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Senturus - IBM Cognos Analytics Overview New Features ... · PDF fileOverview of the IBM...

Date post: 16-Mar-2018
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IBM Cognos Analytics Overview and New Features Jumpstart
  • IBM Cognos AnalyticsOverview and New Features Jumpstart

  • Training Materials are proprietary and confidential.

    Materials may not be reproduced or distributed in any way without permission from Senturus, Inc.

    Copyright Senturus, Inc. 2017


  • In this course, we will: Become familiar with the IBM Cognos Analytics interface Upload personal data Create data modules Create dashboards Create simple reports

    IBM Cognos Analytics Overview


  • Instructor introduction Student introduction Your role Experience with the tools Expectations and reasons for attending the course



  • Who We AreBusiness Analytics Consultants



    Analysis Ready Data


    Business NeedsAnalysis Ready Data

  • Dashboards, Reporting & Visualizations Data Preparation & Modern Data Warehousing Self-Service Business Analytics Big Data & Advanced Analytics Planning & Forecasting Systems Proprietary Analytics Connector



  • 1000+ CLIENTS, 2000+ PROJECTS, 16+ YEARS

  • Become Familiar with the IBM Cognos Analytics Interface

  • In this module we will: Explore the IBM Cognos Analytics (Cognos v11) platform

    Navigate content Consume and personalize existing reports

    Review items to look out for before migrating: Browser, OS, mobile and data source support JavaScript Portal pages Workspaces

    Module Overview


  • IBM Cognos Analytics is basically v11 of the Cognos platform Built on the same basic architecture There are some SIGNIFICANT differences

    Brand new capabilities of IBM Cognos Analytics Dashboards Data modules Data sets (11.0.4) Stories (11.0.5)

    Major differences All new modern user interface the entire portal experience has

    been remodeled

    Overview of the IBM Cognos Analytics Platform


  • Authoring is now a singular environment/user experience that replaces: Report Studio Cognos Workspace Advanced Query Studio* Analysis Studio* PowerPlay Studio*

    Modeling and System Administration remain basically unchanged from 10.2.2 Framework Manager, Transformer, Cube Designer

    Overview of the IBM Cognos Analytics Platform


  • Data modules are a brand new capability in Cognos Analytics Allow users to perform light data modeling Can be based on:

    - Existing data modules built in Cognos Analytics- Pre-configured database connections such as SQL Server,

    DB2, Redshift, SAP HANA- Desktop-based files such as Excel Workbooks, CSV- Extracts or snapshots from existing packages- Live connections to existing (relational) packages

    Data Modules


  • Notes on data modules and dashboards As of Release 5 (November, 2016):

    Dashboards can be based on data modules OR packages Data modules can use packages Directly for relational packages Indirectly through data sets for OLAP packages

    No hierarchy support (flat extracts) *Direct access coming in Release 6 (March, 2017)

    A Report can be based on any single package OR data module

    Data Modules and Dashboards


  • Browser, OS, mobile and data source support Always changing, new sources are supported, some older sources

    are no longer support Which Browser to use? What about server platforms? Keep up to date: http://www-

    01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg27047186 or Ibm.com > Search: cognos software environments

    Other Considerations


  • Other Considerations


  • JavaScript As with any upgrade, custom JavaScript in reports must be handled very

    carefully The Prompt API is still supported, to an extent, again, budget additional

    time and resources to testing and validation for any reports using any sort of custom JavaScript or HTML code As of Release 5, new JavaScript repositories will make referencing JS code

    much more efficient

    Portal pages Complete redesign of the portal No upgrade/migration path for portal pages or tabs Will open in a separate browser tab they are still supported

    Workspaces No upgrade/migration path for Workspaces Will open in a separate browser tab they are still supported

    Other Considerations


  • Navigating the new Portal is VERY different

    Navigate the New UI


  • Browsing content My Folders = My Content Public Folders = Team Content Modern content browsing experience

    Navigate the New UI


  • Switching between open objects Use the welcome/browse tool Welcome is your default home page Set any other content as home Bye-bye welcome screen

    Use preferences to reset home page to welcome screen

    Navigate the New UI


  • Demo 1-1 Log in and Search, Browse, and Consume Content

    Purpose: It is our first exposure to IBM Cognos Analytics. We want to familiarize ourselves with the modern User Interface and get comfortable with navigating the portal and consuming reports in the interactive viewer.

    1. Connect to the Cognos Analytics environment at: (note the / at the end, this is IMPORTANT!).

    2. Log in as studentx, Admin1234. (you will be assigned a unique student #, student1 through student20)

    3. Note the main tools on the left of the page. A single left-click on each tool will display the level one pane for that tool. A second single-click on the tool icon will hide the pane. Some panes have multiple layers of navigation.

    4. At the very top, click the Search tool and type top to demonstrate the auto-fill feature.5. Click on the Top 10 Retailers for 2011 result.

    6. Note that there are many results, sorted by relevance. Click the first entry to view this report.

    Navigate the New UI


  • Demo 1-1 Log in and Search, Browse, and Consume Content

    7. You can select features in the List, such as column titles and individual values, however the Interactive features (Sort, Filter, etc.) for this report have not been enabled.

    8. To return to the Welcome screen, you can use the main navigation:a) Navigate back to Welcome, b) Or Remove the current report

    9. Click on the Navigation tool in the top Center of the page.10. Click the ellipsis next to Top 10 Retailer for 2011 to Remove it.

    11. In the upper left, click the Recent tool. This will show all the entries that have been viewed by your User ID.

    12. Hover over the Top 10 Retailers for 2011 entry and click the More action at the for right.

    Navigate the New UI


  • Demo 1-1 Log in and Search, Browse, and Consume Content

    13. You can perform several actions here, including removing the entry for your Recently viewed list.

    14. Click the Recent tool again to hide this pane.

    15. Click the Team content folder.

    16. Follow this path to open the Sales Summary report: Samples -> Reports -> Standard Reports.

    Navigate the New UI


  • Demo 1-1 Log in and Search, Browse, and Consume Content

    17. In the value prompt at the far left, expand Products and select Camping Equipment and click Finish at the bottom.

    18. In the first list, click on Americas in the Region column. In the on-demand toolbar, click Filter and select Include Americas. Note that this filter affects all the displays.

    19. In the main report toolbar at the very top of the page, click the Undo tool.20. Scroll down to the REVENUE BY PRODUCT column chart.21. We see that Tents are the top seller for Camping Equipment. Click Tents on the X-axis and in the tools,

    select Explore -> Drill down.

    22. Remove the Sales summary report from your session. Click OK, we dont need to save the changes.

    Navigate the New UI


  • Uploading Local Files


  • In this module we will: Use local files for analysis and visualization Upload a Microsoft Excel worksheet

    Module Overview


  • IBM Cognos Analytics is the latest business intelligence platform offering in the IBM Cognos family

    Dashboarding and data modules are solutions that encourage and empower users to perform self-service analytics Self-service means: not relying on IT or other gatekeepers to

    analyze data from any source, using the same familiar, powerful, integrated platform as all other BI activities



  • Data modules allow users to conduct light data modeling in a non-threatening interface, empowering a simple, immediate and shareable data integration solution for any type of data source, including local (personal) files



  • Simple join relationships can be defined and managed by actual business (end) users

    Join type, cardinality and join filters can be easily managed using non-technical terminology and cues



  • Dashboarding is a brand-new capability that replaces Cognos Workspace Can be built from single page, tabbed and infographics layouts Templates exist to facilitate drag-and-drop design



  • Dashboards only require drag-and-drop of data elements Data is interpreted and displayed visually according to best fit for

    data type and context Visualizations can be customized Each widget is automatically linked as a global filter for all other




  • What types of files can be used for upload? Microsoft Excel (.xlsx and .xls) spreadsheets

    Only the first sheet in a Microsoft Excel workbook is uploaded, if you want to upload the da