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AIESEC Mexico 2014-2015
  • Simplicity, experience, growth

  • Katarzyna Kuchnowska

    Place & Date of Birth:

    Puck, 28.10.1990

    Current role in AIESEC


    Nationality: Polish



    Skype: katekuchnowska

    Email: [email protected]

    Academic background

    University of Warsaw, POLAND

    Oct 2012 / now Urban planning, Master Oct 2009 / Oct 2012 Journalism, Bachelor Oct 2009 / June 2012 Law, Local Government and Regional Policy, Bachelor


    Polish Native English Excellent German Basic Spanish in progress

    AIESEC experience

    II.2010 X.2010 iGCDP member

    LC UW

    Raising 4 TNs and

    delivery of them.

    X.2010 V.2011 iGCDP coordinator

    LC UW

    Creating NGO project

    with 10 realizations

    V.2011 V.2012 LCVP OGX, LC UW

    Working with 17 members OGX department

    on realizing 89 exchanges.

    IV.2012 V.2012 MC OGX CEED, United States

    Virtual team management to drive 27%

    growth during summer recruitment.

    VI.2012 VI.2013 MC oGCDP Manager, Poland

    Establishing brand new products in oGCDP

    and creating recruitment based on Global

    Citizen. Creation of platform for customer

    service to ensure matching growth (54%).


    MC iGCDP CEED, Tanzania

    Providing education about iGCDP for VPs.

    Creating and executing agenda for National

    Induction Seminar and providing training at

    East Africa Pioneer Conference.

    VII.2013 - now

    MC VP oGIP, Mexico

    Creation of segments in oGIP. Implementing

    cluster coaching and establishing

    partnerships with Brazil, Colombia, India,

    Poland and China.

  • Conferences


    June 2013, GIP Summit, Bogota, Colombia


    September 2012, AutCo, Poland,


    November, 2012, National Induction

    Seminar, Tanzania, AGENDA MANAGER

    November 2012, 6th East African Pioneers

    Conference, Zanzibar, Tanzania

    January, 2013, NatCo, Poland

    March, 2013, MuliTo, Poland

    April 2013, GCDP Summit, Poland

    July 2013, Everest , Mexico

    October 2013, Apolo, Mexico



    Being responsible, as MCVP oGCDP, for Global Citizen

    creation in Poland gave me an unique chance to prove

    myself I am able to drive change in whole organization.

    Strategy based on shortening processes and providing IT

    tools brought result: 54% of growth in matching!


    I had an opportunity to lead several teams in my AIESEC

    path. The most impactful one was being team leader for

    NGO project (iGCDP). Not only, did we raise 10 new TN

    forms and changed 10 lives, but also I inspired 4 of my

    members to become team leaders for next term.


    One year as LCVP OGX in of the biggest entity in Poland University of Warsaw - made me understand how important is to build perfect customer relation. Working on process optimization brought a huge growth in

    our local chapter, but most importantly create an awesome culture of customer caring within my team.

    There is two things which should be explained from the very beginning: Role of AIESEC in Mexico and role of

    AIESEC in my life - to fully explain my motivation.

    Role of AIESEC in Mexico Belief that AIESEC is an unique tool to develop leaders, who are needed in current reality of Mexico, makes me

    confident to step once again out of my comfort zone. There is three great factors which make this entity so

    valuable for me:

    1. AIESEC in Mexico is full of young people with great aspirations, proper values and enormous potential.

    2. Mexican economy is developing, which brings a lot of opportunities for AIESEC here

    3. There is strong relevance of AIESEC in our country

    Working with YOU on development of AIESEC to change CURRENT REALITY of Mexican society, having a

    confidence of changing each AIESECer and each customer for better FUTURE of Mexico and understanding the

    PAST by taking legacy of 51 terms, excites me. I had a pleasure to begin my journey with this country and with

    your permission I want to continue it with all my commitment and heart. AIESEC Mexico is no longer yours

    country but it became our for me. All of that make me confident to stand for AIESEC Mexico MCP 2014/2015.

  • Role of AIESEC in my life

    AIESEC is a platform to learn how to become a great leader. For individuals with a passion for getting experience,

    with an eagerness to live your inner and outer journey, with an awareness of orlds needs and willingness of DOING instead of trig, there is no better place than here. I consider myself to be such an individual and every day I feel privileged to be part of this organization. I constantly thankful of getting this experience in my life. I want to fight for same experience for each young person, each customer, each company , each of

    YOU because I believe that each single of us deserves it and together we can fight for better leaders and better tomorrow.

    Never in my life, did I feel so ready to take any other country level up!

    What will be your contribution and what do you expect to learn from the experience?

    There is three things which I want to promise to AIESEC Mexico as

    my contribution:

    Firstly, because of my nature I extremely caring person. Through my AIESEC experience I noticed that many failures are

    made because of lack of attention and communication. I will be

    the person who supports, shows interest and gives

    advices if asked. MCP should be approachable for each single members to simply take are and give heart for organization like this.

    Secondly, I promise to bring purpose to AIESEC Mexico. The greatest organizations in the world have achieved

    that position because of knowing WHY. People perform better while they truly understand h behind their actions. I believe this is what we need as AIESEC Mexico and this is what I offering you by applying.

    Last but not least, MCP role is to stay last on the oard . I can honestly say that I will be the last to quit no matter what challenges 2014/2015 brings. Giving you big picture and believe in people for sure will

    help us to make AIESEC Mexico way for the right direction.

    My expectations?

    To grow a lot by all the activities, meetings, strategies, teams which I will have to manage. Driving organization

    with such a huge potential as AIESEC Mexico will definitely help me to develop myself in both professional and

    personal way.

  • What is leadership for you? Describe one of your strengths in team management and provide

    a specific example on how you have demonstrated this strength. How will this help you

    become a great MCP?

    Clarit of id, eas larit of passio. For me leadership is ability to focus on things which truly matters, while giving a space for team to develop

    themselves. My style of leadership participative - is based on respect and engagement. Planning and tracking are one of my most important strengths that is what brings larit of id and make me realize how passionate I can be. Leading MC team and LCPs commission demands huge self-organizing skills and I believe that by leading my Global Citizen team back in Poland (consisted of 17 people) I proofed that I

    can handle this.

    Describe one of your weaknesses in team management. What have you been doing to

    ensure this does not impact your year as MCP?

    Sometimes I thinking in too long perspective which stops me for taking actions o. Being self-aware of that makes me confident about taking look at that, during MC selection

    process. Ensuring balance of different perspectives in the closest

    environment will help me to overcome that weakness.

    What s the purpose of AIEEC eistig i Meio? Wh does our jo atter?

    OUR PURPOSE: brining self-aware leaders to change Mexico

    AIESEC in Mexico is a powerful tool to overcome social challenges of country by changing young, well-educated students into the agents of changes. We want to ensure the leadership development

    in each of our customer to make him more ambitious and eager to bring positive impact.

    I believe that AIESEC Mexico needs entrepreneurial attitude and skills development in

    students to bring this country to the next level. By each of our program, but especially by our team leader and team member programs, we are brining

    innovation, open-mindedness and cultural understanding. That is why AIESEC matters, that is why our job


  • What is your vision for AIESEC in Mexico for the term 2013 2014?

    There is two simple rules which I want AIESEC

    Mexico to remember: lets go back to acting sustainably value and lets do not destroy to create. We cannot innovate more if we want to reach the impact planned.

    I believe the role of the term 2014-

    2015 is to continue current direction

    and strongly capitalize on this for 2015


    To ensure that we can reach ambition 2015 and bring a necessary change for Mexico we need to growth

    faster than before. We need to be sure that our customers are satisfied with the journey provided by

    AIESEC and that we know how to celebrate our success. We need to unleash potential of our

    organization by empowering members and understanding h behind. We need to be sure that MC members are firstly MC tea and then futioal resposile to build a proper culture and support for LCs.

    Based on that let me introduce vision of AIESEC Mexico 2014/2015


    AIESEC Mexico in known as a purpose-driven organization, which activates Mexican

    leaders by delivering quality in each experience.

    Members are enjoying their inner and outer journey thanks to simplicity of actions and

    delivery of our promises.

    Showcasing impact of AIESEC Mexico makes us the most recognized leadership

    organization among our stakeholders.

  • How can AIESEC in Mexico become more relevant in our country reality?

    Provide specific examples / actions / strategies.

    Simplicity by reaching more customers through our processes

    AIESEC in Mexico is known as a ustoer-friedl institution thanks to: integrated information management system, improving our

    customer service, shortening time of matching,

    sales development program, break in expanding

    in numbers of entities, increasing numbers of

    member and retention rate in current chapters.

    Experience by development of our team experiences and EwA program

    AIESEC in Mexico is creating self aware leaders

    thanks to: implementing members LEAD, product

    development based on customer feedback,

    answering social issues by GCDP experiences, all

    entities growing in all programs by program-

    based coaching.

    Growth by becoming the Mexican youth voice through numbers of experiences delivered

    AIESEC in Mexico is no longer the best kept seret thanks to: positioning, Public Relations activities, connecting with other impact-driven

    organization. capitalizing on Momentum,

    development of Y2B.

    Create a proposal for your National Strategy

    that should cover the next points .

    3.a Make a SWOT

    strengths MCB&NST thicker middle management level in national scale increasing operational capacity of LC faster and more efficient processes in exchange product packaging engaging LCs to the strategy creation (Steering team, strategic teams)

    weaknesses increasing numbers of entities without providing quality of experiences delivered by them differences between knowledge of LCs with physical contact with MC and without personal development of members is shallow low sales capacity MC-LC relations are distant

    opportunities capitalizing on Momentum (promotion and scale) program based-coaching showcasing impact capitalizing on our reach positioning in mass media

    threats internal finances after Momentum economic down in Mexico (only 2% of growth ) credibility in Universities by delivery in different cities (especially ITESM)

  • 3.b The 3 main priorities for AIESEC in Mexico (National Drivers) based on the SWOT analysis. What concrete

    strategies would you propose for each one and what results would you like to see in each of those priorities at

    the end of your term.

    Simplicity in


    Positioning Quality in

    each experience

    DRIVER 1:

    Simplicity in implementation Local committee conferences twice a year to create strong platform for newbies and building identity in LCs working with LCs on LC plans transparency in finance providing not only functional knowledge, but also team management one shorter delivery of promise by usage of AIESEC Academy more efficient sources of information thanks to IM manager in MC quick actions for matching rate in exchange programs RESULT: LCs are knowledgeable and willing to work with MC on the tools

    already developed. Customers are satisfied by level of information and service

    they receive.

    DRIVER 2:

    Quality in each experience implementation of member LEAD implementing reward and recognition in each level of AIESEC experience evolving LCP commission to the decisive body align to MC creation of MCVP LCD and TXP to bring LC closer to MC and help them with management skills iGIP focus for strong sustainability RESULT: Members aware of their role in organization and development. We capitalize on the executive level to

    be more efficient in delivery of experiences.

    DRIVER 3:

    Positioning showcasing impact of AIESEC in Mexico Alumni Manager and Y2B Manager and PR manager in MC structure to attend relevant events positioning AIESEC brands in media alliance with other organizations keeping Universities relations RESULT: By our reach and brand we become recognized in country. It enabled us to reach Ambition 2015.









    TN sale


    MCVP Finance

    & governance (only Mexican)




















    Manager *

    * Managers are not the part of MC core team they work closely only with MC not with LCs. To be defined if those are part or full time.

  • 3.c What do you see as the biggest challenge to accomplishing each of the national drivers? How as

    MCP will you mitigate those risks?

    For each term the biggest challenge is answering question how to make LCs aligned to National Driers?. I believe that the bottleneck lies in the relationship between MC and LCP teams. We need to understand that LCPs

    are like doors to our entities. Deep understanding and unity with MC team is the answer of the risk. Making Presidents Functional Meetings with all MC members (as a national conference), improving communication

    and having MCVP LCD as a final responsible for our local chapters are some of the solutions which I want to see

    next term. We need to help local entities with their day-to-day operations to reach common goal and go into one


    How should the planning process for the MC team look like?

    Firstly: strategic plan

    when MC is designing vision and

    common drivers for


    2nd ELD plan as a core of organization we need

    to have specific

    numerical goals for each

    of our program.

    Backward plan based on our goal we

    need to make plan

    how to align other

    functions e.g. BD, IM.

    Learning and dev. plan for ensuring that

    national plan is

    understood by local

    chapter delivered.

    In the context of the 13-14 year, rank in order of importance the key responsibilities of the MCP and

    explain the reasons for your ranking.

    1. MC Team Management MC team is final responsible for all actions legality lies on MC team MC should be role models MCVPs based on national plan create operations

    2. Managing the LCP Board LCPs are driving local strategy and MCP should be engage in

    that LCPs are delivering results for AIESEC Mexico LCPs should be taken into consideration while creating

    strategy since they know local


    3. Defining National Strategy MCP brings big picture of organization and take care of

    sustainability facilitate MC team to create the best functional solutions define national focus and direct whole Mexico towards this

    4. Governance and accountability MCP is responsible of sustainable resources management MCP takes care of transparency and MC team should give example

    5. International Representation in

    the AIESEC network MCP should promote country with the responsibility and

    uderstadig here it is etreel eeded having Mexico as proactive contributor to global strategies being able to control changes by participating in activities

    6. External Representation MCP should be visible on external events as a final responsible although whole MC team and LCPs should have a chance to

    represent AIESEC as a recognition

    7. Account Management and Sales only if necessary, MCP should not be engage to sales operation BD team ideally should be responsible for that part and MCP

    should participate only if demanded

  • What is the current organizational culture of AIESEC in Mexico? What kind of 2 culture would you like to see in

    AIESEC in Mexico? Please mention three (3) activities that you will do in order to foster this.

    2013/2014 CULTURE

    socially-driven results (for sake of results)


    alterntive for carrier developement

    2014/2015 CULTURE

    purpose driven cluture

    human delopment oriented

    Believing in hat we are doig and for ho will bring us to the point of being united in

    purpose . The first activity to foster that, would

    be creation of culture building process. I believe that the change starts on MC team days,

    LCP meetings and by those entities downscaling

    to local chapters.

    Second thing is creation of networking platform during conferences that s what builds strong beliefs. Last but not least is ensuring that each MCVP knows what benefits his/her area brings and showcase it to all the level by

    educating people. I want to achieve personal alignment towards culture so we can be sure that the change is

    positive and permanent.

    What role should AIESEC in Mexico play in the Global Network and Iberoamerica at the end of your

    term? What would be the main role of the MCP 14-15 in the Global Plenary?

    Taking into consideration MC term focus on 2014/2015 the role will be: main provider of GIP TNs. Currently our contribution in GCDP programs globally is 4% - with our commitment we can become 6% of global

    realization on 2015. In GIP we are realizing 5,5% out of total AIESEC realizations. Why not setting goal as 7%?

    We can totally do that and become top 5 countries in both GIP programs! I believe that as MCP you should be a proactive contributor to make people believe that Mexico will grow like never before. To proudly

    say Via Meio and promote internationally our country as a perfect destiny for experience.

    How would you describe the current relation between the LCs and the MC and what would you do about it?

    Whats the differee etee the a a LC should e aaged ad a MC should e aaged?

    There is no better way to find out the answer of that question than ask current members. Here we go: MC demands permanently actions from LC and very rarely gives follow up, MC is more structured and their request are more speifi, MC is closer because of engaging members in MCB and NST iitiatie, Whole MC team is focusing more in high performing LCs and only one MC member is helping the medium and small

    oes, MC became more closer than before and respond faster, Iif LC does not accept MC ideas there is no feedback. We simply do not implement it.

    I believe that we can improve current relations by simple actions: LCP working closer with MCVP LCD and MCP,

    program-based coaching to ensure that each coach CAN help his/her entities, continuing with MCB and NST

    structures but making them even closer to MC and LC.

    Putting a huge responsibility on LC development by MC is necessary for achieving ambition 2015. I believe that

    we should work closer on current state, than evolving ideas which only slow down LC efficiency.

    Implementation of current 13/14 strategies, answering local needs and capitalizing on what we have, seems to

    be the best solutions to make LC grow sustainably and give MC strategic role.

  • Blank Page Challenge. Propose what you see as 5 the biggest

    questions facing AIESEC in Mexico today and propose your answers.

    All of those questions can be answered by one phrase:

    Investing in leadership

    Let me explain it using simple flow:

    How will we become ONE AIESEC in MEXICO?

    How do we transform the country in purpose driven organization?

    How to make MC role more enjoyable for MC team?

    How do we improve MC LC relations?

    How do we provide inner journey in each experience?

    All of that bring us to:

    Providing professional trainings Working on communication Understanding impact we create




    LCP & LCVP

    Engaging in strategy creation Empowered by conferences Understanding impact we create




    MM & newbies

    Feeling responsible for experiences Empowered by Executive Board Understanding impact we create


    Having members who enjoy their experience

    Having members who understand purpose

    One Mexico, One Purpose

  • An Executive Summary

    A leader is not someone who tells the rest what to do, but who through inspiration and example lead first himself and then the rest to a common

    goal, and Kasia has always showed me to be a leader and a great one. - Laura Martinez Esquivel, MCB/LCPe ULSA

    Kasia is a rare combination of professionalism, perfectionism and warm heart.

    - Adrian Rybicki, LCVP ER 2011/2012, University of Warsaw

    She brings new perspectives and new way of thinking building on culture and people around, and being able to gain their trust and get on

    board with her.

    - Joaa oierz, MCP Polad

    AIESEC is a platform to learn how to become a great leader. For individuals with a passion for getting experience, with an

    eagerness to live your inner and outer journey, with an awareness of worlds needs and willingness of DOING instead of tryig , there is no better place than here. I consider myself to be such an individual and every day I feel privileged to be part of this organization. I constantly thankful of getting this experience in my life. I want to fight for same experience for each young person, each customer, each

    company , each of YOU because I believe that each single of us deserves it and together we can fight for better leaders and better tomorrow.

    Never in my life, did I feel so ready to take any other country level up!


    AIESEC Mexico in known as a purpose-driven organization, which activates Mexican leaders by delivering quality in

    each experience.

    Members are enjoying their inner and outer journey thanks to simplicity of actions and delivery of our promises.

    Showcasing impact of AIESEC Mexico makes us the most recognized leadership organization among our stakeholders.

    Simplicity in


    Positioning Quality in

    each experience

    About me:

    Katarzyna Kuchnowska / 28.10.1990 / Polish / MCVP oGIP Mexico

    My motivation

    My VISION for Mexico 2014/2015

    investing in membership showcasing impact working on LC plans being one AIESEC in Mexico implementation of PR and IM coaching based on program

    building purpose-driven organization iGIP focus MC structure implementation of Local committee conferences reaching 2015 goal!

    Main activities dot destroy to create sustainability and simplicity in each action

  • Other files

    My video

    English certificate


  • Saturday, 28.11.2013, Beijing


    I confidently recommend Katarzyna Kuchnowska for the positions of Member Committee President in

    Mexico 2014/15. I believe that I have a full right to do so, since in private I have known her for more

    than 6 years now and we spend one year in EB AIESEC Warsaw University.

    The ery first thig you otie he you eet Kasia is ho likale she is. It is hardly possible to find a person who did not fall for her from the very beginning. If you ask a question why it is so you can name a couple of reasons. Unlimited optimism, never ending smile or the fact that she cares for the

    others more than she cares for herself. As an MCP Kasia will be the person that will lead her team in

    the times of distress and motivation by sharing her enthusiasm and sincere empathy.

    The other important aspect of Kasia is how organized and up to the point she is. This character feature

    combined with her experience gained during working in different cultures, make her the best

    candidate to strike a happy medium. She is the person who can take what is best form Latin Americas energetic and open approach and combine with up to the point, strict Europe style.

    What is worth to mention that the greatest tasks she has to face are the one she makes up on her own.

    Believe it or not she used to be afraid to speak English, so she decided to go to US. She was a part time

    MC member in Poland but she decided to totally restructure OGX in Poland, although no one expected

    it from her. She wanted to make an AIESEC partnership with a new country, so she decided to go for

    CEED to Tanzania. Stepping out of comfort zone is like a comfort for her, provided she had planned it

    in advance, because she never makes important decisions without thinking it over beforehand.

    The other reason why you should chose her, is that she is not Mexican. Currently my university group

    consists of 21 different nations. It is unbelievable how more efficient are culturally diversified groups.

    Different points of view, believes, ideas and backgrounds is a key to building a sustainable strategy. Do

    not understand me wrong, I have some Mexican friends and I really adore them. Nevertheless, Kasia is

    a rare combination of professionalism, perfectionism and warm heart. On one hand she will help to

    build a positive image of the whole MC and on the other she will be the one to encourage the whole

    team to realize its plans and implement innovations. Kasia is a woman of action not the words, when

    she has an idea people follow her without hesitation and achieve high no matter what. For know I

    a oly say that Katarzyna Kuchnowska is a person you want to have as your leader.

    Should you have any further questions, feel free to contact me via e mail. ([email protected])


    Adrian Rybicki

    Vice President External Relations.

    EB 2011/2012. Warsaw University

    EEndorsement letter

  • Bogot, November of 2013

    To whom it may concern

    Ref: Endorsement letter for Kasia Kuchnowska in her bid to apply to MCP of AIESEC in Mexico for period 2014-2015.

    I want to express my support to Kasia Kuchnowska on her aspiration to become Member Committee President for AIESEC in Mexico for the period 2014-2015. I had the honor to meet her and work with Kasia few months ago when I decided to apply to MCB oGIP in Mexico. Kasia is a leader that pushes people to be better every day. She demonstrates every time commitment and hard work.

    Being in AIESEC Mexico as a MCVP oGIP of Outgoing GIP, she has demonstrated how this program can grow if there is a hard work. She is making the difference in oGIP and she is establishing a new way to work and grow in this program.

    Her overall thinking and knowledge of the national reality of Mexico make her a leader with the capacity to create innovative strategies aimed to the improvement of the processes and the delivery of better life experiences.

    Kasia is a responsible and dedicated person in all her actitivties. She works with ideas driving them to action. Due to her develop skills and competencies I have seen in all her activities, Im sure that Kasia can execute and demonstrate an exceptional role as MCP of AIESEC in Mexico 2014-2015, thats why I express all my support.

    Finally, I wish Kasia all the success in the process.



    M. Alejandra Perdomo R. VP oGIP AIESEC Javeriana, Colombia

    MCB oGIP International Cooperation, AIESEC in Mexico

  • AIESEC Santa Fe | Carlos Lazo #100 | Col. Santa Fe, lvaro Obregn 01389 | Distrito Federal Mxico | www.aiesec.org.mx | [email protected]

    The international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential

    Friday, November 29th, 2013.

    To AIESEC Mexico Local Plenary;

    It is an honor and a true pleasure to endorse Mrs. Kasia Kuchnowska application for MCP 2014-2015 of AIESEC in Mexico.

    I have worked closely with Kasia for more than 6 months; she has been AIESEC Santa Fe LC Coach. I have been witness of the support that she gave us during this time and I have seen her commitment with organization. She shows in every moment her leadership and her abilities to make AIESEC Mexico grow in a sustainable and professional way.

    I believe few are worthy of such position, and that the skills, knowledge and experience required for this leadership position in AIESEC in Mexico, are the ones that Kasia has shown in her AIESEC career. I am convinced that she will make an excellent job taking the best decisions as an MCP.

    I wish Kasia the best during this process and of course, I will be happy to make any clarification or reassurance regarding this endorsement letter.


    Local Committee President of AIESEC Santa Fe 2013

  • AIESEC in Ethiopia

    EiABC I 518 Lideta Area, Addis Ababa|Ethiopia I et.aiesec.org| +251- 930 098030 I

    Addis Ababa, 29th November 2013

    To AIESEC Mexico National Plenary


    Its with great pleasure and conviction that i hereby endorse Katarzyna Kuchnowska as candidate for President of AIESEC Mexico 2014/15. I have known Katarzyna in my

    first interactions with her starting from the 6th East African Congress Pioneers Congress

    2012 as faci at the congress and a CEEDer of AIESEC in Tanzania. She appeared

    young as me but more fired up as the executive team of AIESEC Poland 2012/13

    when she was the national OGX Manager being the founder of Global Citizen in

    AIESEC Poland. Second interaction was at when we were both applicants of AIESEC

    Mexico National Team 2013/14 candidates as we shared a few personal touch

    points thinking about the start of leadership journey in AIESEC Mexico.

    Given the experience of leadership and the story of people development AIESEC

    gives, Katarzyna has showed the part that was opening and respecting perspectives

    with her current role as exchange responsible in both of her teams in AIESEC Poland

    & Mexico. In her contribution as part of the current national team of AIESEC Mexico,

    she has shared with me some of the amazing works in the GIP programme that has

    seen AIESEC Mexico where it stands now for the past 5 months.

    Something I believe in a lot in is about the culture of leadership that AIESEC builds

    through its exchange experiences. I observed a focused personality in Katarzyna

    and after getting closer to her and working together, I realized she is a distinguished

    much more lively person demonstrating the warm reception this years AIESEC Mexicos professional exchange growth and moreover on her own individual growth and maturity.

    T.E. Lawrence said All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the

    dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with

    open eyes, to make them possible. Katarzyna is a day dreamer and lives the complete values of AIESEC which marks

    the expected behaviour of all AIESECers. Hence I believe that AIESEC Mexico 1415

    can still use people with the profile of Katarzyna Kuchnowska in its leadership

    development experiences.

    I are happy to endorse her as candidate for the role of AIESEC Mexico President for

    term 2014/15.

    Arnold Buoro,

    National President

    AIESEC in Ethiopia 2013-2014.

  • Mexico City

    November 28th , 2013

    To whom it may concern:

    I am pleased to indicate that I know Katarzyna Kuchnowska; I verify

    and faithful attest her good qualities, both physical and mental skills,

    as well as her high spirit of dedication to the work and vision of


    This year, Katarzyna Kuchnowska has held the position, as MC VP oGIP

    in Mexico; I have had a close collaboration with her and she

    demonstrated commitment, initiative and ambition to grow as well as

    team management. For her period as MC; she has provided

    development and support for all AIESEC Mexico network and she has

    proved very satisfactory results for Committees.

    One of the greatest qualities of Katarzyna Kuchnowska, which for me

    is basic in AIESEC is her ability to work in a team. On the other hand,

    seek to do more and do it the best way to generate growth in the


    After the above, in this new application for MCP in AIESEC Mexico, I

    believe that she will be able to comply fully with the tasks that are

    entrusted to her and that is the reason of my recommendation that I

    gladly subscribe here.

    Kind regards,

    Jennifer Reyna Portugal MCB AIESEC Mxico

  • endorsement letter

    Wrocaw, Nov 30 2013

    Endorsement Letter for Katarzyna Kuchnowska

    To whom it may concern,

    I am writing this letter to express my full support for Katarzyna Kuchnowska in her

    decision to apply for Member Committee President of AIESEC in Mexico in 2014/2015 term.

    It is my honor to write this letter endorsing Kasia to become the next MCP of AIESEC

    Mexico, at the same time a big responsibility to, only in few lines, explain why I believe the

    Mexican National Plenary should strongly consider her candidacy, despite traditions or different

    nationality. If someone asked me how I would describe Kasia in one sentence, for sure it would

    be one of the strongest leaders I know, passionate and positive goal-achieving hard

    worker. Yet there is more to be written...

    Ive known Kasia for few years now, as we joined AIESEC in Poland in the same year of

    2009. We spent the term 2012/2013 working together in one sub-team of the Polish MC when

    I had a pleasure to be her team leader and get to know her better. Kasia is a very experienced

    AIESECer, who have been successful on the national level in 4 different countries representing 4

    different GNs - Poland, USA, Tanzania and now Mexico. These experiences even polished more

    her ability to quickly adapt and draw conclusions through understanding people, superior

    analytical skills and respecting the legacy of an entity. She brings new perspectives and new

    way of thinking building on culture and people around, and being able to gain their trust and

    get on board with her. What I admire a lot in her is her ability to make strong decisions even in

    situations of uncertainty, which is a very desired trait for leaders nowadays. Last but not least,

    writing about Kasia I think it couldnt be complete if I didnt mention her commitment and

    stamina - even though her AIESEC path has definitely not been an easy one I have never seen

    her giving up. And after few months of my MCP term I can say that commitment and persistence

    are the basic characteristics any MCP simply must have to be a successful one, yet - not to be

    found easily.

    Taking into consideration all the above mentioned things, I fully support and recommend

    Katarzyna to become the next leader of AIESEC in Mexico and wish her good luck in the

    selection process! AIESEC Mexico can be proud and happy to have a candidate like her. Such

    opportunity might not repeat itself in years from now.

    Should you require any additional information, do not hesitate to contact me.

    Joanna onierz


    AIESEC in Poland 2013/2014

    Contact information:

    E-mail address: [email protected]

    Mobile No: +48 603 293 473

  • Mxico City, November 29, 2013

    To whom it may concern,

    It is my great pleasure and honour to endorse Katarzyna Kuchnowska for the position of MCP of

    AIESEC in Mxico, 2014/2015.

    I met Kasia just before she started her role as MC VP oGIP, and start working with her as MCB in

    July. Since the beginning, she impressed me with her passion, analytical thinking and wide

    overview and understanding of the exchange areas.

    As a leader, Kasia is constantly searching develop her members and improve the processes, her

    strategic thinking and creativity have been shown in many situations during her current MC VP

    position. I believe her determination, hard work and constantly challenging way of thinking will

    assure the development and progress of AIESEC Mxico.

    Her personal strength has also helped her in becoming a great leader. Kasia possess a strong

    motivation and will power enabling her to clearly drive herself towards personal and professional

    goals, I believe that Kasia will be able to harness her personal energy to motivate not only her core

    MC team but to share and drive this passion amongst LCPs.

    A leader is not someone who tells the rest what to do, but who through inspiration and example

    lead first himself and then the rest to a common goal, and Kasia has always showed me to be a

    leader and a great one. For all this, I'm happy and proud to support her application as Member

    Committee President of AIESEC in Mxico 2014/2015.

    Please be confident to contact me, I will be happy to clear any questions or ratifications of

    this endorsement.

    Laura Martinez Esquivel

    Local Committe President 2014

    AIESEC in La Salle

    [email protected]

  • Warsaw, November 30, 2013

    Endorsement Letter for Katarzyna Kuchnowska

    To Whom It May Concern,

    With this letter I would like to endorse Katarzyna Kuchnowska, Member

    Committee Vice President OGX GIP 2013/2014 of AIESEC Mexico, for the position

    of Member Committee President of AIESEC Mexico 2014/2015.

    I had a great pleasure to work with Kasia during the term 2012-2013 of

    Member Committee AIESEC in Poland.

    Katarzyna presents deep understanding of the organization and is very

    devoted to AIESEC. Her attitude and process-thinking approach makes her

    actions very valuable and accurate. She is also very ambitious, hard-working

    person and a brand ambassador for the organization.

    During daily work with Kasia at MC office I could noticed her huge passion,

    engagement and big effort to make impact and develop GCDP area in Poland.

    What I also noticed is Kasia's ambition, determination, responsibility and courage in taking new challenges. AIESEC is not only about striving for excellent and

    develop ourselves by new opportunities, but also about sharing this experiences

    and creating impact on individuals, which makes Kasia incredible passionate about this organization. What is more she is very open in social situations and

    makes everyone feel comfortable. Through speeches during plenaries at the

    conferences and also in personal conversations she proved that she never gives

    up and she is always striving for the best results.

    What makes Katarzyna suitable for leadership position in AIESEC in Mexico

    is deep understanding of the organization but also knowledge about current

    issues of AIESEC Mexico and global realities which all together created strong

    ambition to make this situation better.

    She strongly believes that through the people, who are taking

    responsibilities in our organization, we can bring the impact in the communities

    we live in.

    All the above mentioned reasons are the ones that make us absolutely confident

    that Katarzyna Kuchnowska is a perfect candidate for the position of Member

    Committee President of AIESEC in Mexico in term 2014/2015.

    If you have questions regarding Kasia or you need additional information, feel

    free to contact me [email protected] or via phone 48 663 561 767.

    Sincerely yours,

    Martyna Hrankowska

    Congress Committee President

    Of EuroXpro 2014

    Account Manager 12/13

    Member Committee

    AIESEC in Poland

  • AIESEC en Mxico | Av. lvaro Obregn No. 124 col. Roma Norte, c.p. 06700 Mxico, DF. Tel: +521 (55) 4194-5393 | www.aiesec.org.mx | [email protected]

    Mexico City, November 27th, 2013

    To AIESEC in Mexicos National Plenary,

    I am glad to endorse Katarzyna Kuchnowska in her application for Member Committee President of AIESEC in Mexico.

    I see in Kasia great commitment to AIESEC in Mexico and she is constantly working to make this a better entity. She has a vision to where AIESEC should go and what it needs to grow. We have to start thinking as a corporation and she has the knowledge to drive us there.

    I believe Kasia really understands the needs of AIESEC in Mexico and she is always looking for holistic solutions to the current problems. She knows how we impact through our work in our society and because of that she understands how we need to work in order to deliver life changing experiences to every customer of AIESEC, which includes members as well. I am sure she has still much to give to this entity.

    As leader I know she cares about the experience of her team and she drives them to work together to reach a common goal. When I worked with her as part of the Steering Team, I so how she can drive a team to achieve fast and great results through an efficient work culture.

    I wish Kasia the best in the selection process. I will be happy to make any clarification or reassurance regarding this endorsement.

    Stefan Scharnagl Villarroel President of AIESEC ITAM 2013

    [email protected] +521 55 4194 5393

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