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  • Charisma. I f you have a fee l for th ings that are rea l ,

    you won' t be able to res i s t the char i sma

    of rec la imed wood.

    From the very beginning, we have

    worked on prepar ing rec la imed wood

    for modern appl icat ions ; wood that has

    a spec ia l character thanks to decades o f

    use and wear and features t races o f how

    i t has been processed in the past . We are

    now able to cover a l l customer wishes

    as a complete suppl ier and in addi t ion

    to provid ing qual i ty and know how of fer

    profess ional consul t ing for every pro ject .

    Al tholz has 20 years o f exper ience

    working with rec la imed wood.

    "With our experience and technical capabilities as a complete supplier,

    we are the ideal partner for every reclaimed wood project."

  • Pure joy.

    Recla imed wood i s rea l joy in the genuine

    ar t ic le . As a competence centre , we

    develop products made of h is tor ica l wood

    that radiate the joy of something specia l

    and inspire people a l l over the wor ld.

    The ar t i s in prepar ing these natura l and

    non-s tandardised p ieces o f wood in such

    a way that on the one hand the character

    i s preserved and on the other hand

    further process ing i s eas i ly poss ib le .

  • Real. The traces o f o ld cra f t smanship and

    e laborate woodworking methods, t races

    o f use and natura l age ing create an

    incomparable pat ina over many decades

    - something that cannot be produced

    ar t i f ic ia l ly.

    Our employees have now been working

    with great enthus iasm for over 20 years

    on rec la imed wood f rom old farmhouses ,

    barns , gra in s tores , factor ies and other

    bui ld ings . In order to preserve the rea l

    th ing and avoid damage, you need heart ,

    sens i t iv i ty and a lot o f manual work.

    Joy in the genuine ar t ic le .

  • Hand hewn. Using a broadaxe to square logs i s an ancient technique for hewing round

    t imber into beams. The hand-hewn sur face shows the marks o f count less

    b lows of the axe, g iv ing i t a l ive ly appearance. Modern sawmil l s have wiped

    out these t radi t ions o f o ld cra f t smanship.

    Due to their unique appearance, original hand-hewn surfaces are either reinstated as load-bearing elements or used for wall coverings, ceilings and

    for making furniture. They convey a warm feel and are suitable for antique surroundings as well

    as modern elements.

  • Sunburnt.

    Beautiful exterior facades,

    interior panels for wall & ceiling claddings,

    as 3-layer panels for doors and furniture construction

    These p lanks come f rom the outer

    c ladding of o ld farmhouses and hay

    barns .

    Wind, ra in and sun have shaped their

    co lor and appearance over decades . When

    reprocessed and c leaned, they are an

    eye-catcher. Depending on the in f luence

    of the weather and the type of wood, the

    color pa let te ranges f rom dark brown to

    l ight brown to grey tones .

  • Original floorboards. The charm of o ld f loorboards l ies in

    the fact that they have been worn,

    c leaned, used and shaped by count less

    generat ions .

    As d i f ferent as their appearance i s the i r

    or ig in: they come f rom warehouses ,

    s tab les , publ ic and pr ivate l iv ing spaces

    and br ing their unique his tory with them.

    Floor boards finished for reuse, either solid or as a 3-layer floor, for walls, ceilings and

    as a visible surface for furniture. Original flooring is also a sought-after

    surface for wall cladding.

  • Old oak Oak has been an exclus ive and sought -

    a f ter mater ia l for thousands of years .

    Old oak beams and boards with their

    or ig ina l sur face f in ish are wonder fu l

    mater ia l s to be rediscovered in count less

    appl icat ions .

    However, o ld oak i s not just a head- turner

    with i t s or ig ina l sur face.

    We a lso prepare i t as sawn t imber,

    which creates an at t ract ive and unique

    combinat ion of rec la imed wood with a

    new sur face f in ish.

    Old oak is often used for tables, staircases, furniture fronts or wall coverings; cut old oak for high-quality solid table tops, stair boards,

    furniture parts, fronts and wall coverings.

  • Madame Patina. MADAME PATINA® specia l izes in beaut i fu l ly f in ished

    mater ia l s f rom or ig ina l and pa inted rec la imed wood for

    furni ture, wal l panel l ing, f loors and ce i l ings .

    A geometr ic bas ic des ign br ings STRUCTURE and

    CONTRAST. The combinat ion of var iegated f in ishes f rom

    rec la imed wood creates looks that range f rom text i le to

    p icturesque impress ions making our products a p layground

    for inexhaust ib le sensual exper iences . The creative mind behind the brand is

    artist and designer Christian Loikits.

  • Do It Yourself. Recla imed wood i s now a lso ava i lab le for DIY enthus ias ts and hobby woodworkers . Prepared in such a way that fur ther

    process ing i s poss ib le without any problems.

    Everyday objects made of wood are even more appeal ing i f i t i s

    rec la imed wood because i t s character turns every p iece into an

    unmistakable , personal or ig ina l . Tables with o ld wood panels ,

    smal l furni ture i tem, p icture f rames, shelves - there are no l imits

    to your imaginat ion.

    For more DIY inspiration, please visit www.altholz.net

    and www.pinterest.at/altholznet


  • Projects. In cooperation with our partners, altholz-has realised numerous projects with original

    reclaimed wood materials in recent years.

    Applications for shopfitting, catering businesses, hotels and interior design for private

    homes are just a few examples.

    We would be pleased to help you with your project.

    • Individual consultation and selection of materials in our showroom

    • Support in the planning process

    • 3D visualisations

    • Production plan in coordination with your construction schedule

    • Planning and implementation of logistics

    Projects and references are available at


  • House of ideas. You can f ind the a l tholz - ideenhaus in Inzersdor f , a t a d is tance of

    about 5 km from the a l tholz premises . Here i t i s poss ib le to see a

    vast array of des ign poss ib i l i t ies and get a f i r s t -hand l iv ing exper i -


    Three d i f ferent apartments are des igned to g ive an impress ion of the

    bas ic themes: Oak, Grani te and Color. A dis t inct ambience for indi -

    v idual i s t s who are looking for inspirat ion.

    www.altholz- ideenhaus.at

    You can enjoy the special flair of reclaimed wood by booking the

    apartments in the altholz-ideen- haus, staying overnight and getting

    a taste of the living experience.

  • Reclaimed wood & restaurants. A fee l ing of wel l -be ing and comfort i s

    par t icular ly in demand in the cater ing t rade.

    Hardly any other mater ia l has more char i sma

    and can be bet ter combined with modern

    e lements than o ld wood.

  • Old Oak, original surface

    Reclaimed wood, middle layer, non or less wormholes

    Sunburnt surface, brownOld Oak, sanded

    Sunburnt surface, grey

    Sunburnt surface, light brownSunburnt surface, mixed colors

    Reclaims wood, middle layer, machine-hewn

    Roof boards, rough sawn

    Original hand hewn surface

    Old Oak, original surface, hand scrubbedOld Oak, hand scrubbed

    Middle layer reclaimed wood, wormholes

    Original surface barn flooring

    Original surface floor boards Madame Patina Cube - SHP-1001

    Madame Patina Diamant - SHP-2009

    Madame Patina Diamant - SHP-1003

    Madame Patina Cube - SHP-2001

    Madame Patina Tapisserie - SHP-2021

    Madame Patina Carre - SHP-2015

    Madame Patina Carre - SHP-1006

    Madame Patina Chevrons Francais - SHP-1010

    Madame Patina Tapisserie - SHP-1009

    Recla imed wood comes in endless var iet ies o f shades , nuances and colors and with a pat ina that ranges f rom br ight to subdued. Hues go f rom yel low, ocher or fawn to shades o f red and dark brown or even a lmost b lack.

    Pictures o f the f in ishes can only serve as examples for the mani fo ld shades o f co lor found in rec la imed wood. In newly ordered i tems, i t i s not poss ib le to guarantee the same color, spec i f ic s t ructure and gra in shown in the p ictures .

    Mani. Fold. Colors.

    Photos: Altholz, Baumgartner & Co GmbH; Daniel Reichsthaler, www.extrawelten.at: id-Werstatt; Jakob Reisinger; Doris Meixner; Angelika Lo

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