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Top 3 digital marketing trends for 2013

Date post:28-Dec-2014
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On a beaucoup parlé de nouvelles tendances Web pour 2013, voici le TOP 3 des tendances que l'on ne peut pas ignorer pour cette nouvelle année ! Plus d'informations: http://bit.ly/WPSQLv
  • 2. Housekeeping Items All lines are muted Submit questions via dashboard Q&A session at end
  • 3. The Presenter 1998 built my first website 2006 started SEO By 2010 had done over 15 workshops and 100 online webinars Today: Provide digital marketing strategies to businesses such as Corona, WONDER bread, Sunsweet, Atkins, Scotia Bank,
  • 4. 2013 Trends 1 3Social Search Mobile The New SEO Hijack Traffic 2 Facebook Envy
  • 5. Keyword Phrase Paid Search Organic (SEO)
  • 6. Social Search
  • 7. The Google Jungle
  • 8. A Look Back April 24, 2012 - Penguin Update Google targetting sitesJan 19 2012 Content that were violating their November 5, 2012 Below Fold policies - speficially sites Google Panda acquring backlinks fromAffects 1% of searches sites that have negative Update #21For sites that have ads/banners signals (SPAM sites) First update Feb 24, 2011 March 2012 - Over October 9, 2012 Optimization Penalty Page Layout #2 Sites that have many Another update to sites artificial keywords not that have too many ads useful for the reader were above the fold targetted Also sites that had too much manipulation in general (ex. excessive amounts of no follow tags)
  • 9. Google+
  • 10. Google+ Create an account on Google + (Business Page) Populate it with your keywords Grow your circle of fans +1 = Facebook Like Publish your postings on Google Plus
  • 11. For 2013.
  • 12. Facebook Envy
  • 13. Facebook Envy
  • 14. 80% of fansDid you know will NEVER visit back apage once theyve liked you
  • 15. Do You Engage?Its more about engagementAverage number of fans that see a post Average number of fans that interact 16% 6%
  • 16. Facebook Strategy
  • 17. Meet Bob
  • 18. Meet Mary
  • 19. Facebook Envy
  • 20. Edge Rank 2 Comments 48 Comments 20 Comments! It is important to post engaging 104 Comments content that either gets LIKES, SHARES or COMMENTS.
  • 21. Weight Watchers! Weight Watchers is posting questions on their page that is helping to increase their score on Facebook
  • 22. Build Engagement1. Use Pictures (or videos) have higher engagement (180%)2. Keep posts short (100 characters or less)3. Post at ideal time for your fans Time 1:00 pm 4:00 pm Mon-Wed engagement lower Thurs-Friday engagement highest Use EdgeRank Checker Pro (tells you when you can post again)4. At the end of posts ask users to like or comment on the status5. Ask questions. Use the poll feature.6. Have fun. Post pictures and ask fans to leave the best caption. Or write content with fill in the blanks. Anything that will get users to participate7. Pin your interesting posts.8. Check your Facebook Insights
  • 23. MobileHijacking Your Competitors Traffic
  • 24. Desktop vs Mobile
  • 25. MobileLess than 1% of all the websites online are Mobile Friendly
  • 26. MobileKeyword Phrase Select Country and Language Select Mobile
  • 27. Mobile
  • 28. Mobile By default advertisersare OPTEN INTO mobile ads
  • 29. Lets Recap 2012 RAM. All rights reserved.
  • 30. 2013 Trends 1 3Social Search Mobile The New SEO Hijack Traffic 2 Facebook Envy
  • 31. Tools1. EdgeRank Checker Pro2. Google Keyword Tool3. Mobilizer
  • 33. Thanks For Attending SURVEY: Let us know how you like the webinar DOWNLOAD: Webinar Executive Summary http://www.getwsipowered.com/2013OnlineTrends CONTACT: Your WSI Consultant with any questions WISHING YOU A SUCCESSFUL 2013! 2012 RAM. All rights reserved.
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