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Top mobile marketing trends of 2015

Date post:23-Jul-2016
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By the end of 2015, the mobile marketing budgets should swell up further and for all great reasons.
  • Top Mobile Marketing Trends Of 2015

  • Mobile marketing has revolutionized the advertising world along with

    smart phones and other hand-held gadgets. The real time insights,

    Hyper Targeting and advance analytic sets it apart from any other

    digital channel.

    For some of the marketers, mobile marketing has always been a part of

    their plan for years while few others are predicting Mobile Marketing

    to be upcoming big thing.

    Mobile marketing trends in 2015 are nothing short of an outstanding

    mixture of strategies and plans that every marketer or ad agency

    should essentially acquire.

    Lets find out how Mobile Advertising ruled the year 2015!

  • Mobile Web & Mobile Apps

    Behavioural Data

    Mobile Customer Service

    Content Marketing

    Location-based Marketing

    Mobile Ads

    Mobile Marketing Automation

    Tracking and Analytic


  • Mobile Web & Mobile Apps

  • Web Apps are mobile based web pages that look like an App.

    Mobile Web redirect to the use of responsive services from mobile

    devices, such as smartphones or feature phones.

    While your Marketing campaign on mobile should have roots in

    responsive mobile web designs, it should also be nurtured well with

    Mobile Apps.

    Remember that there are lot of targeted users and advertisers are

    ready to cash on your inclusive mobile existence.

  • Location-based Marketing Becomes Stronger

  • Location based targeting helps you to

    target your audience in real time when they

    are actually looking to purchase something in

    your store.

    To make it even more effective, brands and

    advertisers should use SMS marketing, hyper

    local mobile ads, In-app marketing with the

    right content and actionable approach.

  • Content Marketing Finds New Avenues

  • 78% of CMOs think that Custom Content is the future of Marketing.*

    Content marketing has become the most essential part of strategic

    marketing which is being leveraged by Markets from quite sometime.

    Mobile Marketing provides a really big platform to create and

    distribute valuable content to specific target audience.

    *Source: WebDAM

  • From micro-blogs on Twitter to mobile videos and video ads as well

    as the high-quality local ads, content is being published on mobile

    in some of the most delightful, informative and interactive ways than


    If you are good at adding quality and value to mobile content, you

    are surely on the way to capture more attention than your


  • Mobile Ads Turn Interactive

  • Mobile Marketing was never the same since

    the time Mobile ads were introduced.

    Mobile App install ads only accounted for

    $4.6B of all revenue in 2015.

    Marketing management becomes far easy if

    you are able to record on-the- spot reply from

    your targets and thats where Mobile ads play

    a big role.

    Ads that display information on tapping or

    swiping, rather than impose the users to click,

    are sure to gain more attention.

  • Making Sense Out of Behavioral Data

  • People spend 51% of their digital time on mobile as compared to

    desktop (42%) in the US.*

    The more time people are spending on their mobile devices, more

    data is being collected by app and mobile website users.

    This data helps mobile ad publishers to categorize mobile users into

    different buckets like arts and entertainment, finance and business,

    sports, leisure etc.

    *Source: smartinsights

  • Each of the user goals act in a certain manner and leaves behind a

    behaviour trails that advertiser needs to follow.

    Capturing and analyzing user behavioural data from your Websites,

    Blogs, Social Media platforms and any other source should also help

    you to customize your mobile marketing strategy and make it more

    appropriate for the potential users.

  • Mobile Marketing Automation

  • Based on your users activities and behaviour, mobile marketing

    automation tools helps Marketers like you to create custom user

    profiles. This can further be used to send customized offers and text


    Marketing automation creates more sense in the mobile world as

    it helps brands and marketers to create a users progressive profile

    and engage with them one to one that too real time.

  • Mobile Customer Service is Unavoidable

  • Your mobile users are not stationery and they wish for the mobile-

    specific users support and service.

    Mobile Apps are contributing hugely in this direction, creating

    valuable relation between the users and the service executive.

    It decrease the time and efforts and wipes out the traditional

    customer service difficulty.

  • Tracking and Analytics

  • Tracking and measuring any marketing campaign is crucial and also

    really important for campaign performance enhancement and


    Digital marketing has its own USP of proving Marketing ROI with real

    time analytics and insights. Mobile Marketing has proved to be one of

    the best advertising media in the year 2015 as it helps marketers show

    the real worth of marketing.

  • In a nutshell, Year 2015 for Mobile Marketing was more about Content,

    Hyper Local Targeting, Mobile Marketing Automation, Mobile Ads,

    Tracking and Analytics.

    In marketing world, its always about experiment, tracking and


    Keep Marketing, Keep Advertising and in the meanwhile we will bring

    to you the Mobile Marketing Trends That Will Rule Year 2016, only

    on http://www.whizmobi.com/blog/

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