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  1. 1. 100 GlobalGamesSports Activations We have been creating new products and delivering events for over 18 years and as such have racked up a lot of examples. Inspired by a Linked-In post regarding examples of Sports / MatchDay Activations we thought it would be a great opportunity to list some of our favourites. Our clients are far too numerous to mention but we thank each and every one of them and hope we can continue to work together to create many more great examples in the future: 1. Beach Soccer World Cup FanZone Working with our local client we created and delivered the interactive games and activities for a range of individual sponsors to create the FanZone at this Dubai event. 2. 20:20 Cricket Classic World Cup FanZone Across the 10 days of this event in Bermuda we provided the equipment and event management for the FanZone which engaged with fans and 90% of the islands children. 3. Anniversary Games FanZone Working with UK Athletics we created and delivered the interactive Fan Zone at the anniversary games at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in 2013, with a range of activities for fans to try. 4. Weetabix Ultimate Obstacle Course Brand Promotion Working with Weetabixs agency we recreated the Ultimate Obstacle Course from a competition winners mind and also the Giant Hamster ball racing game with staff and activation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0p5XrGoLfo&feature=youtu.be 5. Fanta Can Racing Brand Promotion This bespoke racing track was built to house the motorised Fanta Cans that we supplied for a series of promotions and roadshows across Ireland.
  2. 2. 6. Coca-Cola / Tesco CashBoxes Brand Promotion This series of 7 Giant Inflatable Cashboxes were designed for a series of promotions for Coca-Cola at Tesco stores. Participants stepped inside the bottle and grabbed as many tokens as possible. 7. The FA / Tesco Skills Roadshow Sports Promotion This roadshow saw us create 3 complete roadshow packages that we took on the road for two months visiting Tesco stores with FA Coaches to engage with kids and families. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vXi8Rg4Ydo 8. McDonalds Coaching The Coaches Sports Promotion Working for many years together we have created the wide range of games and activities used by McDonalds to support their sponsorship of the Coaching the Coaches campaign. 9. Fulham FC LG Phone Launch MatchDay Promotion One of the most effective MatchDay Promotions where 50 t-shirts were launched into the crowd and 4 black ones allowed the winners to go to the front and take home a new phone. 10. Chelsea FC Barbados Tourism MatchDay Promotion Working with Chelsea FC we created a giant on-pitch dribbling challenge with over-sized beach balls for one lucky fan to win a holiday to Barbados.
  3. 3. 11. Liverpool FC Family Park FanZone When Liverpool wanted to build their Family Park we worked together to create this amazing facility - http://www.liverpoolfc.com/travel/first-time-to-anfield/matchday-family-fun 12. Aero BlowZone Brand Promotion In-Store and Promotional challenges came to the fore when their agency wanted Aero to have a fun and eye-catching Token Grab challenge the BlowZone was the answer. 13. Arsenal Halloween FanDay Sports Promotion As part of our regular work with Arsenal and the Junior Gunners we create a range of themed activations for Halloween and Christmas, this is the spooky Chiperoo Urban Activation game. 14. Chelsea FC On-Pitch Fan Day FanZone End of season fan events are fantastic at Chelsea and last years was no exception http://www.chelseafc.com/news/latest-news/2015/05/stamford-bridge-full-of-family- fun.html 15. England vs. Mexico Wembley FanZone Working with a catering company we created a FanZone off Wembley Way for fans heading to the big match. Great weather made it an essential attraction for fans of both teams. 16. British Handball Tour Sports Promotion Pre-Olympics we worked with British Handball to raise the profile of the sport & engage sponsors. Touring Shopping Malls with players & games https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3jkzvnnlJQ 17. BetFair Fan v Fan Sports Promotion When BetFair ran a promotion for the Manchester Derby we used one of our Target Cages with bespoke branding and theming for the Fan v Fan scoring challenge.
  4. 4. 18. Pringles Head to Head Stacking Brand Promotion Creating an In-Store challenge for Pringles we designed and built the head to head stacking challenge with foam Pringles and branded accessories. 19. Human Pinball, Darts & Bingo Ant & Dec Show Gameshow The Win the Ads game on the Ant & Dec show was always a highlight and we created a range of fun games for the contestants including the fun but crazy Human Pinball, Darts and Bingo games. 20. Adidas Light Speed Sprint Challenge Sport Promotion When launching the new light Speed boot Adidas agency approached us and we created this game where players ran on the spot head to head showing their speed on giant power bars. 21. Mizuno Olympic Brand Centre Sport Promotion During the 2012 Olympics we assisted Mizuno with their brand centre activation including football Kick-Point Handball Speed Throw & Shadow Runner Augmented Reality - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0685pZpmJM 22. Corinthians FC Player Signing FanZone With our Brazilian partner we created a complete FanZone experience for Corinthians FC, their launch event was the re-signing of legend Roberto Carlos.
  5. 5. 23. SoccerEX Skills Zone Sport Promotion As part of our long standing relationship with www.soccerex.com we created and ran the Skills Zone in Manchester with a range of Urban Activation skill games and challenges. 24. Stop Smoking Signs Brand Promotion When looking for an eye-catching feature to support the Government non-smoking campaign these giant buttons were used to great effect in a variety of sizes. 25. Camelot Launch Sport Promotion With a major launch event planned in Trafalgar Square we were brought in to create an inflatable Basketball Court as well as Sprint Track and Timer for the community activations. 26. Jacksonville Jaguars Inflatables Sport Promotion With the interest and success of NFL in England growing we have been engaged to create a wide range of games and activities for the Jacksonville Jaguars and NFL. 27. Fanta Apple Splash Adult Ball Pool Brand Promotion Launching a new Fanta product needed something different and the giant, adult sized, ball pool with prizes inside, and a range of external branding was the way forward on this promotion. 28. The Challenge Its a Knockout Qatar Event Activation
  6. 6. When Weill Cornell University wanted to engage hundreds of children from schools in Qatar, Its A Knockout was the only solution - https://www.facebook.com/LegacySportsandEvents/videos/vb.425790787493794/6239170676 81164/?type=3&permPage=1 29. Sao Paulo Favela Football Events Sport Promotion Panna Pitches and Target Cages have been activated across the Sao Paulo Favelas as a government led initiative to engage more of the residents in football. 30. Cadburys Gaelic Football Zone Sport Promotion This enclosed goal target and surround was designed and built for Cadburys for their sponsorship of the Gaelic football league this offered massive branding potential as well as a great attraction. 31. Shell Football Zone, Qatar Sport Promotion For Qatar National Sports Day 2015 we worked with our local partners to create and deliver a range of activations and events for major brands and companies in Doha. 32. Jaguar Energy Drinks Kick-Point @ MCFC Brand Promotion As a one-off promotion we activated our Kick-Point Electronic Goal for Jaguar Energy Drinks in the fantastic Manchester City Fan Plaza with LED Lights and full branding. 33. McCains UK Athletics Roadshow Roadshow Following on from the Norwich Union sponsorship we designed, built and activated the full roadshow structure and activities across the UK - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0OE6ZrsIEI 34. RBS Andy Murray Tennis Event Sport Promotion
  7. 7. To support his sponsorship by RBS we assisted their sponsorship agency with a training event including our Tennis Game Frame and Speed Serve technology for young aspiring players. 35. Pot Noodle Gladiator Ring Brand Promotion As one of our stranger brand promotion enquiries we were asked to create a Gladiator Style inflatable ring with Pugil poles shaped like ingredients we did it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAn8sRDAojs 36. Fulham FC Fan Days FanZone As part of our ongoing portfolio of events and services for Fulham FC we deliver MatchDay Fan Zones in Bishops Park https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwfQh2O_ixA&feature=youtu.be 37. Guinness Premiership Rugby Final FanZone The Rugby Premiership Final is a regular fixture for us and over the years we have created complete FanZones using our own equipment and those supplied to their clubs as well. 38. SportsFanPark Twickenham 7s FanPark We took the plunge and created our very own SportsFanPark at Twickenham to coincide / support the 7s. With a variety of sports and games the whole event was a massive success - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cz90LA2_b4 39. Robinsons Measure-Up Zone Sport Promotion Using Game Frame and bespoke branding we created a sporting Measure-Up Zone for Robinsons in Ireland. Visitors & participants can compare their height and abilities with famous athletes etc. 40. Bolton FC Powerleague Tournament Sport Promotion Using our range of inflatable pitch surrounds we delivered an on-pitch tournament for Barclays at the Reebok Stadium. Pitch, staff and event management created an unforgettable event.
  8. 8. 41. Blackthorn Skills Roadshow FanZone To support Blackthorns sponsorship of West Country rugby and football teams we created a skills FanZone from our rental stock which became a MatchDay fixture across these clubs. 42. Sports-Experience.com Blenheim Horse Trials FanZone In the build-up

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