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4 Email Design Trends

Date post:28-Jul-2015
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1. EMAIL DESIGN 4StyleTrends 2. FASHION-EDITORIAL- INSPIRED1 3. Image-centric Resembles fashionspread (Breaksgridsystem) STYLE TRAITS: 4. WORDPRESS-THEME INSPIRED2 5. Prominent GridSystem Full-width headers and dividers STYLE TRAITS: 6. BLOG-INSPIRED NEWSLETTER STYLE3 7. Typographyis designed foreasyreading Resembles blog entry within the email STYLE TRAITS: 8. E-COMMERCE LIFESTYLE STORE4 9. EASILYSHOPvia the email Manyproducts as baits STYLE TRAITS: 10. KRISTINE LI www.petito.sg [email protected] Chief Designer @ Petit-o!

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