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eTapestry Session for Tennesee Nonprofits

Date post:04-Jul-2015
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  • 1. Embracing technology as a nonprofit :
    Dial in Number: 866.410.7442
    Conference code: 497 865 6669

2. Internet marketing and online fundraising trends
An integrated SaaS fundraising solution
Website Solutions by eTapestry
Website Trends
Take Action!
3. What Matters In The Online Space?
Online is Thriving
First Impressions Count
Email Is Alive and Well
Social - Everybodys Doing It
Multichannel Giving Is Hot
Mobile - Get on the Move
4. The World Is Moving Online
79% of American adults use the Internet.
5. The Blackbaud Index of Online Giving reports-
online revenue increased by16.2 percent for the 3 months ending 2010
as compared to the same period in 2009.
6. 60% of donors visit a non-profits website before giving.
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/
7. Social Media Isnt a Fad, Its a revolution
Facebook has over 600 Million users and half of them log in each day. Over 30 Billion pieces of content are shared monthly.
8. Its all about Connecting
These little guys are growing up with it.
Those 45-65 showed the strongest growth in 2010
Gen I
9. Donor DatabaseeCommerce Advanced EmailWebsite
10. Lets take a look- The Donors View
11. Your website the first place a potential donor will go
12. 13. 14. The view from the non profit(demo)
15. eCommerce for online donations
16. Cart for online registration, item sales, volunteer sign-up etc
17. Personal Fundraising
18. eMail and Hard Copy Communication all in one
20. Multichannel is HOT !
Median revenue/donor: $339
First year retention: 51%
30% for offline donors
22% for online donors
Compared to $88 for offline
Compared to $170 for online
Multi-year donors retained: 75%
59% for offline donors
52% for online donors
21. Single Channel is not
First Year Retention is 29.3% for single channel donors
22. 280,000,000+
websites on the internet
1,500,000+non-profit organizations in the US
non-profit websites in the US
23. eTapestry has built over 300 websites and currently is hosting more than 400
Our website portfolio provides a flexible, easy to use and maintain platform that does not require a backend data base purchase, and we offer immediate implementation times
CMS Website Templates:
24. CMS Template websites
25. Custom Designed Content management system (cms)
26. First Impressions Matter
It takes less than 3 seconds to evaluate another person based on their appearance, body language, demeanor, mannerisms and dress.
27. Visitors will decide to stay or leave your website in 4 seconds or less.
It continues to shrink.
28. First impressions Matter
Websites MUST Be Appealing & Engaging
Capture a visitors interest immediately
When a visitor scans the page they know what the Non-profit is about.
Easy-to-understand navigation and overall design.
Pages load quickly
Most eye-catching elements to load first and near the top of the page.
29. Who we have helped
30. You need an integrated online and offline solution
You need to move beyond business as usual
You need to drive results
You need greater efficiencies
You need increased productivity
You need greater reporting
6 Reasons You Need an integrated Software Solution
Everyones Doing It
31. Whats next?
eTapestry can partner with yournonprofit organization to provide youwith an integrated solution including:
Personal Fundraising
Shopping Cart
And much more!
Contact us for a free personal needs analysis

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