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  • Lions Clubs International Multiple District 201, District C2

    Minutes of the meeting of District 201C2 Cabinet, held Saturday 30 April 2016, at Johnstone Park, Murray Bridge, from 11.30am.


    1. Present Cabinet Members:

    District Governor David Thomas, IPDG Ron Sargent, 1VDG Bryan Hearn, 2VDG Judy Glastonbury, PDGs Ron Pascoe, Trevor Jacobs, David Savage, Lyn Sparnon, Lions Carolyn Kilpatrick, Ian Dunbar, Roy Hodgson, Kevin Brook, Norm Sommerville, Peter Pignotti, Allan Maddocks, Geoff Baker, Melinda Fogden, Greg Davis, Theresa Andrew, Harry Tillyer, Tony Matthews, Tom Kimber, Trevor Phillips, Margie Thomas, Ian Tonkin, Tony Jimmieson, Willy Weidenhofer, Mick Allinson, Denis Haseldine, Frank Simpson, Keith Field, Cheryle Pedler (minutes). Invited Observers: Lioness Janet Bellinger (Non-Cabinet appointee) 2VDGE David Snook, Lions David Leonard, Jill Kimber, Scott Taylor, Colin Pettigrew, Linda Durbidge, Chris Ramsey.

    Cabinet members 46 Quorum 24 Present 32 Quorum achieved 2. Apologies: PDGs Jim Hilder, Graham Smithers, Lions Tony Bezuidenhout, Mignon Williams, Wilf

    Nitschke, Ted Laffin, Ken McAloon, Bernie Donohue, Christine Woodrup, Ann Hughes, Marilyn Millar, John Hodgson, Tony French, Rebecca Walsh, Leo Katerina Blekic.

    3. Welcome: DG David welcomed all present to the meeting.

    The group introduced themselves and their role on the current Cabinet and/or Cabinet Elect. DG David made presentations to Denis Haseldine, Harry Tillyer and Roy Hodgson from LCI for the formation of the new branch Club, Adelaide Hills, based in Stirling.

    4. Invocation: District Governor David Thomas 5. Lions Clubs International Purposes: Peter Pignotti 6. Lions Clubs International Ethics: Kevin Brook

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    7. Ratification of the Minutes of the Cabinet meeting held 30 January 2016: MOTION:

    That the minutes of the Cabinet meeting held 30 January 2016 be ratified. T Matthews / I Tonkin CARRIED

    8. Business Arising from the Minutes of the 9 October Cabinet Meeting: Nil 9. Executive Reports and Recommendations 1. District Governor’s Report DG Dave Thomas As presented.

    DG David advised the Cabinet that he has put his name forward for the role of Council Chair. He asked for the support of the District in nominating for the role. The Cabinet expressed their appreciation.

    2. First Vice District Governor 1VDG Bryan Hearn As presented. 3. Second Vice District Governor 2VDG Judy Glastonbury As presented.

    VDG Judy thanks DG Dave and Margie for their friendship and support.

    4. Immediate Past District Governor IPDG Ron Sargent Nil to report. 5. Cabinet Secretary Cheryle Pedler As presented.

    Thanked everyone for the excellent turnout to the Multiple District Convention, at this stage 135 persons. She reminded the people nominated as delegates that there will be an election for International Director during the proceedings. The traditional combined C Districts social function will be held on Sunday evening at the Echuca Moama Apex Clubrooms. Light nibbles will be served. Please BYO all drinks. Acknowledged the outstanding support provided by Ross Parkinson to her and to the Cabinet, and thanked him for this. The statement was met with acclaim by the members present.

    6. Cabinet Treasurer Frank Simpson As presented.

    MOTION: 1. That the accounts tabled, be ratified. 2. That the Cabinet Treasurers report be received.

    F Simpson / G Baker CARRIED Frank advised the new Board policy in respect of eligibility for voting at the MD Convention. If a Club owes more than USD10, their delegates are not eligible to vote. On the occasion of the upcoming MD Convention, the District has paid those funds on Club’s behalf, and the District has sought reimbursement from each Club, as appropriate.

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    7. Constitution and By Laws Chairman PDG Graham Smithers As presented. MOTION:

    That the Executive reports are received. PDG R Pascoe / N Sommerville CARRIED

    10 Reports from Zone Chairs and Lioness Liaison 8. Zone 1 PDG Jim Hilder Not received. 9. Zone 2 Mignon Williams Not received. 10. Zone 3 Carolyn Kilpatrick As presented.

    Carolyn advised that the Zone meeting was well attended and thanked Trevor Phillips for attending to promote Foodbank. Rod Pratt (Mannum) passed away last week.

    11. Zone 4 Ian Dunbar As presented.

    Ian noted that LC Keith have lost a couple of members, due to retirement and moving back to the city. LC Meningie have a successful Driver Reviver programme, and recently had a very busy weekend. Ian recognised Bushy Seidel, late of Tintinara Club, who passed away recently. The Club has also gained a new member. He is very pleased with how all Clubs in the zone are progressing.

    12. Zone 5 Roy Hodgson As presented.

    Ten new members have been inducted to Hahndorf and Districts, as part of the new Adelaide Hills Branch Club. LC Nairne have lost one member due to ill health. DG David congratulated LC Mount Barker on 40 years’ service to their community.

    13. Zone 6 Kevin Brook As presented.

    LC Blackwood will induct 1-3 members in the next few weeks. LC Edwardstown may have a small loss. DG David acknowledged the 50 year anniversary of LC Brighton.

    14. Zone 7 Tony Bezuidenhout Not received.

    DG David acknowledged LC Hallett Cove and District on 30 years service.

    15. Zone 8 IPDG Ron Sargent As presented.

    IPDG Ron advised that he had been acting as Zone Chair, due to the illness of David Virgo. He asked us all to keep David and his family in our thoughts. IPDG Ron has received reports from all Clubs, other than Parndana. There have been a

  • Lions Clubs International Multiple District 201, District C2 Minutes of the Cabinet Meeting held 30 April 2016 Page 4 of 12


    number of inductions across the Zone. He will hold a Zone meeting on 29 May at Yankalilla. DG David thanked IPDG Ron for his assistance with this Zone.

    16. Zone 10 Norm Sommerville As presented.

    Norm advised that Lucindale held the 38th Field Days during the year, with 22,000 people attending. He thanked each of the Clubs in the Zone for helping at the Field Days. Norm advised there have been some issues with the provision of membership kits from National Office. LC Robe had lost their President, Secretary and Treasurer at the same time. DG David has taken on the President’s role for the remainder of the year.

    17. Zone 11 Peter Pignotti As presented. 18. Zone 13 Allan Maddocks As presented.

    Allan thanked DGE Bryan for the opportunity to serve again in 2016-17.

    19. Zone 14 Geoff Baker As presented.

    LC Irymple have some problems, and are currently undertaking the Club Excellence Program. He hopes to have some plans in place to assist the new LC Buronga Gol Gol would also benefit from undertaking the CEP. Tony Jimmieson commented on the Sunraysia LEO membership numbers. DG David thanked LC Red Cliffs for hosting the YOTY District final.

    20. Lioness Liaison Janet Bellinger As presented.

    Mount Gambier Lioness have donated funds to LCI and to the Hearing Dogs. Janet noted that both Clubs have had a very successful year,


    That the Zone Chairperson and Lioness Liaison Reports be received. G Baker / R Hodgson CARRIED

    11. Reports from the District Chairpersons and Co-ordinators Administration and Public Relations team 21. Assets Ted Laffin As presented.

    Ted has met with Colin regarding the Assets portfolio.

    22. Alert / Emergency PDG Graham Smithers As presented.

    DG David noted that during the Pinery fires, the District C1 Alert chair travelled through their District to find out what Lions could do to assist the community recovery in the immediate term. The Council of Governors are currently trying to establish a support network for de-

  • Lions Clubs International Multiple District 201, District C2 Minutes of the Cabinet Meeting held 30 April 2016 Page 5 of 12


    briefing of Lions following emergency situations, as whether directly involved on not, there are often on-going mental and physical effects.

    23. Centennial Projects Melinda Fogden As presented.

    Melinda noted she has received around 20 responses to her recent questionnaire about Clubs involvement in the Centennial celebrations, and thanked Clubs for that. She advised that she can make Centennial DVDs available, which contain information available on the LCI website. Ian Tonkin advised that Melinda was invited to address his Club about the Centennial celebrations. DG Dave noted that this is a major event for Lions, and it is important that we contribute and promote Lions in 2017. The 100 Stories / 100 Clubs project is now ramping up. Each month for 12 months there will be a story in the Country Life magazine. There are a number of Clubs from our District imvolved in this project. The Yankalilla News advertised the Lions Centennial with a full front page story. Cheryle reminded Secretaries doing MyLCI activities reporting to indicate if a project meets a Centennial Challenge.

    24. District Convention 2015 PDG Lyn Sparnon As presented.

    PDG Lyn thanked everyone in the Zone for assisting with the hosting of the Convention. Franks advised that the balance of funds from the Convention have been transferred back to the District.

    25. District Convention 2016 Greg Davis As presented.

    Gary has a rough budget for the Convention. He is waiting for some final figures, and will seek the approval of the Executive. He proposes that the fee for the hospitality booklet for Convention is $110, and that a partner’s tour is also being arranged. He reminded the Cabinet that the venue is Investigator College. The Friday Cabinet meeting will be at the Christian Gospel Centre, together with lunch. The registration form and information regarding the accommodation options will be forwarded to Clubs once the budget is approved. Greg encouraged everyone to make a holiday out of attendance at Convention and to stay a few days. The Convention commences on 21 October.

    26 DG Newsletter Theresa Andrew The next newsletter will be compiled this weekend. Please forward articles to Theresa. If

    sending her the newsletter electronically, please ensure you identify which Club the newsletter comes from.

    27. Information Technology Wilf Nitschke As presented.

    GoToMeeting is still an on-going project.

    28. ACSO, Public Relations, PDG Corinne Stone Awards Harry Tillyer As presented.

    Harry encouraged everyone to use Facebook and Twitter to promote their Clubs.

  • Lions Clubs International Multiple District 201, District C2 Minutes of the Cabinet Meeting held 30 April 2016 Page 6 of 12


    He is disappointed with the response to date regarding the Corinne Stone Awards. PDG Trevor asked if the awards could be compacted – Harry noted that these are the same categories as the ACSO awards. PDG Trevor suggested that there be only one award, rather than different categories. Harry will consider this advice. DG David spoke about the importance of public relations, in particular a good relationship with local media.

    The group broke for lunch at 1.00PM, and reconvened at 1.45pm. Fundraising Team 29 Australian Lions Foundation PDG Ron Pascoe As presented.

    Sunraysia LEOS have received a grant (their second in the period they have been operational) – congratulations! DG David thanks PDG Ron for his contribution. Within the first two weeks of the Pinery bushfires, $100,000 was made available from the Foundation for recovery efforts. ALF is money that comes from us, and is distributed back to our communities.

    30. Christmas Cakes, Mints Tony Matthews As presented.

    There was one Club that paid for cakes 28 days late. It is imperative that cake accounts are paid by the end of January. Tony confirmed that cakes are not increasing in price this year. Mint price increases – it is the individual Clubs decision to increase to 60 cents, or leave at 50 cents (noting there is a reduced profit margin). Top Taste have changed their courier – Direct Couriers have the contract. Toll Ipex may subcontract. Delivery does seem to be faster.

    31. Christmas Cakes, Mints NT Ken McAloon No report. 32. Lions Clubs International Foundation /

    Lions Eye Health Program PDG Trevor Jacobs

    As presented. LCIF - Australia had only reached 50% of target for donations to the end of March. Our own District is running well behind, and PDG Trevor encourages each Club to consider making a contribution before the end of the Lions year. He reminded us that the Foundation is our International Foundation and that this is a way that we can make a contribution to those in need across the world. LEHP – the programme is about promoting having your eyes tested. A new brochure promotes children having their eyes tested. Leaflets are available from PDG Trevor if any Club would like to be involved in the programme. Cheryle questioned the tax deductibility of donations to the Foundation. PDG Trevor is not aware that the situation has changed, and at this stage tax deductibility is not available. DG Dave wonders if the contributions to LCIF are reduced because of the input from Clubs to the ALF because of our own disasters across Australia. PDG Trevor noted that much more is received in funding from LCIF than our Clubs contribute. PDG Trevor reminded us that he has a listing of funds available towards Melvin Jones

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    Fellowships. Health Team 33. Australian Lions Children’s Cancer Research Foundation PDG David Savage As presented. 34. Australian Lions Children’s Mobility Foundation Christine Woodrup As presented. 35. Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation Tom Kimber Tom now has some Ice DVDs for purchase at $22.95.

    There is help available for Clubs to assist youth organisations, schools and sporting clubs to host events and so encouraging young people to be involved in the community through the ALDAF Community Initiative Funding Grants. These events can be:

    Youth friendly social events

    Subsidies for young people to do courses for example first aid, coaching and umpiring

    Building community gardens

    Sponsorship of charitable events such as walkathons and the like. Anyone needing more information and help can contact: Brenda Hosking, ALDAF Education Consultant and Community Initiatives Project Coordinator Email: [email protected] Mob: 0418 859 007 Tom recommends that Clubs make contact with sporting clubs, youth groups and schools to find if there are needs or ways to assist the youth to be involved in some of the listed events. DG Dave spoke about Quest programme, which is a school programme which promotes drug and alcohol awareness. The new programme is currently being converted for use in the Australian education system, thanks to a Core4 grant. It is hoped that this will be completed shortly.

    36. Emergency Medical Information Booklet Bernie Donohue As presented. 37. Foodbank Trevor Phillips As presented.

    DG Dave thanked Trevor for the efforts he makes to visit clubs.

    38. Isolated Patient Support Group / Skin Cancer Screening Marilyn Millar As presented. 39. Lions Hearing Dogs Margie Thomas Since January, 6 dogs have been delivered (including one on the week of the Multiple

    Districts convention)

    Howie – Darwin Nightcliff

    Amy – Camperdown

    mailto:[email protected]

  • Lions Clubs International Multiple District 201, District C2 Minutes of the Cabinet Meeting held 30 April 2016 Page 8 of 12


    Emett – Glenorchy

    Fizz – Tilligerry Peninsula

    Piper – Ayr

    Elmo – Heidelburg Warringal There have also been five dogs accredited after their follow up training, one of these was LHD Laura sponsored by LC Norwood. Sound Field Systems In the 2017 allocation of systems which will be delivered in November 2016 we will have cleared our backlog of applications Australia-Wide. Systems allocated in SA are: C1 - St Thomas School (Richmond) C1 - St Francis Of Assissi (Rostrevor) C2 - Victor Harbor (Victor Harbor and Port Elliott) C2 – Braeview (Aberfoyle & Dist) C2 - Leanyer (Darwin Casuarina) C2 – O’Sullivan Beach (Noarlunga Morphett Vale) C2 - Eastern Fleurieu (Strathalbyn) C2 - Rivergum College (Berri) C2 - Goodwood Primary (Edwardstown) Last year over $31,000 worth of Sound Field equipment was donated to schools within SA/NT. Overall $123,000 of equipment was donated nation-wide. Other points of interest: Earlier this year Lion Chris Blackham-Davison (President Darwin Casuarina), LHD Tamari and Trainer Darren Coldwell received Animal Action Awards from the International Fund for Animal Welfare. This was due to the work of taking rescue dogs and turning them into productive service dogs.

    Margie has Lions Hearing Dog 2017 calendars available for purchase. 40. Prostate Cancer / Recycle for Sight Ian Tonkin As presented.

    Ian asked that each Club that has receiving boxes for glasses provide a small amount of information about the programme with the box. One pair of glasses is collected every 1.5 minutes.

    Youth team 41. Leo Clubs Development Tony Jimmieson As presented.

    Willunga LEOS have increased by 7 members. There is a further two potential Clubs in the Fleurieu. There is a new website for the C2 LEO programme. All the forms regarding the formation of a Club are available on this site. DG Dave congratulated the LEOs on their work. A number of Penola LEOs are attending the MD Convention. Gambier City LC are looking at forming a LEO Club in Mount Gambier, and working quietly towards achieving this soon. It is being driven by Lily Thornley, last year’s State Youth of the Year.

  • Lions Clubs International Multiple District 201, District C2 Minutes of the Cabinet Meeting held 30 April 2016 Page 9 of 12


    Ivana Blekic will represent our District in the National LEO of the Year Award in Echuca. 42. Peace Poster Willy Weidenhofer As this meeting may be Willy’s last cabinet meeting she thanked all the DG’s that invited

    her to serve on cabinet in one position or another. She started off as Zone Chair and then last 10 years as Peace Poster Chairman. She has enjoyed every year and learned a lot about Lions that she never knew when she joined. Don’t forget the peace poster kits are available now from the MD office. She wishes the incoming Peace Poster chair, Colin, all the best for the future and advises that he can still contact her if he has any questions. DG Dave thanked Willy for her on-going service to our District.

    43. Youth Exchange John Hodgson Nil report.

    There is a large list of people coming in to Australia. Assistance is required to host these exchanges. It is a Club activity, and hosting is an easy task which can be shared. A wonderful opportunity to meet people from across the world.

    44. Youth of the Year Ann Hughes As presented.

    PDG Ron spoke to the portfolio and advised that Bethany Williams (representing Mitcham Club) was the State Winner of the Final in Clare on 23 April. There is a perennial problem with the dates for March Regional finals in Victoria and SA, given the March long weekend. This date is the last weekend it can be held, but it is possible to have it earlier, if all Clubs in the Region hold their Club finals prior to Christmas. PDG Trevor asked about the C1 final being held at Convention – he asked how successful that change has been. PDG Ron advised that it had not had any significant effect on increasing the numbers of Clubs and students involved. Roy Hodgson noted that two Clubs in his zone have moved their Club Finals, and have noted there has been some success in doing this. DG Dave did note that the Convention at C1 is different to our Convention, particularly in relation to business sessions. PDG Ron did note that the last 4 C Districts winners have been from C2.

    Global Leadership Team 45. Global Leadership Team Co-ordinator Mick Allinson As presented.

    Mick has been disappointed in the registrations for the Club Officers Seminars. He was also disappointed in the response to the Certified Guiding Lions training. He would like to offer this training again in September. DG Dave noted that he felt that the training is very important for all Club officers to attend, even if they have fulfilled the role before.

    Global Membership Team 46. Global Membership Team Co-ordinator Denis Haseldine As presented.

    Overall numbers are good at the moment, with the induction of 10 at Hahndorf. There are three more to come. The proposed Koorlong Club may not go ahead. It is hoped that this will come to fruition

  • Lions Clubs International Multiple District 201, District C2 Minutes of the Cabinet Meeting held 30 April 2016 Page 10 of 12


    in future. Denis acknowledged the assistance of Katerina Blekic in promoting the new Club. Lameroo Club information night will be held shortly – it looks as if there will be a new Club there soon.

    46A 50-50 Pathways 2VDG Judy Glastonbury The 50-50 team are having a lunch at Glenelg Golf Club, to promote women’s

    membership in Lions. The group has received a grant from LCI and some sponsorship. Funds raised at the lunch will go equally to ALCCRF and Camp Quality.


    That the District Chairperson’s and Co-ordinators reports are received. PDG D Savage / A Maddocks CARRIED

    12. Work Health and Safety 47 Lions Club’s Work Health and Safety updates DG Dave Thomas Nil 13. General business 48 Proposed notice of motion MOTION:

    That the following notice of motion be considered at the District Convention Victor Harbor in October 2016:

    SUBJECT District 201 C2 has been operating a 'free skin cancer screening' project for the past 5 years and, in conjunction with District C1, for the past 2 years, most recently under the auspices of the combined Districts’ corporate entity, the Lions Medical Research Foundation Inc.

    MOTION: That District 201C2, in conjunction with District 201 C1, continues to conduct a 'free skin cancer screening' project under the auspices of the C Districts’ Lions Medical Research Foundation Inc. for a further 3 years from July 2017, subject to C1 agreeing to extend their project for a further 3 years at their C1 Convention in October 2016, and that the voluntary donation of $5.00 per head per Club be extended for a further 3 years from July 2017.

    EXPLANATION: District C2 has been operating this Free Skin Cancer Screening Project now for 5 years and District C1 has now completed its first 2 years of operation.

    The two Districts have so far screened approximately 5,000 people, of whom our trained screeners have referred one in four to their GPs for further investigation.

    The two Districts, now operating the Project under the auspices of the combined Districts’ Lions Medical Research Foundation lnc., have decided that a more efficient and cost effective method of operating these screenings is to purchase a mobile screening

  • Lions Clubs International Multiple District 201, District C2 Minutes of the Cabinet Meeting held 30 April 2016 Page 11 of 12


    vehicle - a truck and caravan - similar to that used in WA, with the necessary medical equipment permanently installed, rather than having each local Club having to secure suitable screening accommodation and/or hiring suitable partitioning to fit out other rooms.

    To this end, Clubs in both Districts have been invited to consider donating to a fund, controlled by the LMRF, to hopefully achieve the purchase of a suitable truck and caravan by end 2016.

    PDG L Sparnon / I Tonkin

    Frank Simpson asked about the intent of the NOM, whether the funding was to be put to the screening proper, or to the purchase of a vehicle to carry out the project. The proposer and seconder agreed to delete the last paragraph of the explanation – and explain as follows: The $5 contribution per Lion will be used to fund the screening programme only, and not the provision of a vehicle.

    CARRIED As a separate matter, PDG Trevor asked if there are enough personnel available to man

    the skin cancer screening vehicle – screeners and drivers/maintenance people. DGE Bryan advised that there are people “lining up” to assist. If anyone would like to be trained as a screener, the LMRF can assist with this, and will pay for the training.

    49. Mandatory sections of the LCI standard Constitutions DG Dave advised that there have been changes to Nominations Committee – this occurs

    at all levels. The District will need to change our District Constitution at the next District Convention to incorporate the new mandatory provisions. In turn the Governor will advise the Clubs. DG David, DGE Bryan and Cheryle will work on the new format Constitution and By Laws.

    DT BH CP

    50. 2017 Joint Convention 2VDG Judy Glastonbury 2VDG Judy advised that due to some differences between the two C Districts, it has not

    been possible to move forward with the Joint Convention as approved at the District Convention at Tatachilla. At this stage, LC Edwardstown are still moving forward with negotiations for the 2017 Convention, and will place a motion before the 2016 Convention to rescind the previous motion re the Joint Convention, and proposed a further motion to appoint LC Edwardstown as the host Club. The dates have been set as Friday 13 – Sunday 15 October, with the proposed venue as the Highway Function Centre on Anzac Highway.

    51. Lions paraphernalia Denis Haseldine Denis advised that the Coonalpyn Club paraphernalia is in his possession and will be used

    for the Lameroo Club. Does anyone know what happened to the old Stirling paraphernalia?

    52. The Canceroo childrens book Norm Sommerville This book, written by Mike Riddle, educates children about cancer. The book is available

  • Lions Clubs International Multiple District 201, District C2 Minutes of the Cabinet Meeting held 30 April 2016 Page 12 of 12


    for $16 with a portion going to the ALCCRF. These can be treated as a Club project and donated to school and local libraries.

    14. Next Meeting The next meeting will be held in Robe. DGE Bryan proposed a vote of thanks to DG Dave and Margie for their outstanding

    leadership of our District in the 2015-16 year. This was met with acclaim by the Cabinet and guests present. DG Dave noted that it is a great experience to travel across the District, learning about our Clubs, and our community. He tried to promote fun as part of his year. He thanked everyone for their acceptance and friendship.

    15. Close 3.05pm

    Date: 23 July 2016 Venue: Robe Timing of meetings: DG Team 9.00am (venue to be determined) Executive 9.45am (venue to be determined) Executive and GMT/GLT Co-ordinators 11.45am (venue to be determined) Cabinet lunch 12.30pm (Robe Golf Club) Cabinet 1.15pm (Robe Golf Club) Reports due: 2 July 2016 Additional agenda items: 2 July 2016 Apology: 2 July 2016 RSVP Luncheon: 2 July 2016 Please direct all responses to:

    [email protected] or 0438 500 316

    The District Governors Handover will be conducted in the evening following the Cabinet meeting.

    mailto:[email protected]

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