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Date post:22-Jul-2020
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  • Giving a hand to oral health.

    Charisma® Diamond Charisma® Opal Charisma® Opal Flow Discover the creation of natural beauty.

  • We commit our new formula of beauty and durability to you.

    The Charisma success story has turned over a new leaf: Charisma Diamond expands the boundaries of aesthetics, quality and performance. After five years of research, we are proud to present this nanohybrid composite. Thanks to its innovative formula, Charisma Diamond provides all the exceptional properties you expect from such an aesthetic state-of-the-art composite.

    The new Charisma® Diamond – Welcome to the next dimension of natural beauty.

  • Charisma® Diamond – Your assets at a glance.

    ■ The Charisma Diamond chemistry: A patented matrix and newly developed nanohybrid filler system result in improved aesthetics, durability and handling. This means minimum shrinkage and shrinkage stress, a very smooth surface, high resilience and optimised surface hardness.

    ■ The Charisma Diamond versatility: This is how you create beautiful restorations. Charisma Diamond adapts to the colour of the surrounding tooth structure for an outstandingly natural look. What’s more, the Charisma Diamond layering technique is a distinct aesthetic advantage and ensures virtually undetect- able restorative margins. You easily achieve very good results with the single-shade technique for simple cases and first and foremost excellent results using the multi-layer technique.

    ■ The Charisma Diamond workability: Charisma Diamond comes with uncompromising capabilities even for the most challenging restorations. It offers minimal stickiness and improved efficiency during sculpting. It also provides an extended working time even under operating light illumination. To top it all off, ultrafine filler particles create a polish that is comparable to natural enamel. Our innovative formula delivers all the ingredients for an outstandingly natural look.

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    Charisma Diamond

    Filtek Silorane

    Tetric EvoCeram

    Filtek Supreme XT

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    Welcome to the Charisma® Diamond concept.

    Benefit from the Charisma® Diamond chemistry.

    ■ The molecular structure of Charisma Diamond combines extremely high strength with minimal shrinkage stress, resulting in excellent handling characteristics.

    ■ Its flexural strength makes it resistant against mastication forces. This high resistance is a key factor to create long-lasting restorations.

    ■ Due to its low shrinkage stress, the marginal integrity is improved thus protecting against discolouration and secondary caries.

    ■ Charisma Diamond surpasses the competition, while it is fully compatible with all methacrylate-based bonding materials and techniques.

    Special low-shrinkage crosslinker monomer

    Structure principle of low-shrinkage monomers

    Rigid core structure – prevention of vibration movement to achieve a higher packing density of molecules for low-shrinkage behaviour

    Side chains – optimised size for improved elasticity and reduced shrinkage stress for reduced marginal gap formation

    Urethane structure – generation of improved crosslinker reactivity for higher double-bond conversion causing increased mechanical performance and improved biocompatibility

    Extremely high durability combined with minimal shrinkage stress

    Excellent mechanical characteristics

    Source: Heraeus Kulzer F&E, Wehrheim, Germany. Unpublished data. Documentation available.

    Shrinkage stress in MPa Flexural strength in MPa

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    Benefit from the Charisma® Diamond versatility and workability.

    ■ Charisma Diamond has superior colour adaptation properties. The use of nanoparticles allows perfect colour adaptation, ease of polish and an extremely high, long-lasting shine – for an outstandingly natural look.

    ■ Applying the Charisma Diamond layering technique provides perfect aesthetic advantages. Replicate nature with a selection of 21 shades in 3 opacities that mimic tooth anatomy – the way nature intended.

    ■ With Charisma Diamond you achieve virtually undetectable restorative margins due to the ideal refractive index of fillers and matrix.

    Charisma Diamond automatically adapts to the colour of the surrounding tooth and its structure leading to a completely natural-looking restoration.

    Source: Professor Ernst CP, University of Mainz, Germany.

  • Charisma® Opal – Welcome to the simplicity of natural restorations.

    Beauty is so easy to achieve.

    Easy handling, reliability and natural aesthetics are what you expect from the Charisma brand. Charisma Opal enables the creation of beautiful, invisible restorations in an even simpler and more usable manner. With its intrinsic colour characteristics mimicking natural tooth substance and its comprehensible shade system, Charisma Opal fulfils all wishes to provide your patients with the best treatments possible – in the least time possible.

    You can handle Charisma Opal easily. But you won’t want to go without it quite so easily.

    Charisma Opal – your assets at a glance

    ■ You easily achieve beauty: Charisma Opal provides natural fluorescence and opalescence effects as well as optimised opacities for naturally beautiful restorations. With Charisma Opal naturality and beauty are ready to hand.

    ■ You easily match the shades: You profit from a compact shade system with 14 shades for every indication. And Charisma Opal provides a 2-layer shade guide which is hand-layered and made of original material to determine the right colour for a filling. Shade matching has never been this easy and accurate.

    ■ You easily rely on its balanced attributes: The development of Charisma Opal is based on our long-term experience with Charisma. According to numerous research studies worldwide on the Charisma chemistry, Charisma Opal covers all demands of a universal composite system as it combines natural aesthetics and polishability with equilibrated physical properties.

    Source: Clinical pictures – Dr Holzemeier M, Würzburg, Germany.

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    Spectrum TPHTetricFiltek Supreme XT Charisma Opal

    Welcome to the Charisma® Opal concept.

    Benefit from the Charisma Opal technology

    Charisma Opal is the universal light-curing submicron-hybrid composite. Its filler technology is based on X-ray opaque Micro glass® and highly dispersive silicon dioxide. This not only provides Charisma Opal with pronounced chameleon effects but also with high radiopacity.

    Benefit from the Charisma Opal gloss

    Charisma Opal showed the lowest average surface roughness of all tested materials. It is easy to polish which leads to high-gloss polishing as well as low plaque accumulation.

    Polishability of 4 composites with different polishing systems

    Source: Fraunhofer-Institut IWM, Freiburg, Germany. Unpublished. Data on file.

  • Charisma® Opal – The simplicity of natural beauty.

    Benefit from the recreation of natural colour and beauty.

    Tooth colour is not only represented by hue, value and saturation. It is a complex composition of several dimensions such as translucency, opalescence and fluorescence. For a restoration to look natural, the restorative material has to exhibit all dimensions of colour.

    Charisma Opal’s intrinsic characteristics reproduce the tooth colour of the patient’s surrounding dental substance taking these dimensions into account. There is no need to invest a lot of time to achieve high aesthetics any more – Charisma Opal does it for you!

    Opalescence When light penetrates dental enamel, diffusion and refrac- tion occur. Charisma Opal’s special filler technology shows this opalescent effect giving each restoration the desired natural touch.

    Translucency Translucency in dental enamel is higher than the one shown in dentine. Charisma Opal offers opaque dentine shades and semi- translucent enamel shades to mimic these characteristics.

    Fluorescence By using fluorescing pig- ments in Charisma Opal, ultraviolet light shows a white fluorescence. Recon- structions can be produced with characteristics almost matching natural teeth.

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    x-Flow Filtek Supreme XT Flow

    Tetric EvoFlow Charisma Opal Flow

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    Charisma® Opal Flow – The comfort fl ow for all applications.

    Safety and strength combined.

    Charisma Opal Flow is the ideal completion of the Charisma brand. Because of its very good controllable

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