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The Secret Charisma Chronicles

Date post:10-Mar-2016
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Want to know how to be irresistibly charismatic? Learn 10 ways to have more people love you, listen to you and respect you; clients want to work with you; media to choose you and just generally have the world pay more attention to you. Cultivate your own brand of charisma here.

    The power of charisma. Learn the art of becoming irresistibly charismatic

  • Do you light up a room?

    Do you crave more respect than the average person? Do you want people to adore you without huge effort?

    Do you want to exude bucket loads of self confidence?

    Do you want to seem extremely powerful without force? Do you want to easily get what you want?

    Well, read on......

    Many people can name charismatic people, but rarely can they say why they are charismatic, its like trying to define charisma!

  • Why, charisma?

    Do you have the c factor?

    So who has got it?

    How can you get it? confidence

    have a bold vision

    be passionate

    communicationstylevisibilitymystery and enigma

    Inner gamecelebrate your uniqueness

    get into your body and know it

    Now, go cultivate charisma


  • Why, charisma? Charisma is probably THE most sought after personality trait in the world.

    Some people just fascinate us! Really fascinate us all. Some people, no matter what they look like, or how much money they have or their background, just captivate everyone they speak to. ey can merely walk into a room and instantly are a hit. Charismatic people have something about them that just makes you like them!

    Its a mysterious sort of magnetism that inspires confidence and respect. Like beauty, luck and social position, charisma can open many doors in life, However unlike these other qualities, anyone can become more charismatic. e whole premise of the world famous book How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegies hugely successful book, is that you can learn and cultivate charisma.

    Heres the deal. We all have access to that energy. It doesnt matter how old you are, what you look like, or what size you are. is powerful, enticing, delicious energy is your birth right. Charisma is more than just eye contact and listening and remembering names.

    In this e-book, I am looking it from a foundational perspective - to create lasting and permanent charisma, not just a fake style you turn on and o. Because truly

    charismatic people arent only that way when they want to be, or want something - that is who they are.

    I think that being charismatic is about being the best version of yourself.

    Charisma is a fascinating topic, and a very sought after skill by everyone!! It might have a few other titles, like x factor more likeable popular or many others.

    We all have a degree of charisma. Why waste such a potentially valuable asset. With some education and insights, all of us, in whatever walk of life we find ourselves, can develop and enjoy this most exciting gift in ourselves and others.

    So this fresh and comprehensive little document will show you how to be as charismatic as you can possibly be. Its an art!

    Charisma is about living the life without resisting what is, living the life you want to live on your terms, doing the job or business that lights you up, really liking other people, really going out and experiencing all life has to oer, unashamedly giving your opinions without fear of disapproval, doing the things that you desire to do, being someone who is sought after for something, caring about others,and of course really liking yourself, to name but a few. Charisma is a big and open field.

    I have researched the globe and looked at everything available, hanging out with and studying some truly charismatic people, I have found the most important elements that make up a delicious dose of charisma.

    I have put it all on the table here for you. Do as much or little of it as you want, remember if you are serious about it then do what is recommended. Note, people who are successful do everything they can to make it happen. I am giving you the information, all you have to do is commit and do it.

    So, who has got it?

    Are you born with it or can you create it? n

    Do you have it?

    How can you get it? What are the Keys to Charisma?







  • Do you have the c factor?How do you know if you have the C Factor?

    e c factor or x factor as it is sometimes called, is the dierence between Margaret atcher, e Iron Lady and John Major; Obama from John McCain; and Madonna from her many imitators.

    Some interesting synonyms for charismatic are alluring, bewitching, captivating, fascinating, charming, enchanting, engaging, magnetic and seductive.

    Does anyone describe you that way?Charisma is powerful, and charismatic people can make others do anything they want them to do. When possessed by people like Adolf Hitler, Charles Manson and David Koresh, charisma is dangerously powerful. But when its used for good, the anything is really really sweet.

    Simon Baker who plays Patrick Jane in e Mentalist TV show is someone that is often described as having the c factor. He always looks at the person he is communicating with; he has a little cheeky grin on his face

    which makes people intrigued; he often playfully touches someone on the arm to emphasise a point; he looks like he is having a great time and that he thinks he is pretty great; he makes jokes and likes to be funny, he compliments others.... lots of things that make a person seem charismatic. e most interesting to me is that he smiles with his mouth and eyes, that speaks genuine!! He means it.

    Here are some questions you can ask yourself to see if you are utilising this skill:

    Do you easily network and build contacts for your job or business?

    Do you enjoy and are comfortable going out and socialising?

    Do you feel empowered and uplifted in your relationships?

    Are people drawn to you?

    Are you a connector?







  • Barack and Michelle Obama, and Hillary and Bill Clinton all have it. Bill, who in my humble and many others opinion has it in bucket loads. He is one of the most famous people who have been described as been deeply charismatic. Many say its cause he makes you feel like you are (if you are a woman) the sexiest woman in the world, or if a man that he has known you for years and whatever you say is fascinating.

    Sean Connery! Most of us remember Sean Connery for many movie roles, from his James Bond, which shot him to stardom, to Ecco`s Name of the Rose. Even though he is in his 80s, he lives with style, loves whiskey and drinks martinis, plays golf, seems to love women, is a hypochondriac, wants Scotland`s independence, lives in the Bahamas, Los Angeles and Spain. Who would not want to grow old with him?

    Jon Bon Jovi has been renowned for being and making the most of his appeal. ose eyes and the way he carries himself.

    Oprah Winfreys key to charisma seems to be her vulnerability and visibility. She allows us to see everything that is going on with her.

    Bono, of the band U2 is also well-known for being charismatic. He regularly consults with presidents and prime ministers using his celebrity for exceptional good. Even previous President George W Bush, whom, one suspects, is a little less into the cult of rock celebrity

    says 'Bono has a willingness to lead, to achieve what his heart tells him, and that is nobody - nobody - should be living in poverty and hopelessness'. at is a man who lives his vision with passion.

    Nelson Mandela led a whole nation enough said!

    Who do you know that has it?

    Charisma is a sparkle in people that money can't buy. It's an invisible energy with visible effects."

    Marianne Williamson

    So who has got it?TH

    E CH






  • How you can get it: The Keys:Now this is a big topic. I say you do anything to make yourself feel good, hence making you feel more confident. If you like yourself, others will be drawn to you. Like attracts like Im sorry but its true. Believe in you and others will follow. I know its not that easy for everyone. e thing is we are all born with it, (there are not confident babies, and unconfident babies) and the key is to keep it and not let it get knocked out of us along the way. Its got to be reinforced and nurtured by people in your environment.

    Here are some big ideas to try

    - if you dont feel confident, seek out some way to help you. Get a coach, do a course, read a book, do something. Cause this is a foundational piece of not only being charismatic but being human. Dont complain about it, find a solution that suits you.

    - Feel good physically. If you feel good on the outside, it shows. Take care of your skin, nails and hair. If you have to get a pedicure, do it feel good from the ground up and pick a fab colour and wear some sandals to show it o. Get a facial, buy some products that make YOU feel good. ere are no excuses here, the range of products from low to higher in price is abundant. When you look good, you feel good. Enough said!

    - one really great thing I have found to make you feel amazing is get a signature scent. ats right, smell great. Now there are so many fragrances out there, but imagine being unique and having one made for you. ere are a few great places to get these made I recommend it highly. Scent is something that evokes memories and emotions, if you want people to remember you(charismatic people are definitely memorable) then this is a great way. It will make you feel fabulous. I have one that is a mix of Egyptian musk, amber, sandalwood and vanilla with a little tangerine thrown in! Bliss!

    -STOP worrying about what people think. When you do this worrying, you are not feeling confidence in yourse

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