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    3005 Country Club Road New Bern, NC 28562

    www.spccnb.org (252) 638-1984

    Office: M-F 8:30-4:00pm

    Saint Paul Catholic School

    (252) 633-0100

    Saint Peter the Fisherman Mission Parish in Oriental

    (252) 249-3687

    MASS SCHEDULE Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5:00 pm Sunday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8:00 am, 11:00 am 1:00 pm (Misa en Español) Monday, Tuesday, Thursday . . . . . . 8:00 am Wednesday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9:00 am 6:00 pm Friday . . . . . . . . . . . . 8:00 am at Old St Paul First Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8:00 am Holy Days of Obligation per announcements



    Welcome, New Parishioners!

    Please register with the parish office

    Tuesday, August 15th


    Father Thomas Tully, Pastor

    Father Michael Schuetz, Parochial Vicar

    Deacon Mike Mahoney, ObISB, Parish Deacon Deacon Rick Fisher, Parish Deacon

    Sister Monique Dissen, IHM, Pastoral Associate

    Deacon David Kierski, School Administrator

    The Great Faith of the Canaanite Woman


    Reconcilia on: Thursdays 10:45-11:45am; Saturday 3:30-4:30pm or by appointment Bap sm Classes: First me parents must a end Bap smal Prepara on Classes. Registra on is mandatory. Contact the church office to register. First Communion/Confirma on: Please call 633-3030 Marriages: Contact Parish Office - 6 month advance no ce is required Anoin ng of the Sick: Contact the Office at 638-1984 Funerals: Call 638-4436 or e-mail [email protected]


    First Reading — Thus says the L : “Stand firm in jus ce; do what is right” (Isaiah 56:1, 6-7). Psalm — O God, let all the na ons praise you! (Psalm 67). Second Reading — The gi s and the calling of God are unable to be revoked (Romans 11:13-15, 29-32). Gospel — Jesus told the Canaanite woman of great faith, “It shall be done as you wish” (Ma hew 15:21-28).


    Monday: Jgs 2:11-19; Ps 106:34-44; Mt 19:16-22 Tuesday: Jgs 6:11-24a; Ps 85:9-14; Mt 19:23-30 Wednesday: Jgs 9:6-15; Ps 21:2-7; Mt 20:1-16 Thursday: Rv 21:9b-14; Ps 145:10-18; Jn 1:45-51 Friday: Ru 1:1-22; Ps 146:5-10; Mt 22:34-40 Saturday: Ru 2:1-17; Ps 128:1b-5; Mt 23:1-12


    Sunday: Twen eth Sunday in Ordinary Time Monday: St. Pius X Tuesday: The Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary Wednesday: St. Rose of Lima Thursday: St. Bartholomew Friday: St. Louis; St. Joseph Calasanz Saturday: Blessed Virgin Mary


    Sunday 8/20 9:00AM Olive Branch Gi Store Open ll 1:00PM 8:00AM Mass St Paul Parish Family 9:30AM Chancel Choir Prac ce 10:30AM Chaplet of the Divine Mercy - SJC 11:00AM Mass +Mrs. Timotea D. Valdez 1:00PM Mass +Robert Murphy 2:30PM AAMEN Group – Conference Room 3:00PM Hispanic Prayer Group – FLC3 Monday 8/21 8:00AM Mass +Jack Kra 11:00AM Hand and Foot Card Games - FLC Tuesday 8/22 8:00AM Mass +Angela Puccio 12:00PM One in the Spirit Prayer Group – SJC 1:00PM Prayer Shawl Ministry – FLC3 Wednesday 8/23 9:00AM Olive Branch Gi Store Open ll Noon 9:00AM School Mass 5:00PM Medjugorje Prayer Group – SJC 6:00PM Mass +Nancy and (L)Sandy Stewart 7:00PM Liturgy Commi ee Mee ng – Conference Rm 7:00PM Hispanic Choir Prac ce 7:00PM SPRAA Men’s Open Gym Basketball Thursday 8/24 8:00AM Mass For Eucharis c Devo on 8:35AM Adora on – Church 10:45AM Reconcilia on 11:45AM Benedic on – Church 12:00PM September 3rd Editable Bulle n Items Due 7:30PM Folk Choir Prac ce - Church Friday 8/25 8:00AM Mass (OSP) +W. Edward & Virginia Bracken Saturday 8/26 10:00AM Alvernia Matrimonial – FLC 2 3:30PM Reconcilia on – Church 5:00PM Mass +Eileen & Bill Carolin 5:00PM Spanish Bap sm Class – Conference Room


    Aug. 27th: 8:00AM - Team #2 / 11:00AM - Team #1

    The Parish Calendar and Bulle ns are always available for viewing at www.spccnb.org

    Girl Scout Troop 696 and The Coastal Women’s Shelter would like to thank

    everyone for all of the generous dona ons received during the recent drive. 100% of

    the goods and money that you provided will be used for care packages given directly to the women and

    children at the shelter. Thank you for your con nued support. Blessings from Girl Scouts Liz Kerner,

    Rachel Price and Caroline Lorio


    KATE SMITH CONCERT - October 8th at Orringer Hall

    KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS ANNUAL SHRIMP BOIL October 6th at 5PM Social / 6PM Dinner at K of C Hall

    WEDDING ANNIVERSARY MASS October 8th at 3PM at Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral, Raleigh

    NEW BERN DEANERY MASS October 9th at 2PM at Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral, Raleigh

    Look for more informa on in future bulle ns!


    Do you have a copy? “Catechism of the Catholic Church” is very popular! It draws on the Bible, the Mass, the Sacraments, Church tradi on and teaching, and the lives of the saints. Includes a complete index, footnotes and cross-references for a fuller understanding of every subject. It offers answers to those interested in learning about the mystery of the Catholic faith. Get yours today! WE NEED YOU - PLEASE VOLUNTEER WITH US! Open Sun. 9–1 & Wed. 9–12 in the Family Life Center. All proceeds benefit St. Paul Catholic Church.

  • PASTOR’S CORNER August 20, 2017 Dear Friends at Saint Paul: Scribe Volunteer: The Pastoral Council meets monthly to advise the Pastor on all affairs concerning the parish. The Council is seeking another person with secretarial and administra ve experience to act as recording secretary. Du es include the following: taking minutes at each mee ng, distribu ng proposed minutes via email to the Council members, preparing a monthly bulle n report regarding agenda and ac ons of the Council, and other related tasks as needed and requested by the Pastor. The volunteer will not par cipate in Council discussions or votes. The new volunteer will be working with our current “scribe” as a partner to share the work. The Council meets at 7 pm on the first Wednesday of each month following the 6:00 pm Mass. Thank you for your considera on. If you are interested, please email Fr Tully at [email protected] Need I say it...? “Tag, you're it!” Food Baskets: Please take no ce of the new “Food Baskets” on display in the Narthex (gathering area of the church) for your food dona ons. The Liturgy Commi ee and the Pastoral Council have been seeking greater par cipa on in the dona ons of non-perishable foods. As Christ nourishes us, we offer food to the hungry. Dona ons here at Saint Paul are collected by Religious Community Services (RCS) for use in their Food Pantry and Shelter. Occasionally, we are also able to meet emergency needs of individual families as well. You can bring any dona ons of non-perishable foods which have not yet reached their expira on date and place these items in the food baskets. These baskets replace the floor of the side hallway that we have been using. For food dona ons each month: “Tag, you're it!” Bus for Mass on Monday, October 9, 2017: The Deanery Mass in celebra on of our new Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral will take place on Monday, October 9, 2017, a school holiday which is also honored by many businesses. All of the parishes in this area – our Deanery – Morehead City to Jacksonville to New Bern, plus Washington and Swansboro and Oriental and Havelock – are invited to par cipate in this special opportunity to share the joy of the Diocese in the Dedica on of the new Cathedral. The parish will be sponsoring a Saint Paul bus for $30.00 each seat to make the trip more convenient and enjoyable for you. The Mass will begin at 12 Noon and the bus trip will extend from 8am to 6pm, including all travel me and plenty of me for touring the Cathedral. Details for lunch are s ll being arranged. Please let us know your interest in the bus as soon as possible. Call the Church office for JEAN EDWARDS 252-638-1984 or email her at [email protected] Sea ng is limited! The Ministry of Mass Cards: The dedicated inten on of the Mass in the prayers of the priest is a me-honored and reverent way of par cipa ng in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the graces and benefits of each Mass. Mass Cards are the way we let others know of a request to the priest for these Special Inten ons. A Mass Card is a gree ng card that you give to someone to let them know that they or a loved one, will be remembered and prayed for during the Mass. Many of you have received a Mass Card for the passing of a loved one, and many of you have given them to friends when someone they love has died. It is a very special gi to give-the gi of hope and God’s promise of eternal life at a me of great sorrow. While this is the experience that many of us have with Mass Cards, it is important to remember that Mass Cards for the Living are also a vital part of this blessed tradi on. Mass inten ons can be requested for almost any occasion and are a way to reach out and touch someone with the gi of our Catholic faith: So, the next me you are thinking about buying a gree ng card for: -Happy occasions such as Birthdays and Gradua ons -Joyous days such as Bap sms, Weddings, and Anniversaries -General inten ons for good health and happiness -Painful mes such as physical illness or emo onal suffering -Difficult mes when comfort and support are needed -Sympathy when a friend or loved one experiences a loss Remember that there is no be er gi to give of God’s love and compassion than uni ng our prayers to the gi of Jesus Christ to the Heavenly Father as celebrated in the Sacrifice of the Mass. Stop by the parish office (Monday-Friday, 8:30am to 4pm) where we keep a variety of Mass Cards on hand. You can call 252-638-1984 for more informa on or to make arrangements.

  • The young adults of our parish are hos ng a young families pot luck social on September 8th. The potluck social will be held in the Family Life Center from 6-9pm. The social is open to young adult couples and their families as well as single young adults; for this event, young adults are considered between the ages of 18-39. Please bring food to share, a friend, and yard games. Any ques ons, contact Caroline Edwards at 252-474-5130.

    Our 2017-18 RCIA program

    will begin Sunday,

    September 10 at 9:30am in the

    FLC Rm 2.

    The journey of faith takes each of us in different

    direc ons at different mes of our life. If you know someone who may be

    interested in becoming Catholic or know a bap zed Catholic who was never

    confirmed in our faith, please share this informa on with them.

    There is NO commitment to come and see if this program is right for you. Our sessions run from 9:30am un l 10:30 am

    each Sunday morning.

    These are informal sessions and we encourage open and interac ve


    Please contact Bryan Brown at 633-4667, Marcie McLure at

    633-2539 or the church office for further informa on or to sign up.

    Saint Paul Catholic Church has a team to

    walk in the Annual Crop

    Hunger Walk!

    Sunday, September 24th from 3:00PM to 5:00PM

    The AAMEN Group has spear headed this wonderful endeavor and invites all

    parishioners to walk together.

    Please contact the church office 252-638-1984 or email

    [email protected] to be part of this team or to get more informa on.

    Let's show New Bern what Saint Paul can do to stop Hunger!

    Monetary dona ons are needed for each walker as well.

    Twen eth Sunday in Ordinary Time A Clever Woman of Faith

    Why is Jesus being so difficult with the Canaanite woman? At first, He seems to be pu ng her off.

    He does this not to discourage her, but to draw a response of faith. He wants to see how persistent she is in her request. We can tell ourselves that we are people of faith, but how

    easily are we discouraged? Do we think God has forgo en us when we experience trouble? The woman’s clever reply to Jesus reminds us that she trusted in Jesus’

    power and willingness to help. She refused to give up and stop asking.

    Jesus was also teaching his disciples that faith is more important than na onality. Long a er Jesus’ Resurrec on, the church struggled with the ques on of non-Jewish believers. Today, we may be doing the same thing in reverse. Some people think that only Catholics can be saved and that there is no hope for Protestants, much less for

    Jews. But though some rejected Jesus, God never rejected the Jews. Finally, Jesus responded to her persistence. He shows us that we can keep praying ll we get an answer to our prayer. The more me we spend in prayer, the more likely

    we are to listen to God’s answer. Prayer can help us come to the peaceful acceptance that God only does what is best for us.

    Tom Schmidt, Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.


    Historians remember St. Rose of Lima for her piety and chas ty. Born in 1586 in Lima, Peru, she was excep onally beau ful. Her beauty was so great that she was nicknamed "Rose," a name that remains with her to this day. According to legend, a servant had a vision where her face turned into a rose. At her confirma on in 1597, she officially took the name of Rose.

    From an early age, Rose wanted to become a nun. She performed daily adora on of the Blessed Sacrament and took daily communion. As a young woman, her beauty began to a ract suitors. To deter these men, St. Rose marred her face, rubbing it with pepper to make it blister and cropped her hair short.

    Her parents opposed her plan to take a vow of chas ty but her father eventually relented and gave her a room to herself. St. Rose kept herself cloistered in her room, spending long periods in prayer. It was said she slept only two hours per night so as to have more me for prayer. She quit ea ng meat altogether, an extreme dietary restric on for that me.

    St. Rose joined the Third Order of St. Dominic when she turned 20 and con nued a life of extreme prayer, fas ng and penance. On one occasion, she burned her hands as a self-imposed act of penance. She was known to wear a heavy silver crown, with spikes that could pierce her flesh. The spikes reminded her of the Crown of Thorns. At one point, one of the spikes become so lodged in her skull that the crown was removed with great difficulty.

    St. Rose died in on August 25, 1617, at the age of 31. According to legend, she accurately predicted the date of her death. Her feast day is August 23 around the world, although some countries, like Peru, celebrate her on August 30. St. Rose is the patroness of embroiderers, gardeners, florists, those who suffer ridicule for their piety, and people who suffer family problems.

    h p://www.catholic.org/saints/saint.php?saint_id=446


    Campus Ministers at the universi es served by the Diocese are preparing for the arrival of new Catholic undergraduate students. Research, and pastoral experience, shows that if we can connect

    a student with campus ministry as they are making other first connec ons in their university, that person is more likely to

    par cipate in the life of the Catholic faith community at their university.

    This is where you can help. The Campus Ministry office at the Diocese has prepared a simple online form that collects a student’s name, email address, university name,

    and home parish. The form can be accessed using this link: h ps:// nyurl.com/raleighcampusministry

    We will try to reach out to your college student! Please let us know.

    Well .. We don’t have the app yet, but our own Saint Paul App is wri en and wai ng!

    Are you able to help move our Parish into the 21st century? We need an “app boss” or two!

    Training will be provided, me commitment is minimal and upda ng the app can be done from

    home! Call the church office for more informa on:



    “Because hunger doesn’t take the weekend off!” School bells will soon be ringing so it is me for the first CarolinaEast Health System

    Backpack Blessing Build for the 2017-2018 school year. We plan to pack 4,000 food kits!This event will be held at Garber United Methodist

    Church - Friday, September 1st, 2:00 – 4:00 pm It takes a lot of hands, hearts and comfortable shoes to make each build successful. Want to help? You can bring your family! This is a wonderful opportunity to earn community service hours and enjoy the gra fica on that comes with figh ng weekend

    hunger experienced by too many of our young neighbors. We're using SignUp.com (the leading online SignUp and reminder tool) to organize our upcoming SignUps.

    Here's how it works in 3 easy steps: 1) Click this link to see our SignUp on SignUp.com: h p://signup.com/go/MPPfqDB 2) Review the op ons listed and choose the spot(s) you like. 3) Sign up is easy - you will NOT need to register an account or keep a password

    on SignUp.com. Note: SignUp.com does not share your email address with anyone. Or, contact Deacon Rick Fisher ([email protected]) to sign up manually.

    Live Stream Aug. 29th at 2:00PM



    Need for Catechists and Aides As we approach the beginning of our Faith Forma on Year together, we are asking for volunteers to help as Catechists and Aides. At the present me, we need catechists and aides for Grades two, three and sixth and seventh. Please pray that you or others in our church community will be prompted by the Holy Spirit to volunteer to serve in this most important ministry. Our goal is to have teams of catechists in order to work with everyone’s schedules. Please contact Joy Harsen at 252-229-2394 with ques ons and/or to volunteer.

    Registra on for 2017-2018 Faith Forma on Registra on forms are at the four entrances to the church. If your child(ren) were in the Faith Forma on Program last year, you will receive revised registra on forms for this year in the mail. If you are new to the parish or have new children to enroll, please take the necessary forms and complete them. All forms, whether updated or new are to be turned into the church office with the appropriate registra on fees. If the combined fees for your family are prohibi ve, please contact Joy Harsen at 252-229-2394. We can work out these issues so that all children are part of our program.

    ‘Catholic, eh?”

  • GRIEVING GROUP Know that we are praying with you as you grieve the loss of your loved one. We are here for you and invite you to our

    Autumn Grieving Group. September 12th - October 17th. (6 Sessions on Tuesdays) Saint Joseph Chapel from 10:00 to 11:30AM If anyone is

    seeking individual sessions, we can make that possible. To register call Irene Swanteson (Third Order Dominican) 252-638-9306. Facilitator:

    Sister Monique Dissen, I.H.M. Pastoral Associate / Adjunct Chaplain

    We are blessed by your presence here today.

    For more informa on about our vibrant parish, contact the church office

    (252-638-1984) or visit our website: www.spccnb.org

    GOD’S WORD FOR KIDS - Twen eth Sunday in Ordinary Time The Faith of the Canaanite Woman Ma hew 15:21-28

    Jesus told the Canaanite woman of great faith, “It shall be done as you wish”.

    Are you missing a key with blue cover with an

    ornament a ached?

    Also found is a Nissan key fob with an

    ornament a ached.

    Call the church office to iden fy.


    Victory Begins in the Mind. It is the power of the Holy Spirit working

    through the Word of God that brings victory into our lives! We must strive to

    follow God and his Word. If not, we may never experience victory. Read

    Romans 12:2  Never forget this: Your mind plays an important role in your

    victory. Join us every Sunday at 10:30 in the Chapel for the Chaplet and we can pray for your inten ons. Where 2 or

    more gather in the Name of Jesus--- he is there---answering our prayers!!

    School has started and we are off to an exci ng year. It was a blessing to see so many smiles and hear the excitement in the

    voices of our students as they filled the building, finding old friends, making new ones and ge ng used to their rou nes.

    The school staff, our Home and School Associa on, and many volunteers have been working to provide ac vi es and opportuni es for our students and families this coming year. If you were at the Open House, you had an opportunity to sign up to help with the ac vi es we have scheduled so far. If you haven’t signed up yet, please do, as we have a busy line up for the fall and many hands

    are needed. Working alongside your fellow parents, grandparents, and parishioners is a great way to get to know one another.

    Please review the list below, pick the events for which you would like to volunteer, and contact the individuals listed or sign up through SchoolSpeak. Even if you don’t think you have a talent or skill to offer, we can find the perfect spot for everyone.

    Friday, August 25: End-of-Summer Family Cook Out In addi on to barbeque from Moore’s and hot dogs, a endees are asked to bring side dishes. Please check the flyer in your child’s backpack this week for details on sides. Details will also be sent out via SchoolSpeak. Volunteers are needed to assist with se ng up, serving, and cleaning up. Contact is Megan Urban at [email protected]

    Saturday and Sunday, September 9 and 10: MS Bike Ride Saint Paul Catholic School is sponsoring a water sta on for cyclists. Parents, this is a great opportunity to volunteer with your Upper School student. Contact is Charissa Sforza at [email protected] or 703.380.7329.

    Friday, October 20: Fall Fes val and Stew, Brew and Chili Too! This big event is our fall fundraiser, and we need your help to make it the success we are planning. We have lots of ac vi es, including games, bounce houses, a hayride, and our 4th Annual Chili Cook-off in the Family Life Center. This ac on-packed evening needs lots of volunteers. Contact is Alex Fuduz at [email protected]

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