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Reasons to hire a design professional

Date post:21-Jul-2016
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  • The answer is easy! Would you ask your Uncle Paul, a professional landscaper, to come service your broken furnace? Chances are that youll call the local HVAC company to help with your problem. If you want to represent your own business in a professional way (which most business owners certainly do) then youll want a professional web design and developer with knowledge of how to capture your target audi-ence properly along with qualified skills.

    You may be struggling to decide whether it would be worth the investment. Here are some reasons why you should sit back and let the professionals do the work!

    1 | ProfessionalismWhy hire a design professional? For professionalism! A professional designer will listen to your companys business goals while alongside their knowledge of marking and creativity. They will help you to get your mes-sage out with a unique and beautiful design, but also speak to your cus-tomers in a way they can relate to.

    2 | Conveying YOUR MessageMost professional designers have at least modest knowledge of mar-keting. If they work at a reputable company, they may have an entire team of marketing consultants working behind them as an accessible resource. Their job is to brainstorm how to effectively communicate your

    message through use of colors, fonts, graphics, or unique layouts while delivering an impressive website that speaks for your company.

    3 | Gain CustomersAn effective website combines com-pelling images, accessible navigation, ideal load times, and works properly across major internet browsers and devices. Imagine how many users and potential customers will be able to see your website. It is crucial to have a fully functioning website to represent your mission. Without a professional designer working on your site, you could miss out on future clients because of a bad first impression.

    4 | Time Savingssave time with professional web designSave the frustration! There are several elements that need to work seamlessly together to create an oper-ational website. Let the professionals handle it! Hiring a professional designer allows you to devote your own time and energy to the things

    n EZInsights

    You Should Hire a Design Professional

    10 Reasons

    With the abundance of popular website development tools, one might wonder, Why should I hire a design professional when I can do it myself?

  • that matter most in your business. Dont waste your own valuable time trying to figure it out on your own when youre bound to hit dead ends. A professional designer already has a well-developed process to get your site up faster and easier, because they do it every day its their JOB!

    5 | Get NoticedUnless you scan the internet for design trends or read creative blogs on a daily basis, then you probably arent aware of current fads in the web design industry. Most profes-sional designers eat, sleep, and breath design. Theyre always aware of visual details around them. They can create stunning visuals that function perfectly, giving you a leg up on your competition. If youre looking to upgrade your brand, you need a fresh and unique perspective. While it might be easy for you to emulate or copy something someone else has already done, it wont get you noticed. A design professional can use their wealth of knowledge of the design industry to help enhance your ideas and achieve your objectives.

    6 | AccessibilityWith the path of todays technology there are several devices, screen sizes, and browsers to design for. There are principles that designers practice every day that make their designs visually appealing on all devices they know them by heart!

    Small details alongside large concep-tual solutions are concerns that a professional designer will account for when designing your site. There are industry guidelines that they can use to make your site usable across many platforms. A professional designer already knows these rules and can help you to avoid amateur mistakes.

    7 | Be ConsistentYour brand is the voice of your business. Professional designers have a strong understanding of the marketing principles than can help you translate your businesss message across several different media (e.g.; Brochures, Website, Social Media pages, etc). Together, these media create a comprehensible brand. A professional designer will pay attention and have the tools to bridge the graphical interfaces across your brand using the same typefaces, color schemes, visual elements, and more. A brand with a clear and consistent voice helps to establish credibility in your business rather than confusing your potential customers with differ-ent graphical choices across media.

    8 | Details! Details! Details!You dont want people to have to WORK to learn the message of your business. A professional designer will work with the content of your site to arrange it as clearly and under-standably as possible for viewers to read. Details such as the choice of font, spacing between letters, and the length of paragraphs are important elements that establish readability in your branding. Clear calls to action and other details may not seem

    important, and most times are over-looked by the potential customer, but they are critical components in getting people to do what you want and generate leads.

    9 | Loyal CustomersGetting a bunch of clicks and having someone stay on your brand-new site for 2 seconds probably isnt the vision youre looking for. Most likely, you want someone to stay, look around, and eventually purchase something! Having a professionally designed website will help that potential customer trust you before they know all about you. A visually alluring design will keep them interested and give them desire to learn more about you and your business.

    10 | Get the WOW factor.Professional designers are experi-enced at thinking differently. They can see the big picture that most people cant. They are able to think outside the box about certain aspects of your vision that you may have not ever observed! A professional designer has many resources to call upon when it comes time to show off your brand: theyre skilled at pushing the boundaries to help you create the impressive website your business deserves!

    Ultimately, its your choice whether you go with a professional designer or a DIY website and if you have the skills it takes to develop a compelling web presence, go for it! But remember, in web design (as in many things) you typically get what you pay for. n

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