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Trends of the Russian Packaging Market

Date post:13-Aug-2015
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  1. 1. Total volume of Russian packaging market approximately $ 16,5 billion 8th position in the world, Paper and cardboard board $ 5,9 billion 10th position in the world. In the field of packaging material, product and equipment manufacture and shipment function about 3 000 enterprises
  2. 2. The main trends of the Russian packaging market growth of tariffs of natural monopolies; the high cost of borrowing, the increase payback projects period; consolidation strengthening on consumer market; the emergence of private brands in retail; number increasing of integrated packaging manufacturers; competition strengthening; the growing influence of normative acts; terms and conditions of the WTO.
  3. 3. Russian packaging market structure in 2014
  4. 4. Structure of different material packaging manufacture and consumption in Russia, % Types of packaging Till 2008 Currently Cardboard & paper 39 36 Polymer 34 38 Glass 14 12 Metal 8 10 Other 5 4
  5. 5. Market of corrugated board packaging Market size in 2014 exceeded 4 billion of m2 Completely produced by Russian enterprises (about 160 big and middle ones) In comparison with 2000 year corrugated board packaging manufactory increased 2,5 times
  6. 6. Market of polymer packaging In Russian Federation more 1/3 output polymers is used in packaging production More 600 enterprises is functioning Volume of flexible packaging in Russian market in 2014 year exceeded 250 thousand ton Wrapping shrink film is produced more 130 thousand ton BOPP about 130 thousand ton BOPET about 20 thousand ton
  7. 7. Market of glass packaging Emergence of specialized enterprises producing glass packaging Enhancement of competition among glass packaging manufacturers Significant growth of bottles and cans assortment Production volume in 2015 will approach approximately to 15 billion pieces: particularly bottles 13,4 billion, cans 1,6 billion
  8. 8. Market of metal packaging is represented by four basic sectors: cans for beverages; canning containers; means of sealing; packaging based on aluminum foil Share of aluminum in canning containers production is increasing (exceeds 30%) Tin can consumption: fish and seafood ~ 38% vegetables and fruit ~ 20% dairy products ~ 15% meet products ~ 13% other ~ 14%
  9. 9. Russia is still one of the largest consumer markets in the world 143 million consumers Sales volume of packed food products - 27,5 million tons (2014) Sales volume of packed beverages - 26 billion liters (2014) Experts believe that in the next few years the demand will remain to increase
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