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Top 6 digital marketing trends for 2017

Date post:08-Feb-2017
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Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends For 2017

Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends For 2017

Here are some of the top Digital Marketing trends to take into account in the next year and beyond.New age organizations cannot even think about promoting and selling their products and services without digital marketing. Large, medium and small companies have seen a lot of traction with this mode of marketing in 2016 and the trend will very well continue into 2017 as well.

Trend 1: Use the power of the Good ContentIn Digital Marketing content is one of the most important aspects. By writing a well-defined and user-friendly and quality content and building a solid content marketing strategy, you can make your competition one step ahead of your competitors.

Trend 2: Social Media is a great platformGaining good traffic in different social networking sites i.e. LinkedIn, Google plus, Twitter, YouTube etc., helps to get rank in different search engine sites. The scope and ability to engage the audience have made social media a highly sought after digital marketing tool. Although people demand social media as a channel for more mediated experiences, in 2017 social media will not only increase traffic for marketers but will also provide opportunities to improve conversion rates.

Trend 3: The mobile technology is the new digital era.In the modern age of the Digital world, mobile has a mobile technology has forever changed how consumers shop, indulge and fascinate information. Vendors will focus on further narrowing the gap between PCs and phones. Building brilliant mobile UX and seamless experience through devices will be the key trick, which will help more mobile clients driven to convert without switching to the desktop.Mobile optimization will be a top priority for digital marketers by 2017.

Trend 4: wearable technology and smart devices are in the boomThe wearable technology market and the smart device market are growing rapidly. Wearables arise in many forms, it can be watched like wristbands that work like GPS devices or can be helmets that cover the employee's field of vision with valuable information. This will create new opportunities for digital marketing, including smarter and more robust customer data collection and greater understanding of user interaction, narrowing the line between "online" marketing and "real" marketing.

Trend 5: Internet of Things (IoT) in marketing applicationsIoT is one of the most important marketing technology applications in recent years, but it is of more relevance to device manufacturers and retailers, making it relatively high in this ranking of priorities. IoT is a crucial digital marketing tool as it generates a lot of precise high-quality data. It also records transaction details and customer preferences. It clearly shows that in 2017 it will be instrumental in online marketing.

Trend 6: Online video ads add a plus point

Online video advertising is nothing new; retailers have been banking on some form of online video content at present. Simply by combining this trend with the new technique like shoppable video and personal online video, vendors will drive even more growth back in ahead.


These trends indicate that marketers cannot do away with digital marketing at any cost and over time will increase in value. Marketing strategies can be modified, but it is definitely here to stay for a long time.

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