowered through utilising our specialist risk management services.

    *Financials as at June 2010

    Our complete selection of specialist insurance products are carefully tailored to the needs of the fuel, chemical and environmental sectors, bringing peace of mind to a vast range of clients from sole traders to multinational conglomerates. Adam Shefras, Director - OAMPS Petrochemical www.oampspetrochemical.co.uk

    Specialist insurance for specialist markets

  • Designed specifically for you

    A combined package is a must for companies within this hazardous sector. It is essential that your covers are seamless providing protection for all facets of your business. Our exclusive products provide cover for the following industries:

    Fuel & Oil distribution Lubricants LPG Tank wash Hazardous distribution and goods storage, including explosives

    and radioactives Environmental companies and consultants (sometimes known

    as remediators) as well as spillage contractors Bio fuels Tank and equipment manufacture installation and service Chemical & Solvent distribution, blenders, recycling and

    manufacturers Environmental tanker companies Tanker motor trade Internal Tank cleaners

    We aim to deliver one of the widest covers in the market today. OAMPS Petrochemical handles in excess of 45 million in premium and manages over 6500 claims each year. Each policy is written and designed closely with industry trade associations and underwritten by leading global insurers including Zurich and QBE.

    Professional understanding

    Working closely with trade associations and industry bodies is the ideal way to gain a true insight into the issues and needs of customers. Here at OAMPS Petrochemical we are proud to be the appointed Insurance Managers to various trade associations including:

    OAMPS PetrochemicalSpecialist insurance for your specialist markets

    We would encourage all of our members to have a scheme like this in placeMark Askew, CEO of the Federation of Petroleum suppliers said of the OAMPS 24/7 emergency environmental and disaster response plan

  • 24/7 emergency environmental and disaster response

    As an OAMPS Petrochemical client you receive access to our 24 hour environmental emergency response facility operated by OHES Environmental. We have our own UK wide network of Level 2(Advice at the scene) Incident Managers on call, many of them are ex-environmental regulators and they are all experienced in managing incidents and working with the emergency services. We can rapidly deploy one of our specialist environmental team to attend the site, co-ordinate remediation activities and provide at the scene advice.

    More likely, especially for larger spills and incidents, a Level 3(Clean-up) response may be required. Should the incident warrant such intervention, emergency spill response can be co-ordinated by ourselves and we can mobilise a clean-up responder, on your behalf. 24-7 hold a national database of pre-screened, accredited specialist contractors with information on their resources, capabilities and geographical coverage. This means that we can facilitate the quickest and most effective response for any incident and, of course, by employing local specialist contractors can control the costs. This network is activated on a daily basis and handles over 900 projects per year!

    24/7 environmental support

    As a valued customer of OAMPS Petrochemical you have access to our exclusive 24 hour environmental helpline staffed by qualified consultants who are able to offer sound practical environmental advice when you need it the most. The newest addition to our suite of services for the Petrochemical industry is 24-7 Response. As the name suggests 24-7 Response provides specialist advice over the telephone, 24 hours a day, on how to handle emergency situations involving spillages and hazardous goods. Our Incident Advisors are all chemists, they understand supply and transport legislation and are experienced in providing authoritative and calm advice to those dealing with emergencies. At the time of the call they will ask the caller questions to build up a picture of the situation, then use their expertise, product information (e.g. Safety Data Sheets) and other sources to give guidance to the caller on the best actions to take to reduce the risk to people, the environment and property. For more information visit www.24-7response.org or www.ohes.co.uk.

    Risk management and training

    As part of the OAMPS group of companies PTF Training has provided training and consultancy services to the petrochemical industry, its customers, suppliers and contractors for over 20 years. They have trained thousands of delegates and organised hundreds of training days each year in both the UK and abroad.

    PTF Training experts have a far reaching experience and are qualified to DGSA, ADR and NEBOSH standards. For more information www.ptftraining.co.uk

    Service that goes beyond just insurance

    Claim time is the true test of your insurance programme and this continues to be our main focus. With both our dedicated inhouse claims management team based in the UK and the additional support services provided by OHES Environmental & PTF Training we truly are a leader in this field.

    At OAMPS Petrochemical we believe we should provide more than just insurance solutions, thats why we offer as standard:

    Clients insured with OAMPS Petrochemical already automatically benefit from Level 2 & Level 3 response as part of their insurance programme. Now you can take advantage of an integrated incident response service and purchase your Level 1 response through 24-7.

  • Whether you are an equipment manufacturer, contractor or anyone supplying the petrochemical industry, your insurance needs to be right! This is a hazardous sector and any incident could escalate rapidly. That is why you need an industry expert as your insurance provider

    We fit insurance to your business rather than trying to fit your business to an insurance product. Every business is unique, at OAMPS, we make it our business to understand yours. We pride ourselves on our swift, professional and cost effective approach.

    Your next step

    Discover how OAMPS Petrochemical can protect your business when you need it most. Call us today on 01372 467 266 to talk to one of our expert team or email us at [email protected] or visit www.oampspetrochemical.co.uk

    For more information on the support services available to you through OAMPS Petrochemical:

    Windsor House, High Street, Esher, Surrey, KT109RYT : 01372 467 266 F : 01372 467 734 E : [email protected]


    A Company

    OAMPS Petrochemical is a trading name of OAMPS (UK) Ltd, Registered in England No 1969267Authorised & Regulated by the Financial Services Authority: Reg no 302649

    E013 Jul 2011

    OAMPS PetrochemicalSpecialist insurance products for the fuel, chemical and environmental industries

    When a sub contractor caused a major fire at our depot, OAMPS were on site within hours managing the incident and liaising with the relevant emergency services on our behalf. We had never used the emergency response provided by OAMPS before and we are pleased in our hour of need it lived up to our expectations.

    Robert Oakley, Eco Oils.

    T : 0870 240 3329orE : [email protected]

    T : 01553 769 666orE : [email protected]

    T : 01189 029 373orE : [email protected]

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