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7 Reasons to Hire an International Intern

Date post:16-Jan-2017
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  • 7 Reasons to hire an international intern

  • 1. Diversity

    The science of staffing mandates the need for a multicultural work environment. Such a surrounding enables employees to understand international market trends as well as new cultures. Multiculturalism brings diversity of sex, race, gender, nationality, but most importantly of mind.

  • 2. Innovative

    Global interns tend to think out of the box. This can be owed to the simple fact that they are ever ready to grab new challenges given to them, since they are already out of their comfort zones. Apart from enhancing creativity, they widen their perspectives as well those of their co-workers, leading to new ideas and a lively work spirit.

  • 3. GrowthWith a diverse workforce, different ideas and approaches can seem in opposition. Therefore, with more ideas in the room, employees undergo co-development. This is because cultures have an ever-lasting impact on how people generally think and come to decision. An open-mind to accept how others think gets to play a great role in paving way for organizational growth.

  • 4. flexibility

    While hiring international interns, there is an advantage in the flexibility of extending the duration of work, depending on the combined interests of the company and the intern. Eligibilities can be easily negotiable and hassle-free arrangements can hence be made. Using organisations such as AIESEC allows you to reach a global talent pool that are available outside of the graduation cycle of your domestic universities.

  • 5. access to gen-yA culturally assorted as well as young work community assures good energy at work and curiosity. This curiosity can lead to a promising pursuit of learning as well as stimulate learning through new experiences. This makes them great sources of fresh ideas!

  • 6. ambassadors for your brand

    Turn to your interns for help, it all depends on how you treat them and how they managed their time with you, so make their brief stay with you worth their while. Remember your role as a mentor to them and let them have an internship experience that they will feel proud to have and eventually talk about with their family and friends.

  • 7. fresh ideaThings move at a much faster rate these days and you need to keep up to survive the race. Heres where an interns perspective comes much needed. coming from the hallowed halls of academia, these young people are bursting with fresh ideas that can bring back life into offices everywhere.

  • AIESEC is one of the leading non-profits helping several other organizations, firms, and workplaces to hire international talents for internship purpose. At a glance, it might appear as if an optimized local recruitment is just enough, but there are more than a few convincing reasons why you should hire an international student at your workplace.

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