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Peru – Beyond Cuzco and Lima

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Peru, exotic, mysterious and endowed with an immense cultural inheritance is the ultimate traveller destination.
  • 1. Peru Beyond Cuzco and Lima

2. Peru, exotic, mysterious and endowed with an immense cultural inheritance is the ultimate traveller destination. However, visitors to Peru typically fly into the capital city of Lima and head to Cuzco for the famous Inca ruins in Cuzco, a cultural experience so magnificent that it overshadows what the rest of the country has to offer. An experienced tourist guide to Peru will add many a sight well worth their money to your Peru itinerary in an endeavor to have you see so much more! Mancora Perus place to be. Miles and miles of sun drenched sand, interrupted only by plush resorts and sea food restaurants, is where the well heeled Peruvian heads to when looking for a luxurious and lazy break. A popular spot with foreign tourists as well, Mancora offers an array of water sports and activities to keep you busy during the day. By night, it becomes a regular party zone. 3. Pisco A port south of Lima, Pisco not only offers you a chance to explore the ancient Paracas culture, but is also home to one of the richest and most interesting ecosystems in the world. Pisco gives you countless wildlife viewing opportunities, and is also close to the only marine reservation in Peru, the Paracas National Reservation. Trujillo An ancient city, named by and for Francesco Pizarros birthplace in Spain. A city steeped in history, it is best known for the ruins of Chan Chan nearby. The impressive Temples of the Sun and Moon also beckon culture aficionados. To take a break from culture gazing, the village of Huanchaco offers a cheerful mix of sun, sand and surf. . 4. Puno A jumping off point for beautiful locales like Lake Titicaca, Puno offers side trips include a tour of the man made floating islands of Uros, plus interaction with the indigenous Uru. Another boat ride away is the island of Tequile, known for the hand-woven clothing and textiles made by the locals.Huaraz A hikers dream destination, Huaraz is the base camp for hundreds of expeditions. The Andean citys multiple watering holes and restaurants are always buzzing with hikers planning their next climb or discussing the one they have just descended from. 5. Chivay Twice as deep as the Grand Canyon, the Colca Canyon is the deepest canyon in the world. To experience the beauty of the canyon, one has to go to small town Chivay. Activities include hiking the volcanic landscape and getting a good look at the ancient cave art.Huanchaco This fishing town doubles up as a surfers paradise. It is a laid back little place with a slow pace of life and ideal waves for all levels of surfers. Summertime is when locals and tourists take over the place. Huanchaco now has quite a few accommodation and dining options and is on its way to becoming an established resort town. 6. Iquitos Located in the Amazonas region, Iquitos is connected to the world only by air and river. There is no road connection to the city which is conveniently located inside the Amazon Jungle for the best tours of the forest. You can trek, take boat trips on the Amazon, bird watch and visit indigenous communities.Nazca 200 miles south of Lima is a plain in the middle of the Inca and Nazca Valleys. Here one can find straight lines, some parallel and others intersecting, forming strange geometrical shapes. There are also figures of animals and birds. These giant ancient geoglyphs can be best enjoyed when viewed from a helicopter. Though the Nazca Lines are the main draw of this place, other attractions here are the Pardeones ruins and the Chauchilla Cemetery. 7. Arequipa With the El Misti volcano as its backdrop, Arequipa is dramatically set around another two volcanoes. This seismically precarious status has given the town is character. Buildings and houses here are made of a peculiar white volcanic rock which has withstood generations of earthquakes. The second most popular city of Peru is known for its pretty cityscapes and views of El Misti volcano.

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