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Adventures Of Saint Paul

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Vivid full-color illustrations highlight the life of St. Paul in this exciting biography. Adventures of Saint Paul is an engaging, educational, and action-packed novel for young readers that accurately tells the story of this inspiring saint’s life. Encourage children to learn from the best examples—the saints! Perfect for beginner readers, ages 7–9
  • Storms at sea, shipwrecks, dangerous bandits, a daring escape in the dark of night.

    The adventures of Saint Paul have just begun! Travel at his side as he journeys near and far to spread the Good News of Jesus.

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    By Oldrich Selucky

    Illustrated byZdenka Krejcov



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  • Adventures of Saint Paul

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  • By Oldrich Selucky

    Translated by

    Marianne Lorraine Trouv, FSP

    Adapted by

    Christina Miriam Wegendt, FSP

    Illustrated by Zdenka Krejcov


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    P and PAULINE are registered trademarks of the Daughters of St. Paul.

    Copyright 2004, Karmelitnsk nakladatelstvi s.r.o. Kosteln Vydr Czech Republic www.kna.cz

    Published by Pauline Books & Media, 50 Saint Pauls Avenue, Boston, MA 02130-3491.

    Printed in the Korea.


    Pauline Books & Media is the publishing house of the Daughters of St. Paul, an international congregation of women religious serving the Church with the communications media.

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    Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data

    Selucky, Oldrich, 1955- [Pavel, dobrodruh viry. English] Adventures of Saint Paul / by Oldrich Selucky ; translated by Marianne Lorraine Trouv ; adapted by Christina Miriam Wegendt ; illustrated by Zdenka Krejcov. p. cm. ISBN 0-8198-0786-9 (pbk.) 1. Paul, the Apostle, Saint--Juvenile literature. 2. Apostles--Biography--Juvenile literature. I. Wegendt, Christina Miriam, 1979- II. Krejcov, Zdenka. III. Title. BS2506.5.S3913 2008 225.92--dc22 2008012243

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  • Contents

    1. The Tentmakers Son 11

    2. Saul Meets Jesus 15

    3. An Amazing Escape 25

    4. Two Close Calls 33

    5. The Earthquake 41

    6. The Unknown God of Athens 51

    7. Trouble in Ephesus 55

    8. Shipwreck! 63

    9. Pauls Last Adventure 74

    How Do I Say That Word? 84

    How Do I Say That Name? 85

    Prayer to Saint Paul 86

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  • 11


    The Tentmakers Son

    Saul, have you finished your

    chores? the tentmaker asked. He

    walked into the workroom, but it

    was empty.

    Not again! he groaned. Wheres

    that boy gone now? Ill bet I know.

    Leaving his unfinished tent be-

    hind, the man stepped out into the

    bright sunshine. He headed for the

    synagogue in their town of Tarsus.

    This was the Jewish house of

    prayer. It was also the place where

    boys studied the Jewish faith.

    Sauls father wasnt surprised to

    find his son inside. Saul was asking

    his teacher, the rabbi, lots of ques-


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  • 12

    There you are, Saul!

    Saul turned around and saw his

    father. The boy became very quiet.

    Didnt we talk about this already,

    son? First do your chores. Then you

    are free to bother the rabbi with

    your questions.

    Im sorry, Father, Saul replied.

    Its all just so interesting!

    The rabbi laughed. Oh, its no

    problem. But it sounds as if youd

    better head home, Saul.

    The rabbi turned to Sauls father.

    Saul is a smart young man, he

    said. He loves our Jewish faith very

    much. I think hes ready to go to

    school in Jerusalem.

    At the school of Gamaliel, the

    famous rabbi?

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  • 13

    Yes, replied the rabbi. Saul has

    many gifts. One day we may hear

    great things about him.

    Gamaliel was one of the greatest

    Jewish teachers alive. Saul could

    hardly believe his luck! He was able

    to travel to Jerusalem and study

    there for many years. When he

    finished school, Saul, too, became

    a rabbi.

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  • 14

    At around this time, the teaching

    of someone called Jesus began to

    spread. Jesus followers said he had

    risen from the dead. They said he

    was the Son of God. Soon other peo-

    ple began to believe in Jesus, too.

    Saul didnt agree. He thought

    the followers of Jesus were wrong.

    They were confusing people. Saul

    knew that something had to be


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